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Back to School with Pam Kitty: Row 1

If you haven’t heard, we are busy getting a lesson in Civil War History with Pam Kitty Love. Kimberly, Debbie and Pam are sewing 5 blocks each month from Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler Book in Pam Kitty Love by Pam Kitty Morning for Lakehouse Dry Goods! Well it is now time to present our homework for the month! Kimberly and Debbie are showing off their blocks on the Jolly Jabber and be sure to head to Pam’s blog to see her blocks!

White House, page 8

Barbara Frietchie Star, page 12

Peace and Plenty, page 23

Strength in Union, page 20

Grapes of Wrath, page 84

Barbara Frietchie Star, page 12

Catch Me If You Can, page 14

White House, page 8

Fox and Geese, page 22

Star of the West, page 10

Don’t the Civil War blocks look great in Pam Kitty Love? We are loving this fun project and hope that you join in with us. Just grab some bundles of Pam Kitty Love by Pam Kitty Morning for Lakehouse Dry Goods, Barbara Brackman’s Civil War Sampler Book and start sewing! For more information about our Back to School with Pam Kitty “class” head here.

To make things a little more fun, each month we will be offering one lucky student a $50 gift certificate to our website! All you have to do to enter is upload up photos of your blocks to the Flickr group! Be sure to include what month/row the block is from! You will all get an A+, but we just want to see your homework!

Our next due date is January 15th, so come back by the Jolly Jabber and Pam’s blog to see our blocks in row 2!


  1. I think that this was a poor choice for today…………"Back to School"
    So many children in Newton, can't go back to school. And I am not even an American !

  2. Anonymous,

    Our thoughts are with the Newton community and everyone affected by the events of last week. This post was pre-scheduled and was not meant to offend. We will be auctioning off quilts to benefit those affected in January and invite all to participate.

    Please contact us with further thoughts or concerns.


  3. although I've been sewing for ages I've only just recently been surfing the web to see quilt designs. I see that the first block appears to be a swastika. I know that there was a time with the swastika was a common block design but is it still in a fair amount of use today? Am I totally out of the loop.?

  4. Julie,

    This block design was common in traditional quilting, but under more innocent names, like “Whirligig” etc. You can still find the design used today in contemporary reproduction quilts, but probably less so than before. These blocks do frequently appear in reproduction books, like the Civil War Sampler by Barbara Brackman.

    Here is an article all about the use of swastika in quilting.


  5. I've just ordered my fabrics! I can't wait to get started and join in on the fun. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop!!! Lidia, from Alberta, Canada