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Butterfly Fling by Me and My Sister Designs

Barb and Mary, the fun and cheerful duo from Me and My Sister Designs, have a fanciful new group out that is just popping with fun colors! It’s called Butterfly Fling, and we’ve been buzzing about it for months and months! Hot hues of pink, green, aqua, yellow and purple swirl about on butterflies, dots and checks. We’ve got plenty of kits and mini-color bundles for you to choose from! It would also make some cute little-girl apparel! Many thanks to Barb and Mary for brightening up our fall with a little Butterfly Fling!

This was such a fun group for us to design! We usually start working on a group with some sort of inspiration, a photo from a magazine, maybe an old swatch of fabric, or even a picture from a catalog. But this time we started by picking our colors. Mary usually does this part and I am forever grateful for that. I have a tendency to just go with the first thing I see —- but she makes us look at them over and over. The first set usually “has too much grey in it”. I call her the color police, lovingly of course.

After we had all the colors together we just decided that they looked like great butterfly colors. It had been two years since our Spring Fling collection had been introduced and we still get at least 5 emails a week asking for those fabrics. So we decided to develop a similar group and call it Butterfly Fling. The colors are a bit softer this time but the same whimsical feel is there.

We introduced this group to the shops last May in Portland and have been patiently waiting for it to arrive ever since.

We especially like the large all over butterfly print. It fussy cuts well, and is great for large blocks and borders.

Hope that you enjoy this newest collection —- and don’t forget — every one of our fabric groups includes a printed panel —- and there is always a free project on our website that uses that panel!

There are three new patterns with this collection that use Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls. Our new Cake Walk pattern actually uses a Jelly Cake.

We love bright colors! The brighter the better! We believe you should add lots of color to your world whenever possible!

Barb and Mary
Me and My Sister Designs