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BOM Mini-series Part 6: Fig Tree Club

Today is the LAST installment of our BOM Mini-series! (No tears now.)

So…why are we showing you this Fig Tree goodness that is Mill House Inn? Well, TECHnically it’s not a Block of the Month, but it IS a fabulous club that starts next month! (Sheesh, September sure was sneaky.)

This is the Fig Tree Club, created by Joanna F. over at Fig Tree Quilts, and we are big Fig Tree fans here. HUGE.

So of course, when Joanna told us about her new brainchild that is this club, we had to jump on the bandwagon and be proud, card-carrying members of the 1st annual Fig Tree Club! (Minus the card-carrying.)

Each quarter, Fig Tree Club members will receive a Fig Tree pattern and quilt kit of Fig Tree Quilts fabric, designed exclusively for club members. These projects will be simple, such as include lap quilts, bags, table toppers and home-decor projects. The club will begin in October, starting off with a Mill House Inn lap quilt.

Don’t miss out, you Fig Tree lovers! There’s still plenty of time & spots for you, so sign up soon! Or if it’s just not in the cards for you right now, feel free to join at any time!

For today’s giveaway, you can win a Mill House precut combo of a Jelly Roll, Honey Bun and Turnover!

Here’s how:

1) Comment on this post for 1 entry.

2) Mention the Fig Tree Club on your blog and link to this post and/or the Fig Tree Club link on our website for 3 entries:

3) Sign up and tell us in your comment for 5 entries!

The winner will be announced in two weeks. Good luck, and have a good, safe Labor Day weekend!!


  1. I thought I had found my favorite – but Fig Tree is just the best – so I guess this would be the prize I want to win – OK? – Thanks – just wanted to let you know! LOL! Really – I love this Mill House line. I've promised myself not to start anything new but you are really tempting me with this BOM program!!

  2. I love the Fig tree patterns and materials, I would love to win this prize and have just the right project in mind for it if I was lucky enough to win.

  3. This one is the most tempting of them all!! But just can't let myself signup until I'm finished the BOM I'm doing now. Glad to hear that I can sign up later.

  4. Oh those colors are fabulous! The give away items (jelly roll, layer cake and honey bun) are making me hungry! LOL

    I like that you can join in on this one any time. Right now I don't the time for a BOM, but this would work!

    Sandy A in St. Louis

  5. I certainly can't resist Fig Tree fabrics. The latest are gorgeous as always. I would love the chance to win some! Thanks for the opportunity. :o)

  6. Everytime Fig Tree comes out with a new line of fabric, I think, "Oh, this must be the most beautiful fabric I've ever seen", and then the next line comes out. I always make at least 2-3 quilts from each line, because I love it so much!

  7. I love Fig Tree fabric and her patterns are so nicely written. I can't sign up right now as I am in the process of moving, but I see lots of new projects in my future and would love them to include some Fig Tree stuff.


  8. I could never keep up with the projects for a club like that, but ooo, Mill House Inn is such a pretty collection, I'd like a little bit (more) of it!

  9. Can anyone ever really have too much Fig Tree anything? I can't stop ordering Joanna's fabrics or her patterns. I would love a chance to win these!

  10. WOW. I love the Mill House Inn fabric. In fact, I love anything and everything from Figtree. Thanks for the chance to win … very generous.

  11. mmmmmmm…jelly roll, honey bun, turnover……fig tree……I'm getting very fabric hungry already!!! Pleeeeease enter me into the draw.
    ;o) Wendy B

  12. Hi there!

    Ha! I've already signed up for this one looong ago & can't wait for the first project to arrive!!! Only one month left to wait…it simply was toooo good to miss out on this one…

    And of course I've put the banner on my sidebar with a link back to you…

    Please, please count me in the draw for the Mill House Inn goodies ~ for I know I can't stop with just one quilt with that gorgeous line ;o)
    {I know what I'd do with them – trying to design my own stitchery/patchwork quilt…it's my dream to share it someday with all my blogging friends ;o)}

    Cheers, Julia

  13. Oh, I love Mill House Inn and Fig Tree! I received some advance fat quarters of Mill House Inn a couple of months ago when I won a giveaway shortly after Spring Market and I absolutely adore this collection! I would love to win some more!

  14. I love Fig Tree Fabrics. I just finished a lap quilt in Allspice Tapestry made from a Fat Quarter Shop Kit which I bought some time ago. The colors are so pretty and soft! I would love to win and make something with this beautiful new fabric line … πŸ™‚ Pat B

  15. Well, you found the ONE I haven't signed up for — yet. I guess I'm skeered of "home dec" projects. LOL. I'm sunk if they involve zippers! Still thinking on it, though, so don't give up on me — yet!

  16. This fabric is so beautiful! I can't join a BOM club right now, so this would be a great way to join in and give a good home to some fabric!!! Thanks for the chance!

  17. I love Joanna's patterns and fabric. She is such a sweet person. I took a quilt class from her years ago before she was famous.

  18. Wow I just love the fabrics. I so wish I could join but right now the extra $$$s just are not there.
    But I can still dream.

  19. Fig Tree Quilts–Yummo. =) I just got a charm pack of Mill House Inn this week and the fabrics are so pretty. I always adore FT fabrics and MHI is no exception! Thanks so much for such a great giveaway–crossing my fingers!!

  20. I think I need this line of fabric as well (as all the other new ones that I've seen in the last couple of weeks). So much for not buying more fabric!

  21. I really love all of the Fig Tree lines and am so, so, *so* excited about this club! I jumped at the chance to join when it first opened and have been eagerly awaiting the first installment πŸ™‚ To tide me over as I wait, I periodically drool over pictures of the Millhouse Inn line. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway!

  22. Hi there! I've been humming and harring forever on this one! But I couldn't help myself so I've signed up! Thanks for all of the interesting ways you keep me in touch with my postie!!

  23. Totally awesome fabric, count me in on the draw for it. Am saving the Fig Tree site for future reference as I am already working on 12 bom quilts, grin.

  24. OOOOOH! I absolutely love Fig Tree! I am a Fig Tree JUNKIE!! All the fabrics, patterns and Fresh Vintage are Fantastic. Joined the "Club" as soon as it came out! Can hardly wait for the 1st project – only one month to go! Would absolutely love to win something of Fig Tree's!

  25. Just lovely.
    I'd like to purchase Mill House Inn yardage,all the color is my favorite but I'm thinking to choose only two,rose and pond.
    I was surprised to see how many people like to win this giveaway.

  26. Love this line, I've signed up for the Club and can't wait for the first project! It would be so much fun to win! Thanks for the giveaway

  27. I think the club idea is a great one!! I"d be crazy not to want all those lovely fabrics. I was looking at the Jelly Roll Quilts book today and I picked out two patterns to make for Christmas. Those fabrics would make nice quilts for the patterns I've selected.


  28. Love the Fig Tree Club idea that multiple projects will be simple..for me that means completed! Yeah!..I have one special friend that loves the creams and custards of these fabrics…I could make a wonderful gift just for her…thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Your site continues to be my very favorite for quilting fabrics and inspiration. I love all of the Fig Tree products.

  30. What a gorgeous combination of colors! The thought of possibly winning sends shivers down my spine. Wow, maybe I've thought of a new way to cool off!!!

  31. I'm a member of the Fig Tree Club and can't wait for my first project. Joanna is my favorite designer & love her blog. Everything she comes out with is delicious! Thanks for this chance to win.

  32. I was just wondering where the little bit of Fig Tree fabric I have is, so the timing is uncanny! It would be great to have these for a scrappy quilt in the works!



  33. Wow! Those colors are gorgeous πŸ™‚ As a new quilter, I'd love to win so I could have something so pretty to fill out my stash and grace my sewing machine.

  34. I love Fig Tree. It would be great to win this new line of fabric. After being pregnant the last 2 years I am just starting to sew and quilt again. Which is fun when you have twin toddlers and a 1 year old trying to keep up. πŸ™‚

  35. All of Joanna's fabric lines have been fabulous — I'm daydreaming of all the fun things to do with a Mill House Inn precut combo.

    Thanks so much for offering this give-away.

  36. Oh, Mill House Inn is lovely, Joanna Figueroa is an incredibly talented designer, I really like the Fig Tree 'fresh vintage' feel. Thanks for entering me to win a Mill House Inn jellyroll, honeybun and turnover.

  37. This is an amazing fabric line. I'd love to add some to my stash.

    Just found your blog last night. I'm subscribing today. Love the info on quilting and the recipes.

  38. Fig Tree is fantastic! Love the colors and designs, and of course Moda quality in all their lines. I'd love to win. I'll be blogging for additional entries!

  39. Love these fabrics – thought i had already signed up – but diddnt see my doggies on the comment! Anyway, i wish i had time enough to do a project a month – out of such beuatiful fabrics – im already running really behind on commitments and on christmas gifts in the shape of quilts – but if i win, i promise to put the wonderful fabs to great use!


  40. I can't believe how many of these you have starting up soon, sure this isn't a BOTM but close enough!! I did mention it in my blog today =)

  41. I just can't get enough of Fig Tree fabrics and patterns! I anxious to get started on the first Fig Tree Club project. Thanks FQS for hosting such a fun giveaway!

  42. I really would love to join this club, this is a great idea for all fabric addicted souls on this world like me! I just can't get enough of fig tree fabrics, the gougeous colors and designs… they seem to fit everywhere in my house! I would make these fabrics a nice home and I will always care for them! :o)

    I just can say, I love this giveaway! Please put my name in the drawing for the precuts!

    I whish everyone a good morning!
    ColiBee fom Berlin, Germany

  43. Oh, if only someone would finally invent that darned money tree plant so that I could sign up for the club … *sigh* … in the meantime, I would LOVE a chance to win the fabrics!

  44. I love the color selection in this collection and would love to create an new heirloom with this fabric giveaway.

    Always thinking of the lost souls of 9/11 and my prayers are with their families.

  45. Wow! 275 comments! The last comment never wins but I've been out of town and will comment anyways b/c I just love your site and Fresh Figs. Thanks! izazbz at

  46. I'm such a fan of these fabrics and would love to be entered to win your great giveaway. I have blogged about your Fig Tree Club and give-away in the right column of my blog. I'd love to join your club, but I have too many UFO's right now, maybe I'l check back later. Good Idea for the club.

  47. OK,now you have me drooling!I was just looking at the mill house charm pack just the other day and thinking I needed some…Please enter me in your very generous giveaway πŸ™‚ Barb.

  48. Fig Tree Forever!!! I sure would love to take some of the Mill House home with me. πŸ™‚ I'm adding the quilt club on my Christmas wish list. It's not to early for that is it?