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3 for Me: Jocelyn Lai

Happy Friday everyone and thanks for stopping by the Jolly Jabber! We’re very excited to welcome back Jocelyn Lai as she tells us about her current favorite designer:

“I hate this question! Kathy’s right about it being like picking a favorite child. I love lots of designers for different looks, but one that I always depend on for a beautiful treat is Fig Tree Quilts. The soft, vintage palette is soothing and rich, the designs are always a good mix of sweeping florals and sophisticated graphics, and the way they combine is always stunning. (Doesn’t hurt that the Butterscotch & Roses colors are almost a perfect match for my wedding!)”

Jocelyn’s 3:

1. Butterscotch & Roses Ruby Tossed Buds SKU# 20172-13

2. Butterscotch & Roses Chocolate Tart Holiday Bouquet SKU# 20174-12

3. Strawberry Fields Slate Summer Picnic SKU# 20160-15