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Bubblegum Basics by Quilt Soup

Bubblegum Basics by Barbara Jones of Quilt Soup is finally here! It’s the ultimate fabric for lifting your spirits with bright spring and truly Bubblegum colors — pink, green, red, blue, and yellow…just in time for Easter!! The prints, easy matched to anything, include variations of basic dots, flowers, diagonal checks, and squiggly stripes. Barbara tops off the line with a pretty panel, begging to be fussy cut for all the cute messages. “L8r G8r”, “Hug your sis”, “Oh my gosh”, “Email your Gram” 😉 Hope you have as much fun with Bubblegum Basics for Henry Glass Fabrics as we do! There are also free quilt patterns to go along with it. AND, she’s having a Fat Quarter giveaway at her blog, so enter now!

Thanks for the opportunity to tell you about my fun new fabric line “Bubblegum Basics” designed for Henry Glass & Co. I must say that I am absolutely thrilled with how it turned out and the great response we are enjoying. You asked me about my inspiration for this line and here’s the scoop! My design director, Karen Junquet at Henry Glass, asked me to design a line of fabrics that were “basics” and things I use frequently. I have a list of staples that I look for when I pull fabrics for a quilt and the prints in Bubblegum Basics represent those staples to me…simple prints and clear colors.

The second part of my inspiration was one of my granddaughters. She is in the ninth grade and she is a texting master. She keeps me up to date with all the texting shorthand. I thought it might be fun to have the texting shorthand translated for mothers and grandmothers everywhere so I created a panel to accompany this line with some of those sayings in each block of the panel. I also thought about how today’s girls are different and the same as the girls their mothers and grandmothers were…they just have better electronics and more disposable income!

We designed two free patterns to support this fabric line, one with a little bit of appliqué and one that employs quick piecing and uses those cute blocks I was telling you about.

We are working on a couple of quilts from this line for our new book which will be published by Kansas City Star sometime this summer. I can tell you that I love, love, love this line and can see many new quilts, pillows, bags, skirts, etc being made from it. I can see a really fun version of our Doll Babies pattern made in this line as well. You know how it goes, one thing always leads to another…..

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  1. I love it myself and have enjoyed making my own little pattern with this fabric. It’s very cheerful, like sewing with sunshine and happiness. Great work Barbara!

  2. Looking for the border fabric used in this. White with 2-3 inch flowers, not the fabric with words on it. Any help? I need 1 yard but will take all I can get!