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3 for Me: Jocelyn Lai

Good morning everyone! We are very excited to welcome Jocelyn Lai back to The Fat Quarter Shop and back to the Jolly Jabber! This is her first 3 for Me selection and it promises to be a good one:

“It’s really good to be back on the Jolly Jabber! My picks for my first 3 for Me are very different but equally compelling to me. I love the combination of pink and plum in the Hyperreal Garden floral print with its lovely sketchy quality. In the Secret Garden print, I love how Sandi has tucked away little keyhole details in her gorgeous damask. The Storyboek choice appeals to my sense of whimsy and childhood fascination with fairytales – my favorite Christmas gift ever was a leather-bound set of Grimm’s fairytales, and I spent countless hours writing and illustrating my own little stories.”

Jocelyn’s 3:

1. Hyperreal Garden Plum Lush Foliage SKU# HG-8401

2. Secret Garden Midnight Garden Damask SKU# SH5235-MIDN-D

3. Storyboek Cream Field Stroll Main SKU# SB06-CREAM