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Book of the Month: Weekend Quilts and Projects

Welcome, once again, to our Book of the Month feature at Fat Quarter Shop! 

This month we are featuring the Weekend Quilts and Projects by Barb Adams and Alma Allen of Blackbird Designs. Alma is here today to take us on a little adventure through her, well, Weekend. 

 And remember, the Book of the Month is 20% OFF all month long!

I love book clubs! And when Kimberly and the gals at the Fat Quarter Quilt Shop asked if we would like to write about our book Weekend, for their book of the month spot, we said YES!

Barb Adams and I have been publishing and writing quilting books since 1999. And after 13 years of working together, we have a successful business and, best of all, we still like each other!

Barb works full time in a dental lab and has a great eye for color. She can match up the color of a patient’s tooth enamel when making implants just as well as she can coordinate fabric when making a quilt.

I have four kids (grown up now) and my life sometimes used to seem like an endless affair with my washing machine and dryer. Do I prewash my fabric before making a quilt? No, thank you! I’ve done enough laundry so I just get to the sewing process as quickly as possible.

Barb and I didn’t stop with quilting books, we also have published cross stitch and rug hooking patterns. As far as we’re concerned, there’s just nothing better than a quilt on the bed, a sampler on the wall and a hooked rug on the floor.

When we plan a book, we first develop a unifying theme. After that, the projects begin to take shape. A lazy weekend is something we dream of having so we imagined a time when life was a bit more relaxed and informal. We included quilts that were easily pieced and threw in an appliquéd runner that could dress up the bed or be used on the table for Sunday best.

Eleven projects are given in the book Weekend, each designed with the idea of making your weekend creative.

Of course, we had to add an appliqué quilt to the mix. Barb’s Blueberry Crumbcake has that whimsical, scrappy look we love so much!

We also included a sampler called Early Morning Read. You’ll love the way it looks perched on a shelf or hanging on the wall.

Tiptoe is the hooked rug that coordinates with the color scheme used in Weekend.

You’ll be able to curl your toes into its warmth while you stretch after a good night’s sleep.

Spread easily-pieced quilts over the beds and enjoy sleeping under something made by your hand. Dress up the quilts by adding a bed runner or tossing on a few throw pillows!

Open the book, kick back in your easy chair and stitch one of these dreamy beauties.


  1. Thank you, thank you, for telling us you don't pre-wash your quilt fabric! I have 20 yds. of brand new cotton fabric to sew into 2 large duvet covers, and didn't know if I should wash it.

  2. Eu também visto minhas colchas,são realmente roupas macias.Nunca lavei tecido antes de costurar(só trabalho com sucata)não sei medidas de vocês,mas o que eu faço é aumentar 10 ou 15 cm,largura e comprimento,se encolher não tenho reclamação…algumas pessoas não gostam quando fica amarrotadas depois de lavadas.Então mando para lavanderia para lavagem a seco.ficam ótimas.beijos e obrigada.

  3. I'm over the moon about anything Blackbird!! Great review of the book – I'll pop over and visit the shop.