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Designer Tidbits: The Quilted Fish

Are you ready to feel your heart flutter? Amanda Herring of The Quilted Fish‘s new collection Flutter will do just that. Amanda is here today to inspire you to dream big and sew something fantastic with Flutter.

Q: What inspired this collection?
A:Flutter is all about having big dreams. The name comes from the feeling you get in your heart when you are excited about your dreams. You know that feeling? A fluttering? I have big dreams and lots of stuff I want to make happen in my life. This line is all about those dreams.

Q: What is your favorite project using this collection?
A:Well, since it is so new I don’t feel like I have a great answer, but so far I am loving this quilt that I am working on. I love the way the colors all play together, even in small little snippets. This is a quilt from my book An Apple a Day that was put together by my design team and I. It was designed by Jana Kigin. Image 2

Here are some other fun projects using Flutter. Image 3

Image 1
Q: What would be your collection’s theme song?
A:Whole Wide World by Mindy Gledhill.

Q:If you could live in a movie, what movie would it be?
A:Don’t laugh. Seriously. Xanadu. Do you remember that movie? I love it.

Or, maybe how about this one? Sense and Sensibility. I just love the language of Jane Austen. And the clothes? Dreamy.

Q:What do you get nostalgic over?
A:My kid’s clothes. I love their baby things and the tiny little shoes. I love my little girl’s little ballet things from their first ballet class.

Q:What is your favorite TV show of all time?
A:We are quickly entering nerd territory here, so fasten your seat belts. Stargate. Mr. Fish and I used to look forward to date nights on the couch every Friday night with our new baby (now 9 years old). I totally had the hots for Richard Dean Anderson.

Q:If you could be a modern day fictional character, who would you be?
A:I am pretty happy being me, but I do think that Hermione Granger is pretty spectacular.

Q:What’s the strangest compliment you’ve ever received?
A:Well, once I was feeling bad about myself and I said to my husband (like every other woman on earth has done) “Honey, do you still love me even though I am fat?” and he answered with “I love you because you are fat”. After I stopped crying we had a great laugh.

Thanks for letting me guest post today, I sure do love Fat Quarter Shop!


  1. LOVE this new fabric! How fun to learn more about Amanda, who I briefly met at Sewing Summit, after she photobombed one of our photos.