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Book of the Month: Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew!

Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew!, Angela Yosten’s traffic themed sewing book, has been stopping us in our tracks. The book is filled with sewing and quilting projects for auto-loving boys of all ages. Angela directs us through her inspiration, production and details that drove her to begin her book. And remember, Stop. Go. Quilt. Sew! will be 20% off ALL month.

I am so excited to be sharing my new book with all of you on the Jolly Jabber! I am even more thrilled that my book was selected as their Book of the Month! WOO HOO!

I first came up with the concept when we took a family road trip. I knew I wanted to write a book that boys of all ages could enjoy. Our son has always loved cars since he could crawl and they are still his favorite toys. So, with that in mind I began to think of the different elements that involve cars. Traffic signs!

I began sketching every sign that we passed on the road. Then I went back and looked to see how the signs would fit in an everyday object. Some of the signs I knew what to do with them at first glance. Other ones, took a little bit of thinking and planning. My husband even helped with my brainstorming of “how can I turn this sign into a finished project?” I must say, I have to give him credit for the Duvet Cover with the No Parking Sign. It was his brilliant idea to put the times that you are NOT supposed to be in bed.

The scrap applique method that I use throughout the book is something I have been doing for a long time. I love the dimension and texture that it gives the project in a single application. Jelly Rolls are great for this kind of piecing. They are already cut into strips for you and all you have to do is sew them together. For some of the projects I even strip piece my applique backgrounds to create an extra depth of texture.

In the book, I show step by step instructions on creating the scrap applique and 12 fun projects that are great for all the boys in your life, large and small. Now that we have had a third child, another boy, I carry the Do Not Enter bag around with me all the time as his diaper bag. It also works great as a computer bag, school bag and even a purse.

From everyday signs to some that may even be a little foreign to you, you’re sure to find something fun and creative that any boy {or girl} would love to receive. I hope you enjoy the projects I have designed. Thank you Jolly Jabber for featuring my book… now GO and get your copy today!

Also, be sure to join me and my friends August 6-20, 2012 on a virtual road trip to help fuel your creativity and gather the inspiration you need to sew your next project! Hope to see you there!


  1. LOVE it! Sew nice to see something with a little boy inspiration. Hope I have a little grand baby boy some day so I can make some of these for him.