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3 for Me: Stephanie Brieger

Happy Friday everyone! Whether you’re savoring your last days of summer or already back to school or just working for the weekend, we hope you’re having a great day! And thanks so much for stopping in to check out this week’s 3 for Me.  Please welcome back Stephanie Brieger:

“Playing softball and dancing are two things that have been a part of my life since I can remember…even to this day I still do both—well apparently not currently with this big boot on my foot. The Bella Ballerina print reminds me of my dance bag back in the day. The point shoes (aka standing-on-the-toes shoes) displayed on the fabric are something you aspire to as a little ballerina. Most little girls dream about weddings—I would dream about the day I could graduate to point shoes. Sports Life is the neatest sports line I personally have ever seen, and the baseball panel is even better since it’s just the boys’ version of softball. Last but not least, this Promenade print reminds me of relaxing with my family in the summertime— I just love its Summer glow!”

Stephanie’s 3:

1. Bella Ballerina Black Ballerina Slippers SKU# 0834-1

2. Sports Life Green Baseball Diamond Quilt Panel SKU# 11536-7

3. Promenade Purple Diamond Plaid SKU# C2646-Purple


  1. I have got to have the baseball panel! I need to make a little boy quilt!

    Thanks so much for being a sponsor over at SewCalGal's this week for the Pets On Quilt Show!