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Bunny Hill Designs’ Blossom Time BOM

Our good friend Anne Sutton’s has awed us again with a beautiful new February-to-September block-of-the-month. And of course, we’re also excited because it uses fabric named for our dear Emma! Blossom Time has a soft, warm vintage feel that everyone will love. Enjoy reading through her description of the quilt and fawning over these gorgeous blocks!

Blossom Time was so much fun to design! I wanted a quilt with easy appliqué, and not much piecing. It’s a quilt with large blocks that you can easily finish in a month! I’ve added a few embellishments for that “special” Bunny Hill look. Add it all together and you have a basket quilt you will love making, and you’ll have it completed quickly!

I’ve wanted to do a basket quilt for a long time, and Blossom Time seemed the perfect way to show off my new fabric, Miss Emma’s Garden! Each block was not only designed to work together in the quilt, but also to work alone.

You can take any block and make a separate project out of it. The appliquéd flowers or birds in block are perfect for a bed pillow, and the scallop framed basket in block two would be beautiful as a framed picture. The wreath basket in block four is perfect as a center medallion. Just add borders and you’ll have a wall hanging for a friend. Use your imagination and the uses for this pattern are endless!

Do you ever wonder how I name my quilts? Sometimes I know the names before I start, and other times I have to beg my friends for help. The name “Blossom Time” came to me after weeks of struggling, begging my friends to help, and then rejecting the names they came up with. I went out for a walk and I saw the most beautiful rose bush, just loaded with blossoms. Blossom Time just popped into my head!

I hope you’ll enjoy making this quilt, as much as I have enjoyed designing it. May your days be filled with blossoms!

Anne Sutton
Bunny Hill Designs