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3 for Me: Cheryl Cohorn

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you had a great week and are ready for some weekend fun! To get the weekend started right, let’s enjoy a little Color Mania! Please welcome back Cheryl and her favorite color, blue:

“Blue has always been my favorite color, even as a small child. Really I love any shade of blue, but this soft delicate Bunny Hill blue is my idea of heaven! The blue in the Ooh La La collection is truly a classic color, which will never go out of style. It transcends the idea that blue is only for baby boys, or that soft light blue can only be used in certain décor. These fabrics are elegant, chic and exactly my cup of tea! Can’t wait to be sewing with these!”

Cheryl’s 3:

1. Blue Ooh La La Jelly Roll

2. Blue Ooh La La Fat Quarter Bundle

3. Blue Ooh La La Layer Cake


  1. This blue reminds me of a paint I used for a bedroom once. It was called either bunny blue or bunny grey, and it looked blue in some light, lavender in other light, and even sometimes grey. It was moody and nice, just like this subtle collection….

  2. I just love blues……mix in a little soft yellow an I'm in heaven…..I just love the name!!!!!