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Betz White: the New Pattern Diva!

Betz White has just started to grace Fat Quarter Shop with her presence this summer…after meeting her at the past Quilt Market in May she was an absolute delight and it seems people have felt the same about her pattern designs! We thought it was about time to find out a little more about this new diva, so today she is visiting the Jolly Jabber for the first time! 

Also, we have just received two of her new books, Sewing Green and Warm Fuzzies. You should go take a peak at themSewing Green has 25 projects you can make with repurposed materials and Warm Fuzzies has 30 felt projects that make you warm and fuzzy on the inside! 😉

I grew up in a super crafty household. As kids, my brothers and I spent a lot of time around the kitchen table with my mom doing all sorts of crafts from macramé to quilling to paper maché. One of my favorite family crafting memories is making sand candles while vacationing at the beach!

My mother also taught me to sew and knit at a young age. In college I majored in fashion design and spent the first 20 years of my career designing children’s clothing for companies such as Carter’s and Lands’ End. After becoming a mom I changed course and evolved my career to be more flexible: freelancing and eventually becoming an author and starting my own business.

I’m drawn to color, pattern, texture and whimsy. And I especially love creative re-use! Taking an everyday item such as a table cloth or a t-shirt and transforming it into something beautiful is so gratifying to me. I am inspired by new and old and everything in between.

Thank you, I’m very excited about the concept behind my new pattern line. Each of my Make New or Make Doâ„¢ patterns is designed so that projects can be made from new fabrics or by repurposing items on hand. I’ve written each pattern’s directions two ways. The Make New instructions describe how to make the project using regular yardage. The Make Do instructions are specific to repurposing a second hand item, such as a pillowcase, with diagrams explaining each step of the transformation. Also included is a glossary of terms used and more tips about repurposing.

Until next time,

Betz White


  1. Repurposing is where the majority of my handmade items originate. Sweaters become cell phone carriers, towel and blankets are the batting in doll quilts and wall hangings, flannel paw print pillowcase became the "hug pillow" memorial for Yogi, my beloved sister's 14 y/o Corgi who went to the big fire hydrant in the sky last Dec 26th. I have place-mats which will become foundations for other sewing projects; most of my reusable grocery bags were shirts that we have grown weary of or outgrown or stained-I learned from a tutorial somewhere on this magnificent World Wide Wonderful Web.

  2. I've been re-purposing jeans for years as patches on my horse's rugs (cheaper than a new rug) but lately I'm tending more towards using these to re create bags and things for me and as gifts. There's also lots of recycling/re-purposing where I now live which I think is influencing my ideas.