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3 for Me: Debbie Taylor

Welcome back to the Jolly Jabber on this wonderful Friday morning! We are excited to say hello again to Debbie Taylor, one of the amazing women in our customer service department, and one of the designers for our very own pattern company, It’s Sew Emma:

“It’s my turn again! Superman has arrived  in full force and is a big hit with the guys! Anyone looking for a “guy” quilt, here is your fabric! For my second choice, you have to agree, the Urban Zoologie bird print by Ann Kelle is the sweetest. A pillow made from this fabric would be super cute. My third choice is my absolute favorite. The new Children at Play fabric by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller has arrived and I have fallen in love with this print. I am thinking of matching dresses for my little granddaughters in California *wink*. I am feeling so inspired by these fabrics and have multiple projects in mind!”

Debbie’s 3:

1. Classic Superman Adventures White In Action SKU# 3101074-3

2. Urban Zoologie Spring Little Birds SKU# 11507-192

3. Children at Play Turquoise Just Stay Little SKU# DC5101-TURQ-D


  1. Debbie, My grandson has been asking for a Superman quilt for over a year. I love your choice, too, but now I need just the right pattern. Anyone have a suggestion?

  2. What fun fabrics, Debbie! I love those birds…and Children at Play has been on my wish list since I saw it at market!