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At Home for the Holidays by Heather Mulder Peterson for Henry Glass Fabrics

BRRRrrrr! We’re freezing!! No, not really unfortunately. We’re finally in the 100s out here, but we can always pretend…crank up the A/C, put on some hot cocoa… 🙂 We’re so glad these Christmas lines are arriving now, though! This is one we’ve been ooh-ing and aaah-ing over on paper for the longest time. Heather Mulder Peterson of Anka’s Treasures just astounds us with each new line! At Home for the Holidays is so fresh & crisp, with a bright red, green, black and white color combo that’ll enliven your quilt. And, if you’re not the Christmas-sy type, you’re not excluded from using this line — there are plenty of lovely damasks and florals that you will just WANT!

Hello from Minnesota! Here in Minnesota the weather is finally turning warm – just in time for the arrival of our Christmas line “At Home for the Holidays”. I have no idea who started the trend that Christmas fabrics should arrive at the beginning of summer, but that is just how it seems to work. That means you have all summer to get your winter quilts made, so that gives us all plenty of time!

I have been wanting to design a Christmas line for a while now, and all the ideas have finally come together. The line is finished, printed, and shipping. My inspiration for this line comes from traditional Christmas themes like red and green, poinsettias, and holly leaves. With that being said, I didn’t want my Christmas line to be specifically Christmas so I could use it all year. That thought inspired me to include several non-Christmassy prints. Those prints were heavily influenced by my love for home dec items such as black and white dishes, black furniture, and the larger-scale prints that you see in home decorator fabrics, wallpaper, pillows, etc. The black adds a classic sophistication to the line and brings a connection between the line and my home. The resulting fabric line has a modern, yet classic look.

For those of you wanting to use the line to make a Christmas quilt, the following picture shows the pattern that I designed to show how I envisioned using the line for Christmas. It features a collection of fat quarters and several key prints from the line.

(pssst! This is the free quilt pattern by Heather for Henry Glass! Find it here.)

I’ve also been making a few quilts that don’t include the large poinsettia print, so I will be able to keep these quilts out year-round. The following picture shows our “Around the Corner” pattern on our dining room table. This quilt can also be used as a tree skirt if you cut a hole in the center. (BTW – I don’t cut the side slit in the quilt to make it tree skirt. That way I can still use it as a table cloth and just put a center piece over the hole.)

From our Sweet Pea pattern

All three of these photos show quilts from our Diamond Diva pattern

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  1. oh! I know who I would make a quilt for wiht this line…I might have to get it and store it for if/when I have them for our family Christmas Exchange! I love all the table toppers too, I will have to keep that all in mind!

  2. Heather, your Christmas line is so beautiful!!! I love the black added to the traditional colors. And may I say once again, thanks to you and your husband, you know what I mean!