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Beyond Neutral Book Tour

Today, we’re so excited to be a part of Quilt Dad’s Beyond Neutral Book Tour! Quilt Dad, aka John Adams, invited several of his blogger friends (including Fat Quarter Shop) to share our thoughts and projects from his Beyond Neutral book. “Naturally.” we couldn’t say no and jumped right into the tour and his Beyond Neutral CHALLENGE, as well as adding in a few surprises of our own! 

We are huge fans of Beyond Neutral and we even made it one of our 2014 Summer Book Club picks. JOhn posed this challenge for the tour: to find a photograph from nature hat has particular appeal for you, and build a color, print, and fabric palette from that image for a quilt. So, one of our quilty staff, Daniar, tackled the Triton Cove quilt from the book. Thought this is a water element quilt, ironically she was inspired by the Sahara Desert, savanna and rich colors of the sunset and chose the August collection by Sarah Watts for Cotton + Steel for her quilt. Here is a sneak peek of her quilt top.

We love how the coral solid tames the whimsical August fabrics into a warm, funky yet sophisticated quilt. Want to join the Beyond Neutral Challenge? We collaborated with John to create two special bundles, the Beyond Neutral Fat Quarter Bundle and the Nature’s Elements Fat Quarter Bundle (currently 20% OFF!). These exclusive bundles were hand-selected by John to reflect the premise of his book, drawing gorgeous color palettes from the beauty of nature.

Time for our extra surprise! We will be giving away three Nature’s Elements Fat Quarter Bundles to three lucky winners! All you need to do is comment below and let us know what elements of nature inspire your quilts. 
And the winners are…

Thank you so much, John, for having us in your tour. And be sure to visit John’s blog, and  all of the upcoming bloggers on the tour and use #beyondneutralchallenge when you share your creations. Happy quilting everyone!

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September 17 — Nick Ball at Quilts from the Attic
September 19 — Amy Lobsiger at Mrs. Schmenkman Quilts
September 22 — Emily Herrick at Crazy Old Ladies Quilts

September 23 — Sarah Fielke at The Last Piece

September 24 — Monica Solorio-Snow at the Happy Zombie

September 25 — Scott Hansen at Blue Nickel Studios

September 26 — Katy Jones at I’m a Ginger Monkey


  1. The jewel tones of flowers inspire me. I like the idea of green being a neutral because flowers stand out against green foliage, so I use a lot of green.

  2. I'm inspired by the beautiful colors of growing things,be it trees,flowers,grass,or even "weeds"( just unwanted plants in our yard). Thanks for the give a way. Bobbie at rjc2cam)at)gmail(dot)com

  3. I recently went looking for colorful leaves with 7 and 8 year old boys, so we could make Autumn posters. Even though it is early here in the Northeast, we found some lovely leaves that had "turned", and I found myself inspired to find similar fabrics for a new quilt project this past weekend.

  4. I've always been amazed at how many shades of green are in nature. Since we live in a relatively wet climate, we are totally surrounded by dozens (at least) different greens.

  5. I live on the Columbia River so it a big source of inspiration for me from colors to the beautiful hills and cliffs that run alongside. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  6. Nature is a never ending inspiration of color! From the periwinkle chicory and bright green leaves along the roadside to fall leaves against a clear blue sky to sunrises and sunsets and the rainbow of colors captured there. Where is a gal to start?
    Linda W.

  7. Living in the Pacific Northwest I can't help but be inspired by all the beautiful shades of green that surround me – and throw in some blue from the Puget Sound and not so distant mountain ranges.

  8. The seasons inspire me. Nature provides awesome colors and textures from multi colors of spring all the way to stark white snow and bare branches.

  9. When I spot an interesting texture or pattern, I find that tends to stop me in my tracks for a closer look…but day in day out, it is simply color combinations that I draw on most from nature. I look forward to seeing more of this book!

  10. color – shades and hues that are hard to recreate – colors that you would never put together intentionally – I love color

  11. The way the leaves change in Autumn is always an inspiration. I am lucky to live in an area where we start to see the changing colors early and the way the light hits the trees at sunrise and sunset makes it even more fantastic!

  12. I'm always inspired by fall colors, the color of the leaves changing and the color in the sky (is it because my morning commute now is moving towards dawn as the sun gets up later?). Although this isn't my favorite season, the colors of it inspire me.

  13. I love fall colors- reds, yellows, browns. I also love tans and blues and greens- beachy/ water colors. Thanks for the chance to win! Sarah: crjandsbj(at)netzero(dot)com

  14. I love to incorporate the colors I see naturally on walks. Recently on a walk through sagebrush after a rain I loved the dark brown wet bark of the sagebrush and the icy light green of the new growth. Clipped a branch and found a perfect match at my LQS. Soon to be a quilt.

  15. Flowers. Especially roses. I think I'm compensating for being unable to keep any flowers alive despite how much u love them and really try. Lol

  16. Driving through the hills of Wisconsin in the summer and the different waves if greens, golds, and even reds beacon to me. Then comes fall and another rich of color teasing me!

  17. I use nature in a lot of my color decisions. It's hard not too when you are out of doors all the time. except when quilting of course!!

  18. I love many things about nature. I love spring which bring renewal of life, bright beautiful colors and then the fall when everything is taking a rest and bringing calm to our lives.

  19. I like to combine natural curved lines with manmade geometric lines. For example, if I have a pieced star that is high contrast, I like to balance that with curvy quilting.

  20. My palette depends on the seasons – this time of year I am drawn to the lush colors of harvest time- oranges, purples, yellows, reds, deep greens.

  21. I love the colors of nature and the memories they evoke-snowy days, vacations by the sea, holidays. All inspire me.

  22. My garden is a constant inspiration in my quilting and, in life in general. Despite the season the forms and colors push my creativity to new heights.

  23. Flowers, trees and grass inspire me – I love the way they move in the wind, and I try to capture the colors and contrast in my quilts. Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  24. water and especially salt water (as in sea) is my all time favorite nature element. I remember sitting on the beach on Iceland, the 'sand' was black and huge blocks of frozen water rocking in the surf…ohhhh what a joy it was to just sit there!

  25. The colors of nature in the Fall inspire me from the orange pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving to the beautiful red and gold leaves on the trees. Add to this a beautiful sunset of blues and pinks and what more could you ask for! Thanks for the giveaway.

  26. I love the different shades of greens when you go for a walk in the woods. Along with that add the beautiful colors of leaves in the fall and I've got my pallet of colors.

  27. I'm inspired by many elements of nature. I've made quilts that have mountains, trees, and leaves. Fabric pulls for surf and sand, a sunset, or a garden in full bloom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  28. I love hiking in the woods and using browns and green make me feel at home. I especially love fabric with pine needles & cones.

  29. All the colors of nature inspire me. From the beauty of a sky at dawn, clear blue and puffy white clouds, to the searing colors of sunset. Also, the beauty of the ocean and it's inhabitants. Never knew fish could come in so many colors! LOL! Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I love Spring in the South when the white and pink Dogwoods and the Red Buds bloom. When the spring flowers in all their beautiful colors come up.

  31. The colors of the seasons, the different colors of the trees. We have gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. Our everchanging red mountains. Thanks.

  32. Hello. My name is Oksana.
    I am inspired with bright colors and unusual combinations. Like pink-orange sunset on grey-blue city sky, tropic fishes and flowers with incredible colors gradients.
    Also I am inspired with nature in countries I visited – bright white Crete houses with green olives groves, Indian women in red saries and gold jewelries, blue and white tiles on the old houses in Lisbon. And of course I like nature in my native country – woods with all green shades and yellow autumn with golden-daisy

  33. I love all of natures colors. The different colors and shades of greens and browns and reds of trees. Living in Wyoming the silvery grey greens of the sage brush combined with the yellows of the rabbitbrush and yellow browns of the sunflowers and other desert flowers are beautiful in the sunshine. (

  34. Loved reading about you, Kim. I, too, am a CPA and would and my dream would be to open a quilt shop. Congratulations on your business success. You are an inspiration to me! Adele Bonar, CPA

  35. I love the Oak Trees we have in savannah, they take your breath away! When there is a storm coming in and those dark gray clouds against the greens and browns is beautiful!

  36. Living in south Texas fall is always a welcome season after our extremely hot summers. Most years the fall colors don't come until Nov or Dec. So I would have to say the colors of fall inspire my quilts. Love the auburns, golds and dark greens.

  37. I am always taken by leaves and pinecones. Not sure why, but they seem to 'speak' to me. My friends know if they see a quilt pattern or fabric with leaves…they point it out right away! Thank you for sharing a very pretty collection of fabrics and your turn on the Beyond Neutral blog tour.

  38. We farm and I spend alot of time in the hayfield! I recently made a few English Paper Pieced blocks inspired by the green grass and bright blue sky! And a yellow and brown one that reminded me of the hay bales! Most of my inspiration comes from living on the farm! Gorgeous fabric giveaway!

  39. I love the colors of seashores and mountains. And I love quilt that make me think of these scenes! Thanks for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics!

  40. All of nature, flowers, trees, grass, leaves, mushrooms. birds, sky, you name it. Every day when I walk I have my camera with me so I can take pictures. Some days it's so colorful, others it's dull and drab.

  41. I love open fields. The wide array of colors is just breathtaking, green, yellow, tan, splashes of random color from wildflowers. Thanks for the giveaway.

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  43. I LOVE the seaside colors even though none of those colors really go in my home. Nature has so many beautiful colors that we can be inspired by.

  44. water colors for sure. and i get inspired to create just by seeing nature reflected in sunsets, and forests and early morning sunshine.

  45. I'm a big fan of fall. I love all the colors that pop out that time of year. Don't really think that's what inspires my quilts. I just love fabric. Really like the quilts that are showing up from the book Beyond Neutral. Need to get it on my Christmas list. Thank you for the great giveaway. vkh6210@gmail dot com

  46. My favorite part of nature are the vibrant colors of bright spring flowers. I make charity quilts for a pediatric infusion therapy unit (kids chemo). Those special children need brightness in their lives.

  47. In winter my garden is full of bare sticks, trees trunks, and yellow grass. But then spring and summer come and those sticks are covered with mind blowing flowers! The grass is emerald green, and the trees are covered with blossoms, amazing designs of shade on the grass and leaves that glow through the sunlight, then the finale of the Fall colors! wow.

  48. Love nature to get some of my inspirations. The seasons add into the nature. I have a Granddaughter who tells me what she likes and of course I make quilts using her inspiration.
    Thanks for the chance, this bundle is beautiful!

  49. Just now I'm in to different shades of blue, by friend in Rhode Island loves blue and I'd like to make quilt for her…! Thanks for the chance.

  50. I love these quilts! I was actually just perusing quilt patterns for something to make for my son, and as much as I'm drawn to the shabby pinks and girlie quilts, I couldn't find something that was just right for a little boy. This would be perfect! I Love the colors! 🙂

    Normally I am inspired by flower shapes, and their curvy lines.

  51. I live in KY and in the Fall we have a beautiful change in color of the leaves. The color change is so beautiful and inspires me to make something.

    Thanks for the giveaway it's a great one.