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3 for Me: Stephanie Brieger

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you’ve had a great week! We personally have been enjoying some beautiful weather with highs reaching 90 degrees! Pretty hot! Speaking of hot, please join me in welcoming back Stephanie Brieger and her favorite color, black:

“Black has always been my go-to color. It usually works with everything, even brown these days (take my boots for example!). I picked the Alien Friends Dot because I want a fun spunky skirt made from it! I think the Rooftop Barn print would look stellar in a modern home as sheets with a solid comforter on top of it! I picked the Sugar Rush print because I just went to a Bridal Bash to find a bakery for my wedding. I was in cake-coma by the end, but boy was it all so delicious, just like this print!”

Steph’s 3:

1. Alien Friends Charcoal Nettie Dot SKU# C8391-CHARCOAL 

2. Coming Home Rooftop Black Barn Siding SKU# 19501-14 

3. Sugar Rush Black Let Them Eat Cake SKU# 1069-3