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Because Everyone Loves Winning…

Have fun with our Jolly Scramble Contest!

Unscramble these words and submit your answers to with “Jolly Scramble Contest” as the subject by Monday, August 27. All entries will be placed in a basket, and 3 winners will be drawn by Jocelyn. Winners will be announced on Wednesday, August 29. And YES, there are big prizes!

1. L N F E A L N

2. R S F D I Y A U T A F R E E (2 words)

3. A U C M S R T B O R R E S H (2 words)

Hint: all words relate to quilting or our website!

First prize: Christmas Past Fat Quarter Bundle
Second prize: Sweet Baby Jane Jelly Roll
Third prize: three Monkey’n Round Cotton Charm Packs

Grab a pencil and good luck!


  1. Vicky says that she’s the world’s worst, but she’s gotta be better than me! I just keep staring at the letters, hoping they rearrange themselves, tee hee! They sure don’t make any sense to me!