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April Cornell on Portugal

April Cornell is a master of pretty, eclectic combinations and is always inspired by her travels. Here she talks about her influences for her newest collection, Portugal, which was released just this month. She sets earthy blues and greens against buttery yellows and sunset reds in creeping florals, confetti dots, and delicate birds. This collection is so beautiful in person, with a wonderful sheen! Tell us what you have made from it, or what you want/plan to make with Portugal! Better yet, show us!

For me a collection always begins with color. And the colors for the Portugal collection started long ago on a visit to Portugal.

Portugal is vibrant country with a rich earthy character bordering Spain and the Atlantic Ocean. Much more down to earth than stylish Spain, Portugal has an openness that is appealing in a complex world.

When I was in Portugal I was designing pottery – pottery made from the rich terracotta earth of the Portuguese country side. It was inspired by the earthy pottery that dotted balconies and steps of people’s homes, planted with lively red geraniums — a real favorite of mine — and set against an Azure Blue Portuguese sky. Those terracottas, azure blues, and creamy yellows of the homes, became a palette in my mind that reflected the warm and sunny towns of Portugal. This Portugal collection will fold gently into beautiful quilts and tablecloths filling a favorite room with the radiance of a Sunny Portuguese day.

April C.