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Audrey and Stephanie on Legacy Patterns

Audrey and Stephanie Wright are the ladies behind some of our favorite and very convenient patterns. We love their patterns so much, we put together our adorable Bananas Foster Quilt Kit with their Butter Charm & Jelly pattern. Today they share about how they got started and what’s new!

With all these Jelly Rolls and Charm Packs available, what’s a girl to do?
Legacy Patterns has 3 patterns designed to use those strips and squares that you can’t resist collecting. We are just as addicted as you are.

First, a little about us. Legacy Patterns is a mother-daughter design team that has been working together in the quilting industry since 1997. We owned and operated a retail store for 5 years, went separate ways for a couple of years and teamed up again in 2002. In addition to Legacy Patterns we started Starwood Pattern Company, a wholesale distribution company, currently representing over 200 designers. Our thoughts at the time were, if we are marketing our patterns, why not other designer’s too! Little did we know what we had started.

We love the challenge of designing with Jelly Rolls and Charm Squares. The best part of using them is the time you save in selecting fabrics, and most of all, no cutting is required. Jellystone Park was born when Stephanie was driving and we were brainstorming as usual. We thought, how many blocks can you get using all 40 strips and nothing else? Grouping the strips, simple piecing, add a little cutting and with a little more piecing with borders, you are all set. Our next quest was combining the charms and jellies, as we now call them. That is how Butter Charm & Jelly came to be. When we saw the Sunshine line from Moda, we knew it was the perfect choice. Included in the pattern are two matching throw pillows using the extra charm squares!

Our newest design Rolling Fields came after listening to shop owners and customers commenting that the charms and jellies arrived earlier than the yardage. They loved the fabrics and did not want to wait for the bolts of fabric to finish the quilts. No need to wait now! Rolling Fields uses two Jelly Rolls and binding. What could be any faster or easier? We love the results after using Decadent Victorian by April Cornell from Moda. We had no trouble finding a coordinating binding with so many colors in the line.

With all the wonderful charms and jellies available, we challenge you to create your Masterpiece!

Happy Quilting!
Audrey and Stephanie Wright
Starwood Pattern Company

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