Solid Jolly Bars: Bella Bleached White

Welcome to our second post about our new Bella Solid Jolly Bars.  (There are still so many cool Jolly Bar things ahead, I think we should just call this month #JollyBarJune. LOL.)  As a quick recap, we are showing you all three of our first set of Bella Solid Jolly Bars, which are colors White (9900-98), Bleached White (9900-97) and Porcelain (9900-182).

The first ever set of Bella Solid Jolly Bars in White, Bleached PFD and Porcelain

Last week, we introduced the Porcelain set.  Today, it is all about the infamous 9900-97, or Bleached White PFD.  I say “infamous” because people can be misled by the term “Bleached White PFD”.  It is bright enough to go with practically anything, but it isn’t blinding.  It has a soft, milk quality, and it’s the one we reach for the most.  Don’t be turned off by the “PFD” either – that just means “preferred for dyeing”, if you are so inclined.

We have use Bleached White with pretty much every look, like Modern Backgrounds, Bonnie & Camille Basics, Sugar Plum Christmas, and Desert Bloom.  It’s actually more challenging to find a collection you CAN’T pair it with.

Now onto the free pattern for the Bleached White Jolly Bar!  This one is called Metronome, and we combined the Bleached White Jolly Bar with the Sweet Marion Jolly Bar for our quilt sample.  It measures 56.5″ square, which is an ideal lap size IMHO, and the white background is a perfect canvas for those little bits of colorful pinwheels that pop out in each block.  Très sweet!

Next week, we’ll showcase the final solid Jolly Bar and free pattern quilt…but that’s not the end of #JollyBarJune, so stay tuned!  Is 9900-97 a staple in your sewing room?  What fabric collections have you used it with?  Comment and let us know!

Fat Quarter Shop Birthday Bash Sale

Happy birthday to Fat Quarter Shop!
Happy birthday to us!

Guess what, guys?  Today we’re throwing out a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY… to us!  And just like we do every year, we’re throwing a big birthday bash, but you’ll be getting the gifts!

Fat Quarter Shop turns 14, so for the next 14 days, we’ll have a different treat for you each day.

It might be a sweet discount, a certain precut on sale, or a shipping special, or a fabulous bonus item, so you will have to visit the Fat Quarter Shop Flash Sale page every day to find out!

We're turning 14!
We’re turning 14!

The celebration starts today, June 14, and ends Tuesday, June 27, so bookmark our Flash Sale page or follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any of it!  This is just one way we want to THANK YOU for being there for us!  Without quilters like you, there would be no Fat Quarter Shop, so you inspire us every day too.

Ready to find out what today’s birthday treat is?  Head over to our Flash Sale page to find out… ready, set, go!