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A Snapshot of Saturday…

This weekend, we had the ultimate pleasure of hosting and filming with two wonderful ladies.

Bonnie and Camille dropped by for a full, packed day of the Snapshots Quilt-Along! We filmed bits and pieces of the quilt-along-for-a-cause series we will unveil very soon on our YouTube channel. We used their upcoming fabric collection, Daysail, to make our Snapshots Quilt. so naturally we had to invite them to come visit us! 

Here’s a peek at what went down that day…

We rented a small house in Austin and turned the living room into our filming set. 
The shelves were colorfully decorated with Bonnie and Camille’s beautiful quilts. 
We also shared some stories and memories for Snapshots. 
Lots of mom and daughter selfies were taken during breaks! 
Bonnie and Camille snuggled under the Snapshots quilt for a quick photo. 
Of course we filmed. We filmed so much. It’s hard not to when everyone’s so photogenic.
A lot hot chocolate were consumed that day. 

We also shared lots of stories and laughs. They’ll be in the videos, so you’ll just have to wait and see! Thanks to Bonnie and Camille for being such good sports and for helping us raise awareness and support for St. Jude Children’s ResearchHospital. We’ll have the first video explaining the whole quilt-along ready very soon!  In the meantime, visit our Snapshots page for all the info and kit information!