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Beginner’s Guide to Free Motion-Quilting Blog Tour + Giveaway

I am so excited to be reviewing Natalia’s first book. Natalia is a beloved friend, renowned quilter and talented author. Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting is a realistic approach to entering the world of machine quilting, complete with meticulous detail and well-crafted diagrams. For those wondering about machine quilting, this is a must have.

If you have ever shied away from quilting on your own (who hasn’t), this book is the right tool to give you the confidence to free-motion quilt from on home machine. The book starts with the basics, thread selection, required tools to free-motion quilt on your home machine and assembling your quilt.

Once you are prepared to begin the quilting process, Natalia takes you from simple to ornate. The instructions are clear and easy to follow.

Natalia has deemed quilting a family affair and I couldn’t agree more. My journey as a crafter started early. I grew up living in the country with little to do and not much TV to watch. My granny taught me to crochet the chain stitch at Christmas when I was five years old. I would sew skeins and skeins of thread in just the chain stitch. When I was seven she taught me to do the single crochet and by 10 years old I was reading patterns, making afghans, stockings and booties for anyone that would let me. I took a sewing class in middle school but didn’t get the hang of it quick enough. I was finally able to muster the patience to embrace quilting at 25 and have been hooked since.

Quilting is a family affair both off and online. The rich online community of crafters and quilters inspires my business and has sparked friendships across the country and the world. This industry is a unique one and I’m so glad that Fat Quarter Shop is a part of it.

Be sure to follow along with the rest of the tour for more fun. There will be a giveaway on each stop, so don’t miss out!

As for our giveaway, one of you lucky Jolly Jabber readers will be winning a copy of Beginner’s Guide to Free-Motion Quilting! Comment below letting us know if you are itching to try free-motion quilting on your home machine. Giveaway will close 10/17 and the winner will be announced here on 10/18. Good luck!


  1. I am recently retired and so very much want to learn how to do free-motion quilting. I have tried a bit on my own, but find it so challenging….I need help!!

  2. I am looking forward to reading through this book.I would like to become better at FMQ on my home machine. I have done simple things like straight line and meandering.Now it is time to move on to more.

  3. I would love to try FMQ on my domestic sewing machine. I have never sent my quilts to be quilted by anyone, so machine quilting is the challenge I need to take! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I've done FMQ on my home machine a couple of times before and had a horrible experience, but I'm dying to try it again, hopefully properly this time.

  5. LOL…I am so itchy; it is driving me crazy!! I am trying to learn FMQ, but it is a battle for me. I have hand quilted for over 25 year; hard to break out of it…lol

    thanks for this chance

  6. I am in dire need to learn how to FMQ. I have 3 quilts that I have not finished because I am afraid I will totally mess them up when I try to FMQ. Would love to have that book.

  7. I would love a copy of this book. Yesterday I finally branched out from stitch in a ditch and machine quilted a few spider webs on my Halloween wall hanging.

    This book looks amazing!

  8. Yes, I've got the itch, big time! Have been working on it this year by way of SewCalGal's FMQ Challenge. This book looks like the perfect guide.

  9. I have only been quilting for a few months and I love it. I have done stitch in the ditch using a walking foot and now have mastered the stipple well enough to take the plunge. It's not perfect but you have to dive in at some point. I now need to try other stitches and this book sounds wonderful. I bought the darning foot and walking foot for my tiny domestic machine and it is perfectly possible to do small pieces. The larger ones will present a bigger challenge.

  10. I am very interested in learning to do free motion quilting on my own machine. I have attempted a few things so far but nothing too significant and I have a very long way to go.

  11. One of these days I really want to learn how to machine quilt on my home machine. I am spoiled for longarm quilting as one of my sisters does it for me. Wishing all a great day and Congrats to the winner.

  12. I've done lots of simple free motion quilting on my machine-meandering, straight lines, and even a few loops. I'd love to move beyond the basics, though,without ruining a project!!

  13. sto muovendo i primi passi per imparare quilting a mano libera con la mia macchina da cucire da casa,è così difficile mi piacerebbe vincere questo libro per avere nozioni più particolari.saluti lory

  14. Oooh, just what I need! I've done a bit of straight line quilting and took a class on free motion quilting but just haven't got the hang of it. I'd love this book!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Right now I have two small quilt tops that are finished and waiting to be quilted. They would be a great place to start free motion quilting. So far I have only stitched in the ditch.

  16. Oh I want to learn to FMQ so bad. I played around a little bit one time and was scared to death. I don't know why it freaks me out. I guess I am just to scared to mess up my whole quilt that took so long to get togehter. Thanks so much for the give away hope I am the lucky one!

  17. This is exactly what I need! I've only braved straight-line or in the ditch quilting so far, but would love the guidance of this book to expand my quilting confidence.

  18. Yes!!! I would love to try free motion quilting!!!! I've always wanted to learn how to do it. Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  19. I have been free motion quilting for a number of years, but I only do a couple patterns. I think this book would give me lots of ideas to try other patterns.

  20. I am very ready to try another F-M project on my machine and this book looks like just the help I need to take off and go!

  21. I've only tried straight-line machine quilting…free motion is definitely on my to-learn list! This book looks like a wonderful resource!

  22. I have tried free motion quilting and want to get good at it. I keep trying as time permits. Thank you for this chance to win.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day.

  23. I have tried FQing in the negative space of a recent quilt and I loved it!!! I am excited to try some more, but I need more ideas… and another quilt top – ha ha!

  24. I would love to have the book because I'm new to machine quilting. I want to do more than just stitch in the ditch.

    Thank you for a chance to win.

  25. I am new to longarm quilting so any and all help is appreciated. I know this book is for FMQ but very easy to adapt to longarm quilting

  26. Yes I would love to try some FMQ on my machine! So far, I have only "grid-quilted", just not brave enough yet to move on :/

  27. I am another FMQ phobic and I would desperately love the confidence to have a go on my home machine. My main worry is that I would mess up the tension and not be able to get it back again. I really need to take the plunge on this!

  28. I've been fmqing about 2years and ready to do more than squiggles. I just got gloves, a slider and Teflon bobbin discs and waiting for them to arrive! Pebbles are first on my list.

  29. I've done a bit of fmq, but it's been mostly swirlies and twirlies. I'd love to learn how to be more intricate!

  30. I've tried free motion quilting,but it was hard to move fabric smoothly and quilt equally in scale.
    I'd like to learn more!

  31. I've tried free motion quilting,but it was hard to move fabric smoothly and quilt equally in scale.
    I'd like to learn more!

  32. I have quilted a few quilts on my home machine. But just straight line quilting. I am almost ready to make the jump to FMQ, and would love to have this book!

  33. I would love to try, but I'm too scared – when I look at all of gals who do that – wow!!! I'd love to get some good instructions to start.

  34. I am itching to FMQ on my home machine! I've been a straight line quilter all the way until recently, when I did a few FM words into a quilt. Would love to expand my FMQ skills!

  35. Yes, I am itching to try FMQ. I even got the FMQ foot for my birthday a few months back. Other than making some practice sandwiches, I really don't know where to start. This book looks like a good place to begin.

  36. I've try some free motion quilting, but it is a little daunting! Would love to win this book and have the help I'm sure it would give me!

  37. I would love to be a more confident free motion quilter. At this point I only use it if there is no other option – I'm terrible at it :0(

  38. It is such an intimidating thing to risk messing up all the hard work that went into piecing a quilt with just a few errant stitches from the machine. I'm ready to approach the quilting part of quilting with more confidence! Thanks for the giveaway!

  39. I am definitely itching to try free-motion quilting on my home machine. The book is the remedy I need. Thanks for the chance!

  40. Why is it that we are so intimidated by those things we haven't accomplished yet? I think I'll just have to practice until I improve. This book will CERTAINLY help!

  41. I would love to try quilting on my machine but am not brave enough to try (too scared to ruin something I've worked so hard on). I would love to win this book and see if I can learn!

  42. I keep seeing everyone's FMQ in blogland and really want to be able to do it myself. How great would it be to have your own teacher (the book) by your side.

  43. I have FMQ one baby quilt (random squigglies), but am scared to try anything more difficult – don't like the idea of all the unpicking!

  44. I would love to learn free-motion quilting. I've thought about it but always felt that I wouldn't be able to do a decent job. It sounds like Natalia's book is just what I need to give me the confidence to try.

  45. I would love to learn FMQ! I've done some small projects with straight stitching, but would love to try a bigger project. Thanks! raybanfandango at hotmail dot com

  46. Absolutely! I have batting and fabric ready to be made into mini-quilt sandwiches as we speak. πŸ™‚ I can't wait to learn this new skill. Thanks for the chance to win what looks like a wonderful guide!

  47. I've done a little FMQ on some small items. I need to learn so much more so I can be confident in my ability. soparkaveataoldotcom

  48. I just got a new simple machine, and it dawned on the the button on the back was to lower the feed-dogs which meant I could QUILT! So I hopped over to my local shop and took a class and now I'm SUPER excited about Free Motion quilting-it's SOO FUN!!
    I am excited about this book!!

  49. i attended a fmq taster workshop and loved it! it is just so relaxing and great to get lost in. i'd love to have this book and to try out these cool ideas!

  50. The book looks great…I would love to be the owner of it….So many great illustrations…

    Thank you for the chance to be a winner.

  51. i have a stack of practice layers i've been working on, trying to get some some good fmq going. not much luck, though, so winning this book may be what'll do the trick. thanx for the giveaway.

  52. I have been waiting for my husband to buy me a longarm. In the meantime, I have been meaning to try on my home machine. I need this book!

  53. I've been machine quilting on my home machine for years but can't seem to advance beyond scribbling and stippling. I need this book to release my fears.

  54. I am a bit nervous to try it… but I love the look of machine quilting. This book might be the thing that pushes me out of my comfort zone!

  55. I absolutely need this book ~ I have been SO intimidated by quilting on my own machine. I've tried classes, had friends try and show me … perhaps this book will help. I know I can do it … I just need more confidence and some tricks!

  56. I'd love to learn to FMQ on my home machine. I've already bought the slider thingy and the big foot for FMQ. I'm still clueless!

  57. I have been trying to get up the courage to try FMQ but have yet to do it. I hope I win this fabulous book. Maybe I will get the help I need.

  58. I just finished my first quilt. I love the look of free motion quilting and I can't wait to give it a try.

  59. My New Year's Resolution is to hop aboard the FMQ train – AND this book is just the ticket for another journey in the land of Quilting ! ! ! Thanks for the chance.

  60. I have mastered straight-line machine quilting and am ready to move on! This book would certainly teach me how!

  61. I'd love to learn to do free motion quilting. I've completed lots of quilt tops but have to send them to someone else to be quilted — it's getting really expensive!! Would love to win the book. Thanks for the opportunity.

  62. Oh Yes — Itching to Free Motion Quilt every day! I dabbble here and there but I have sew much to learn! Can't wait to read all Natalia's tips and tricks… and then stitch away!

    Thanks for sharing!

  63. What a great giveaway! Thank you for the chance! If I don't win this book I am buying it. I've been looking for something that will help with my quilting…I need a lot of work on that area.

  64. YES I am itching to try free motion quilting on my sewing machine I got last Christmas. I have always hand quilted and thought it would be easier to do on the machine. Haha! I realized after doing some research it is going to be a task but I still want to learn so I Can do my third child's quilt on my machine!

  65. I have been working up the nerve to try free motion quilting for quite a few years now. Thank you for this opportunity to perhaps win this book, since I keep spending too much money on fabric!

  66. I am itching to try some of the techniques in this book. I want to learn how to quilt my queen size tops and this book appears to have the help I need.

  67. I'm still trying to master straight line quilting, but would love to try free motion. I looked at long arm machines the other day. Looks like they could be fun too.

  68. Ooh, pick me, pick me. i do some quilting already with my walking foot, but I'd love to be able to do free-motion quilting. This looks like an essential first step . . . my 3rd try at the "Please prove you're not a robot" thing. UHHH.

  69. Not only do I find fm quilting a challenge, I have trouble figuring out what design to use, and where.

    Thanks for the chance for the book!

  70. I've just started my very first quilt. As I'm known for going all out, headfirst, no holds barred I intend to FMQ it as well. This looks like a great book to learn along with!

  71. I have been wanting to start FMQ for well over a year now, but simply don't know where to start. This book would be a God send as it would help me take my quilting to the next level!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  72. Just last year I finally bought a machine where I could drop the feed dogs so I have been trying quite a bit of free motion quilting. But, I'm getting tired of just stippling and would like to try some new designs. This book I"m sure is just full of ideas and inspirations!

  73. I, too, learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was 5! And I have just gotten brave enough to start learning free-motion quilting. I've done a few small projects with stippling but haven't tried anything like a particular design. I'd love to win this book so I could learn more!

  74. Yeah,I am one of those who are "afraid" of FMQ, maybe some day, but for now I will stick with my straight lines! Unless, I win the book πŸ˜‰

  75. My goal for this winter is to teach myself how to FMQ. I have tried a little with out much success but I have read a lot of blogs that give me some clues on what to change so I have a plan for when it is too cold to be outside.

  76. I would love to get some more help/advice and patterns. I've only done one small free motion project with bubbles but have hopes to do a whole quilt.

  77. I recently pinned this book on Pinterest – sounds like the perfect book for me! I've been wanting to learn free motion quilting for quite a while now.

  78. i have just started Quilting and took the plunge right away into FMQ- and I would love more info about it and pattern guidance. Thanks for the chance to win.

  79. I just got a new machine for my 51st birthday/25th wedding anniversary. To further the celebration I am going to a FMQ class next Saturday. I can't wait! Thanks for the chance to win.

  80. Would be delighted to win this book, as I just finished a quilt and getting ready to send it out. It would be so nice to do it myself.

  81. I tried FMQ years ago and became so frustrated with it as a new quilter. I've slowly been collecting the right "equipment" to make it easier and am looking forward to trying again. I would LOVE to have the help of this book to guide me! Thanks for the opportunity!

    sharon hui smith @ yahoo dot com

  82. Hi Natalia, I've been quilting for over 18 yrs and taught myself to free-motion quilting on my trusty Janome machine. I was lucky at the time that the feed-dogs dropped. lol Anyway, I've taught myself how to stipple, meander and quilt in the ditch. I would love to learn to do feathers and learn how to use fillers to fill in the empty spots. I've just not come across the right book or tutorial UNTIL I was reading about your book "Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting" and right underneath that on the Jolly Jabbers blog I saw 3 photos of 9 patch blocks and they were quilted with a feather motif leaving the center block of the nine patch unquilted!! It's like DUH why couldn't I have thought of that? But then again I've been terrified of feathers! lol Anyway I'll quit babbling and pray I win your book and if I don't I hope it goes to someone that really needs it. Thank you for such a great give away! God Bless, Maria Carroll

  83. I am so in need of some guidelines for fmq. I am ready to venture out past stitch in the ditch and meandering. I'm hoping this book will give me doable ideas to work with.

  84. I've tried free motion quilting but I have been disappointed with the results. I'd love to win a copy of the book and start afresh.

  85. I've got three quilt sandwiches ready to be quilted right now, so this book would be super helpful. I really want to learn how to free motion quilt.

  86. I've been 'itching' to try free motion quilting on my home machine but I am very intimidated by it. I think this book is just what I need! Thanks for the chance to win!

  87. I too would love a great beginner book. The feathers look so beautiful but seem so very hard to do.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  88. I just started quilting a couple of years ago with one quilt that was professionally finished. Mainly, I finish little projects like table runners, etc. with my walking foot. I have since finished 3 quilt tops and would love to learn FMG because I have been hesitant to try it.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win such a useful book!!

  89. I would love to learn more about quilting on my home sewing machine. I haved so many questions about the many details of how to get a nice looking quilt.

  90. I've tried so hard but can't seem to "get it". I would love to have this book and give it another try! thanks

  91. I really could use this book! I am learning FMG and am just so unsure about so many things. It looks like this book covers it all. Thanks for the chance!!

  92. I've been doing FMQ for a few years now and but my feathers and echoing still don't look terrific. I love the freedom of stippling, but always put adjectives or special words describing the person the quilt is for hidden in the stitching. i just use my regular machine, but just learned how to adjust the bobbin case for tension! Wish I'd known this years ago!

    Please help me bread out of my stippling shell and branch to some other beautiful way to finish my quilts!

  93. I NEED this book. I am a straight line quilter and desperate to try FMQ. I just need to know how to start. It looks as though this book should be step 1! Thanks!

  94. I have always quilted on my home sewing machine. I usually study the finished quilts in my books and try to figure out how they created their patterns and go from there. I love Natalia's work and I love the idea of a book giving guidelines for producing beautiful quilting patterns. Thanks for the chance to win!

  95. this was actually one of my New Year resolutions — to "get over" myself and take the leap in to free motion quilting. And here we are in mid October…I still have time! Thanks for a chance to win! laurie

    llsbaskets at comcast dot net

  96. My biggest challenge has been pinning the quilt sandwich together and not being satisfied with the back after pinning. I am finally going to try the spray baste and see if I get along better. Thanks for a great review and a chance to win this great book.

  97. i am still learning so much and there is a great online community. I love your blog and have even bought one of your publications!! I know realise the piecing is only half the quilt and am really interested in free motion quilting. this book looks great

  98. I would SO love to win this book. I tried practicing some FMQ earlier this year but I'm too chicken to actually try it on a project that I've worked so hard on. I'm afraid I'll ruin it. Thanks for the chance to win it πŸ™‚

  99. I have tried to machine quilt and it end up terrible looking. I sometimes have go back to tying my quilts. Thanks for a chance to win

  100. I've been practicing fmq this year and just finished to wall hangings. I need a lot of practice and look forward to doing much more. practce practice

  101. I would love to learn to FMQ! I'm a little intimidated by FMQ, but know that I have to try to learn it. Thanks for a chance to win! πŸ™‚

  102. I've done a little free motion quilting, but could sure use some great tips!! The illustration of the 3 different circle patterns sure make me think that I could gain a few great tips from this book> thanks for the chance to win it!! πŸ™‚

  103. I am the one drooling at my computer over that book. Oh how I would love to win that! I have 5 quilts to finish before Christmas!

  104. I have stippled 3 baby quilts but would love to branch out and have a queen size I have to attack. Thanks for the chance!

  105. I have only tried free motion quilting once. I'd love to try some more and this book looks like the help I need. Thanks for the giveaway.

  106. YES, I'm definitely itching to try free motion. I have this book on my wish list just in case I don't win a copy! I'd love to be able to quilt like Natalia.

  107. I am so wanting to learn how to free motion quilt on my machine! I have 6 or 7 tops that are waiting in line to be quilted and I would love to be able to do them myself.
    Sandy A

  108. I am going to be teaching a young girl to piece a quilt top. I have been wanting to take the leap to try FMQ, but have been terrified. Perhaps this book could help me conquer that fear, and also help this young girl be able to finish her quilt entirely – young people are fearless!

  109. I taught myself FMQ from online YouTube videos and tried simple stippling on a small baby quilt. I got a bit comfortable with it by the end of the quilt. You can literally see my progression on the quilt. Would love to continue my learning process.

  110. I would be the perfect candidate for a beginner's guide for quilting as I've only tried a few on my machine. I need lots of help I'm finding out!

  111. I wouldn't have thought I could do free-motion quilting, but the results shown are so beautiful, and this sounds like the book that would inspire me to try it!

  112. I love seeing all the beautiful quilting Natalia does. I would love to have some knowledge on how to expand my free motion quilting experience (2 quilts) πŸ™‚ beyond a pseudo-stipple.

  113. I continue to struggle with free motion quilting…and I hope to win this book so that it will soon become easy for me:) thanks for the giveaway:)

  114. I have tried a few times to free motion quilt on my machine – frankly it scares me!! I would really benefit from this book. Thanks for the give away!

  115. Well, yes, I am itching to try more free motion quilting on my home machine, but I lack confidence. And knowledge. For my current project, I am doing an overall grid pattern, which is certainly lacking in creativity, but fits in w/ the quilt. But I really, really do need to learn to FMQ.

  116. I've tried FMQ once. Even though it didn't turn out perfectly, it was better than I thought it would. Now I can't wait to do more of it and to try it with different patterns.

  117. I have nev er done free motion quilting and all my quilting work upto now has been hand quilted. I think that is why I hardly do any because I just dont have the time for it. This would be ideal for me!

  118. I anm itching! I only have the one machine so I'd love to learn all I can to be able to quilt half as well as Natalia does.

    Thank you for a great giveaway and a chance to win a neat book.


  119. I would love to learn FMQ. The Beginners guide to Free-Motion Quilting would be the perfect confidence builder. I can't stand the thought of ruining a quilt top I've worked so hard on!

  120. I would love to win this book. I have a Queen sized top that needs to be quilted but I'm afraid to try it. I've only straight line quilted a couple of small projects.

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  121. I just fmq my first lap size quilt and I cerntainly could use this book, need lots more practice. Thanks for giceaway. Barbara

  122. I have already done some free motion quilting on my Janome, but I certainly am itching to learn some new design techniques and get out of this boring stiple rut that I find myself in!!

  123. I have been doing free-motion quilting on most of my quilts for the past two years. I love it, but I'm always looking to learn more and expand on my abilities.

  124. I am a machine quilter on on my home machine (Singer Confidence). I love trying new quilting techniques and learning all I can to make my quilts unique and better than the last one!

  125. I am most certainly excited to try free motion machine quilting. As soon as fall cleaning/purging is done in my home, it's at the top of my list! — Lena S.

  126. Sara said: I am super excited to try FMQ on my Bernina. It's time to get moving on my UFOs!