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Birdie by Me and My Sister Designs for Moda

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Hey all! The two sisters from Moda who give us eye-popping colors and super graphic prints about twice a year, are back with Birdie! We (them and us…hope no English teachers are reading this) have been waiting for what feels like FOREEEEVER for this to finally ship! We put together double the cute kits for this line, so doesn’t that double the anticipation? The teal, pink, lemon, lime + cocoa creates explosive cuteness! Add in little birdies, and presto! Anyhoo, we’ll let Barb & Mary take it from here…and read for a sweet little prize…

Hi Jolly Jabberettes!

It’s great being back at the Jolly Jabber and blogging about our newest fabric group for Moda…Birdie.

A few quilt markets ago we were sitting around talking with a few of our designer friends and they were all talking about how they decide on colors for their fabric groups. They talked about all the rich tones they relied on from nature. Well that conversation went way over our heads and we were completely speechless for a change!

When we got home we decided that we needed to bring a little more nature into our color palette in the form of brown. But not just any brown, it had to have some personality like COCOA brown and it had to be a brown that would look fabulous with bubblegum pink!

Now we can use brown, and that’s how Birdie was born!

It’s actually the second time that we have used brown. The first time was with one of our older group, Smores. I don’t really think that it counts as using brown because it was just for chocolate squares. This time we used BIG pieces of brown and I must say it was kinda fun! Especially when we added our signature bright colors to it.

It was great fun stepping out of the box and using more brown! Brown is now our friend.

We hope you enjoy our version of dark and dreary old brown and let some new and exciting colors into your life. We feel so liberated!

I wonder how many times I have said brown in this post???

Barb & Mary
Me and My Sister Designs

Answer that question in your comment (easy, right?), and someone’s going to win a special prize pack from Me and My Sister! G’luck! And thanks again to Barb & Mary!


  1. Well, first of all I love the new fabric! I have a friend who is having a baby boy in a few months and this would be perfect for a baby quilt.

    As for the number of times you mentioned 'brown', I counted 12. πŸ™‚

  2. I just had my first child in May and love the baby quilts using this line! So fun and bright! I have zero time to quilt but LOVE looking at the pictures πŸ™‚

    I think I saw 12 BROWNS in your post.

  3. It makes me look at brown in a whole new light-it usually is my most unvorite color, but this rocks!
    Well I went back & counted & I don't think I am the only one. I counted 12 as well-that include the one in the ending question!

  4. I counted 12. I can't wait to make a baby quilt with this line. PLEASE make a BOY friendly line. This one almost works but the flowers…eh. I have so many PG friends right now and need to have some BOY fabrics in the queue just in case.

  5. The fun, new "b" word was mentioned 12 times…and may I say that I love their bright colors with brown! It's perfect! Can't wait to cut into that super new fabric!

  6. ooh, pretty colors! I counted 11 the first time but I went back and counted again, and found 12 times that "brown" was mentioned, including in the last question πŸ™‚ Love this fabric!!!

  7. I count 12 Brown's.
    I think the colors are amazing together and I LOVE the little birdies… my daughter's nursery is decorated with bright birdies… so this would go so well in her room!!

  8. Oh I just love this fabric, actually all of Me and My Sister fabrics-I have just completed my first ever quilt using the Oh Cherry Oh and I just love it, and so does my daughter who has claimed it for her!!

    And the browns 12 of them i counted, who could not love them!!

  9. My count is 12 too. I LOVE this line and I will be doing a little ordering soon. Just need to figure out which quilt pattern is going to feature Birdie. Probably something out of your Four Patch Frolic book.

  10. What a wonderful fun collections of bright colors, and BROWNS!!! I love browns and nice rich ones are so darn hard to find. Okay, I counted 'brown' 12 times…(BUT if you count the Cocoa and Chocolate as brown then it would be 14…so I have to wonder…was this a trick question???? LOL

  11. I counted 12 browns + 2 cocoas and 1 chocolate! Now I'm hungry! Love the fabric the brown with the brights is a great combo and I love the little birdies!

  12. I spy with my little eye (with a little help from my "old lady glasses") 12 browns. Is this something like "Railroad crossing look out for the cars, can you spell that with out any "R"'s?" (t-h-a-t)
    Preschool humor…
    Love the line!!! Go Brown!!
    Kym Ray Eugene, OR

  13. Love the new line! I have never commented before but read your blog every single day and visit your website too. BROWN was mentioned 12 times

    Please pick me!!!!!!!!!

  14. Love the new line! I have never commented before but read your blog every single day and visit your website too. BROWN was mentioned 12 times

    Please pick me!!!!!!!!!

  15. I counted 12 "brown"(s) plus 2 "cocoa"(s) and 1 "chocolate" … now I am hungry and looking for some rich dark chocolate … yummy! Did I mention that I love brown. <3 <3 <3

  16. You can't use brown too much…I love the color brown!! I counted 12 times that the word brown was used in the blog. Thanks for the fun post and contest!

  17. I absolutely love this line of fabric. I have 2 new nephews and a new niece on the way. This will be perfect for them. I counted
    "brown" 12 times. Also cocoa twice and chocolate once. Glenda

  18. I love the new line, the brown is something I've recently become in love with, and especially with the bright colors along with it. I also counted brown 12 times, plus then it was in the name of the brown quilt pictured, I'm not counting the chocolates and cocoas as I'm dieting and don't want to think about the yummyness.

  19. Hi. Love your fabric!!! I counted the word Brown 12 times. I love pink and brown together.!!!!! I would love to make a quilt out of the new fabric line. Happy Fall!!!

  20. I Love Love Love it. I really Love it. I Love the bright colors and I Love the brown with them. These are the colors that my Niece wants in her baby's room. I see a baby quilt from these fabrics in her near future. She will Love them also.

    How many times can I say how much I Love this fabric?

    12 is the count for Brown

  21. I count one dozen mentions of " brown", one of my favorite colors, one that I collect, and one that I use frequently. A young person told me last year that brown is the new black. I smiled.

  22. Just look what you did to that brown! Cuted it up with little checks and bright flowers. (Cuted is a new word.) You did a good job – I just love all the fabric in your new line. 12 times for saying brown.
    Linda from Calif.

  23. As so many before I counted 12 "browns".
    I already ordered and received a "birdie"charmpack, now waiting to be used, or better to say jumping up and down on my desk saying "make me into a nice baby quilt for Ellen"… I was looking at possible patterns… now I'm even more inspired, and will look for some extra brown πŸ˜‰


  24. My girls and I are trying to decide which project to make first with this line. The fabric is too cute! I don't know who likes it more–me or them. Oh, and I counted 12 "browns" in the post.

  25. Imperial…a dozen times, 0r 12, the very useful word brown was mentioned…but it is important because the colors seem much brighter set against it…this brown is not dull at all!

  26. What a beautiful and fun fabric line. I look forward to using some of them. Thank you for offering to share them with us. You said "brown" 12 times. Take care and God bless, Cory

  27. twelve plus one reference to chocolate and one reference to cocoa (both words make me think Yum and Brown in that order)

    I have been waiting for this line for a while. I'm really excited that it is available. (My husband will be less thrilled.)

    My blog

  28. definitely love this line with such bright colours matching with BROWN, my favourite colour too!!!

    For the answer of your question, it's 12 πŸ™‚