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3 for Me: Jessica Thornburgh

Good morning and happy Friday everyone! We hope you’re all geared up and ready for the weekend! And thanks for stopping by the Jolly Jabber today. We’re very excited to welcome back Jessica Thornburgh:

“This is my first summer in Texas and the heat is killing me! So, with cooler weather on my mind, I stuck to cool blues and grey for my 3 current favorites. I think the little birds on the wire in this Pinfeathers print are super cute and quirky, plus I love this shade of aqua. The navy kelp print from Going Coastal reminds me of the beach where I grew up in Santa Barbara, California. And with my hometown on my mind, I couldn’t resist this print from Hometown by Sweetwater. I absolutely love the way all the rotated text looks on this shade of grey!”

Jessica’s 3:

1. Pinfeathers Sky Blue Birds on a Wire SKU# 4548-61

2. Going Coastal Navy Sea Kelp SKU# DC5155-NAVY-D

3. Hometown Mist Town Square SKU# 5460-26


  1. So very pretty, I feel for you with the heat. Here in Florida we have 2seasons, hot and less hot!

  2. I completely understand!!! I grew up in Santa Maria and moved to Texas about 6 years ago. We are adjusted, but there is nothing like the 'Central Coast'. I in in love with the cool colors, I think I may have to make a couple of these for my house.

  3. Oh I know what you mean, the heat here in San Antonio has been miserable and the everything is crunchy and dead. I need a project to get me out of this funk that I am in. I do NOT want to go out and I have no energy to do anything. Bring on the cool weather!!! 🙂 Love the fabric, I need some new fabric maybe that will make me happy.

  4. I too lived in Santa Barbara and my daughter lives in Fort Worth, went for a week in July, big mistake. Thank goodness I could come back to San Diego. Colors are perfect for here.