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2016 Worldwide Quilting Day & Giveaway!

Today is Worldwide Quilting Day – woo hoo!  We’re crazy about quilting, and are thrilled to be part of such a creative and vibrant quilting community. In honor of this special day we’re offering a giveaway for a $100 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop and – naturally – the giveaway is open to quilters worldwide.

To enter, simply leave a comment on this blog post sharing something you love about quilting.  The giveaway ends on Saturday, March 26, 2016. The winner will be chosen at random, notified via email, and announced in a comment here on the blog on Monday, March 28th. One entry per person, please.


Want a few more chances to win a $100 gift certificate? We’re also hosting giveaways on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so pop on over and enter there too!  Good luck!

THANK YOU for contributing love and beauty to the world via quilting, everyone.  Keep up the great, comforting, loving, and inspiring work!



  1. Fun – thanks for the giveaway and great shop. I love knowing that I'm making something that will be used. It's wonderful to see my quilts in my friends' homes.

  2. I love the way color and shapes play together. Quilting people are also the best.

  3. It reminds of my Grandmother who was a quilter and owned a quilt shop in Iowa. And, it gives me something great to do on days that I can't get outside!

  4. I love how life can be so difficult sometimes, but I can get lost in my quilting and make something beautiful during a time that wasn't so great. I guess I would call that quilting my troubles away. 🙂

  5. I love having a creative and useful outlet for stress and at the same time sharing my passion with so many by gifting the quilts or sharing my own designs with others.

  6. It's hard to pin down one thing I love about quilting! I love being creative, the colours, and basically playing with fabric jigsaw puzzle pieces.

  7. I love quilting because it's a great way to show the people I love how much I care about them, and unlike the other art work and crafts I've done, the end product is useful too. I also love the colors and texture of fabrics, and the challenge of putting it all together to get a beautiful end product. jadahlgr at Yahoo dot Com

  8. Thanks for all the quilting inspiration. Quilting makes me happy – particularly the constantly changing colors and patterns. I love how you can take modern fabrics and old patterns and make something bright and fresh!

  9. Thank you so much for this chance. I love about quilting, specially EPP, that I can do it everywhere and get so nice results all the time and that I can make my friends and family happy with the quilts.
    Wish you all a great quilting-day.

  10. My two favorite things about being a quilter: I love playing with COLOR and I cherish my quilty friends! Thanks 🙂

  11. I love decorating my home with quilts and seeing them being used by those I gift them to. And knowing that, hopefully, some of them will stand the test of time and live on when I am gone. Thanks.

  12. I love when I'm making a quilt as a gift, as I sew I remember events, fun times and gatherings with the recipient!

  13. I love the way quilting makes me feel. It has this calming effect on me and the sense of accomplishment when I complete a project!

  14. I love quilting. It gives me an opportunity to be creative, forces me to slow down and take my time, and is my therapy as well as my hobby. I love making quilts and items, with love, for family and friends, and it thrills me to know that my grandchildren are warm and cuddled in something I have made for them. It's a hug I can give them anytime, especially when I'm not there in person.

  15. I love the process of watching a quilt come together. I also love the visual effect of hand quilting. Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. I love your site, love your tutorials and love all your clean and easy techniques in teaching. Would love a chance to win! Happy Sewing and Quilting!

  17. I love taking fabric and making something not only beautiful, but useful. I also love the creative process involved. In short… quilting simply makes me happy!!

  18. I love it all. From choosing the fabric to cutting to piecing. And I love the time spent with other quilter's–the creative energy is contagious. Plus I love sitting under a quilt

  19. Everything from looking at patterns, selecting fabric, sewing (and unsewing) and, the best of all, the joy and pleasure of seeing the faces of the friends, family, and strangers when they are given a gift of love to keep forever.

  20. I love being creative, and making something that I feel is beautiful. I find the process very relaxing after a day of work as a nurse, a career I love, but that can be stressful and mentally and physically draining. Quilting recharges my batteries!

  21. What I love most about quilting is the sharing that it leads too. I am fortunate enough to meet almost weekly with friends for a quilting day. I have always been a fabric lover since I was a little girl, and quilting fulfills needs on so many different levels. I can't imagine life without that joy.

  22. I love to look at the colors and patterns in fabric, put them together and dream how the set would look together. Then I love the zen of quarter inch seams.

  23. There are so many things I love about quilting, but one of the best things is creating something beautiful which is filled with love to give to someone who needs a reminder they are loved.

    Caribousmom (at) aol.com

  24. I don't make or create anything in my job. Making quilts fills that desire to create. When I quilt, I create a warm, useful, tangible item for myself or a loved one. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction. ljbisme at msn dot com

  25. Thanks for the fun giveaway Kimberley! My favorite thing about quilting is that it gives us the ability to express our artistic and creative sides and provide comfort and show love to others, all at the same time.

  26. Happy Quilting Day! I love the friendships that my quilting hobby has brought me. I've met many wonderful ladies who share my passion and who I enjoy spending time with. Thank you for a great giveaway.

  27. I love that I can make something beautiful that is also useful. Though I am not sure anyone really needs a few hundred quilts…LOL
    Thanks for the chance to win!

    sew4given AT aol DOT com

  28. Of all the sewing I do, quilting is my favorite – it satisfies all the fun and creativity that sewing gives to me and then makes someone else happy with the finished quilt! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  29. I love playing with fabrics, colors and shapes ! Being creative makes me feel free !

  30. I really enjoy the picking of a pattern and then playing with the color combinations to see how it all looks in the end. I have a limited attention span so usually adjust the pattern somehow because I didn't read it correctly. ???? Everything usually all works out.
    tracinecharest at Gmail dot com

  31. I love Fat Quarter Shop. I am so glad I found you. Over the years you have been such an inspiration to all of us.
    i just know personally, I am taking care of my 93 year old parents (they are adorable) and coming home in the evening and reading your creative and enthusiastic ideas and designs, makes me happy.
    I love making things to give to people I love. I have some large quilt tops made but I am afraid to quilt them. The smaller quilts for babies and even wall hangings I love making them.
    I know I am not the only person that hoards fabric, then cuts it up, sews it back together AND THEN WE GIVE IT AWAY!! Because it is the love that we have for making pretty things

  32. I just love the creative process of making a quilt – and that you end up with something handmade in the end! Happy National Quilting Day!

  33. I love the relaxing effects that quilting brings to me. I have been quilting for over 25 years and still enjoy the recipients expressions when I hand over a piece of my heart through a quilt project made especially for them.

  34. I enjoy the creativity and most of all giving my creations to family. Thanks for all you do for the quilting community.

  35. I love the beautiful fabrics and I especially love the tutorials that are out there that help me learn new skills!!

  36. There are two things I love about quilting. Choosing beautiful fabric with a special person in mind and the lovely smiles of the people I gift quilts to for a variety of reasons. Makes it all worth while – and the making of the quilt is my "meditation". Happy NQD – and the Fat Quarter Shop for this draw.

  37. Quilting keeps me out of trouble…unless I'm shopping for fabric! LOL
    Seriously, quilting is relaxing and nothing is more comforting that decorating with quilts, plus they make perfect quilts.

  38. The process of creating quilts has comforted me as much as the recipients of the finished quilt. A day without working on a quilt feels a bit empty! Thank you for the generous giveaway contest!

  39. Quilting is a personal challenge for me. I try to improve my stitching and precision every quilt I make and I love to look at the very first quilt I made and see how much I have learned since I first started this wonderful hobby.

  40. I love the creative process, changing with all the fabrics from FQS….love is the thread that binds us together with our quilts !

  41. I love the design process (particularly working with color), but I also love the way quilting bonds me together with friends and family.

  42. Quilting is my creative outlet & I don't know what I would do without it. I love planning new projects, hunting for just the perfect fsbric & then seeing the bed product especially if it is made for someone I love.

  43. Because of quilting, I have friends all over the world that I would never have known otherwise. One of my dearest friends lives in England. Also, quilting has brought me closer to my sister. We love to talk about fabrics, colors, and patterns together.

  44. Очень люблю шить!Хочется с вами творить красоту.Я живу далеко-на Украине,но душой вместе с вами.

  45. Quilting with my sister and best friend bring so much joy to my heart! Each piece put together is like a puzzle and brings a memory to share with friends and family

  46. Marrying into a family of grown children, it was hard for them to accept me as the new love of their dad's life after the death of their mom. Making each one a quilt and knowing the time and effort it took to pick out and complete each one for them has brought us a step closer together. I love this fact–seeing the look on their faces and watching them use the quilts has warmed my heart tremendously.

  47. Quilting is my life. It makes me so happy. I recently had surgery and couldn't sew for a week or two. Watching your videos on YouTube really helped to pass the time and kept me from getting the shakes from quilting withdrawal. 😉 Thank you for the giveaway!

  48. Thanks for all the inspiration you give to the worldwide quilting community. I love quilting because it provides an outlet from stress and putting together fabric and colors just makes me happy!

  49. I love everything about quilting! The design process, the piecing, basting, quilting, and binding! Of course, choosing the fabric is the best part!

  50. I have been busy today hand quilting pebbles on a table runner… That is what I love most about quilting: hand quilting!!! Thanks for your he chance, this would be awesome to win!!

  51. Wish I had more time to quilt but I do manage to make 2-3 a year. My projects are always a breeze when I know I can rely on Fat Quarter shop for great online fabric purchases!

  52. I love the overall creative process…I have always sewn but no longer wanted to make clothing. Quilting has satisfied every need to sew, play with fabric, designs and colors.

  53. I love using my down time (most of the time) for something fun and productive. The rewards of family members cherishing the quilts I give them is immeasurable. Thank you for the giveaway and the shop.

    Jan at jcmcenter@msn.com

  54. Quilting satisfies both arts and crafts—-and I love fabric. I make scrappy quilts using old clothes as well as new fabric that I just HAVE to have!

  55. 1. Friendship
    2. Quilts stay done. Housework has to be done over and over and over. When a quilt is done it stays that way.

  56. I love the concrete accomplishment that it gives me. It's hard in my life as a Mom to see what I'm doing as doing something. Quilting gives that to me.

  57. I love picking out the fabric for a new quilt! Thanks for the chance!
    birdlvr (at) gmx (dot) com

  58. I love the fabric and also the surprise when I make a quilt for someone and give it to them. The expression on their face is priceless.

  59. I love how sitting at my machine gives me time to relax and reflect on how the project at hand will bless another person. Quilting is not only history being passed on but Love that will wrap you up even when the loved one has gone:)

  60. The colors, the design, rolling around in the fabric, throwing it up in the air, finishing and cuddling the quilt. Most of all thinking about the person and praying for them as I make the quilt. No, wait,did I mention the happiness I feel when I enter my quilt room and can create.

  61. Love to quilt!Love to make baby charity quilts that is my passion>giving to others! Thank You Fat Quarter Shop for being our go-to-shop for supplies! Thank You for this Giveaway+the many many other giveaways you have shared!

  62. I really enjoy the creating process from picking patter to fabric and how to back it and finish it – I guess the whole process tom begging to end of my creation.

  63. Quilting has made my retirement the best days of my life. I have met wonderful new friends, gave beautiful gifts to my friends and family and look forward to seeing a new pattern I have to make. Now I have lots of time to shop and sew.
    Karen R.

  64. Thank you so much for this chance to win. I love quilting, especially fabric, thread and the sewing, then comes the great part of giving or gifting what I have made!! Wishing you all a happy quilting day.

  65. Quilting is my happy place! I can enter my sewing room, surrounded by my favorite fabrics and escape from the real world for a little while! 🙂

  66. I love the wonderful friendships I've made… and the fun, creative, generous, delightful quilters I have met from all walks of life!

  67. When I had a very stressful job, I always had a picture of my sewing room and machine on my desk. When things got very stressful, just looking at the picture would bring my mind to a place that I loved to be – quilting.

  68. What I love most about quilting is being able to create a special gift to give to those I love.

  69. You mean besides the color and textures and forms of quiltin? I know for a fact that the reason I still quilt are the people I find in quilting…their hears and hands make a wonderfull world to share.

  70. I enjoy "shopping my stash" for fabrics…some from friends, some from past sewing projects, and some from my VAST collection of charm pack sets (my weakness!) ALL gathered into a scrap quilt full of memories and vibrant colors!

  71. I know that when I am sewing I am being challenged by trying new things. I also find it relaxing. Even ripping stitches to make my piece better is not that stressful.

  72. There are so many things that I like about quilting that it is hard to chose just one…it can be challenging (in a good way), provide therapy, encourages friendships, and so much more.

  73. Quilting has opened up a whole new world for me & I have made some wonderful new friends!

  74. I enjoy so many things about quilting. I love the process of finding fabrics that enhance a project, piecing or appliqueing it together, and loving the finished product. I love the look in a loved one's eyes when I give them a quilt, especially much later and they're still loving it (especially my grandsons!). I get pleasure in making a charity quilt that I know will warm the heart of someone less fortunate than myself. Thanks for this chance to win as I love your shop and all that you share with us!

  75. What I love about quilting is the friendships that are made by joining a quilt guild. I've moved around the country several times and I'm always glad to see that the new city/town has a guild. Thank you for all you do, Kimberly, to inspire the craft of quilting.

  76. I love quilting!!❤️❤️???? I love the organization, the relaxation, and having something that lasts to show for my effort. That's important when you're a mom or a grandma!! And who doesn't love a quilt?

  77. I love creating quilts for friends and family knowing that it is something that will be treasured and used to keep them warm~!

  78. Quilting is one of my favorite pieces of pretty in my life. I love it the fabric, the patterns, and the process.

  79. I love the "therapy" of quilting….the creating….the friendshipping….the dreaming up & shopping for……and the happiness I feel when creating something beautiful!

  80. The thing I love best about quilting is no matter who you are–creative & artsy vs left-brained & analytical, you can still make beautiful quilts!! I haven't got a creative bone in my body but quilting is still something that I can do!!

  81. I love the peace that I get from handling fabric, watching the quilt grow as I add pieces to it, and from seeing each stitch complete some applique.

  82. I came to quilting eight years ago when I retired, but I had been dreaming about being a quilter since I visited my husband's aunt's home in Americus, Georgia twenty five years ago. I could not believe I got to sleep with a quilt on the bed and several hanging from the quilt stand and armoire. So I started taking quilting classes at a local quilt shop and made several great friends along the way. Quilting has given me the joy and confidence to express my love for others in a tangible way.

  83. I love that something that gives me so much creative pleasure also serves a purpose. An extension of my arms wrapped around my loved ones. Colleen Coffman

  84. I love the feeling of accomplishment I get when I finish a project. Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    Sandy N

  85. As a mom to two young kids I love that quilting gives me something that is a creative outlet for ME. Through quilting I have built a community that isn't based around my children, and I have used quilting to express pain, grief, love and joy.

  86. I love the creativity and all the colors..love the colors mixed together in whatever you can dream up.


  87. Love everything about making quilts. Especially when I finish and can stand back and see what I created……..and then be able to start again.

  88. Quilting is my therapy….I love it. But I also love giving them away, it makes me feel so happy.

  89. I love that quilting is not only a creative outlet, but it also brings people together in so many ways. Those that we quilt with, gift a quilt to and meet along our quilting journey. This year my mother gave me Lori Holt's Farm Girl Vintage Book for my birthday and I also started Pat Sloan's Splendid Sampler QAL and I have not done anything in years, but these two things have really sparked me and gotten me on track. I had no stash to pull from, so I am building that and enjoying the time spent quilting with my mother and others at or LQS BOM class for Farm Girl Vintage. This is definitely a quilty year for me!

    Cathy J <3

  90. I LOVE quilting!!! I love how the creative part of me is filled in our LQS, at my sewing machine, and appreciating the colors of my stash that I need to keep using. 🙂
    Marlae kampbostenatgmaildotcom

  91. It's like doing a jigsaw puzzle, with something to show for it that you can give to friends & family. I enjoy meeting with my quilt group and sharing ideas.

  92. I love quilting-it relaxes me, lets me be creative, and adds a little more beauty to the world!

  93. Colour me beautiful! I love colours so one of my favourite parts of quilting is selecting fabrics for my next project. Getting to play with the fabrics and auditioning each for blocks is also fun!

  94. I mostly make quilts that I give away to special people in my life. It's like I'm giving them a small part of myself. Quilting is my way of making the world a more beautiful, and warmer, place. I give the gift of a hug on demand — they just have to wrap themselves in the quilt to receive it.

  95. I can't believe there was ever a time when I did not quilt! I have sewn my entire life and enjoyed it but never to the extent that I love quilting. It fills my days, my nights, and my dreams. Fat Quarter Shop has been part of that for many many years. Thank you!

  96. I just love the creative process and I'm really inspired by color. Thank you and happy quilting day to everyone.

  97. Quilting is everything to me right now as I just retired. The day isn't right unless I get to do some quilting. Thanks!

  98. Oh my goodness. What DON'T I love about quilting. Love buying the fabric, deciding which quilt is next, what to FMQ on it, making a cute label and best of all, looking at and touching the finished quilt. Such a relaxing and fulfilling craft.

  99. Love the 'me' time that it gives me, the fellowship that I share with others who quilt too, and the ability to give to others thru quilting.

  100. Oh, goodness, what don't I love about quilting! I love reading about it, thinking about it, and looking at quilt photos. I love planning for making quilts, shopping for fabrics, trying new techniques, and dreaming about quilting. I love cutting fabrics, piecing, sewing applique, and sharing the finished product. Quilting brings joy and happiness to my life (and, I hope it brings happiness and comfort to the lives of the recipients).

  101. I just love how so many little bits and pieces and shapes can be transformed into a block and then a beautiful quilt. And that I can do it!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  102. working with fabric and creating quilts for those special people in our lives keeps me busy and takes up my days. I enjoy the search for just the right fabric, or just the right pattern for a wonderful line of fabrics. I enjoy watching a piece form – sometimes not as I expected, but my creation in any event. Lastly, I love the people that I have met and can "talk quilting" with – a wonderful bunch.

  103. I love being creative with color and pattern. I love making gifts for people I love. Until 2 1/2 years ago our closest daughter and her family were a 12 hour drive away from us. Since I couldn't be there in person, the things I made were tangible signs of the love I had for them. We have moved close to our oldest daughter, but her two girls are in college. The love quilts that I have made for each of our 10 grandchildren can cover them each night when they go to bed.

  104. I love all things quilting and am currently at a guild retreat enjoying the inspiration of my quiltmates! Love fondling and choosing fabrics before my favorite job of cutting.

  105. It is such a relaxing and productive way to end my day. Also, I love the joy of giving handmade items to people I love.

  106. I love taking a piece of fabric and cutting it up and sewing it into something that looks magical…it gives me a feeling on comfort when someone looks at one of my quilts and says,,,oh…I remember that shirt or isn't that the fabric granny had on the nightstand….

  107. I love how quilting lifts my spirits, especially when delivering an armload of small, cheerful quilts to one of my local charities.

  108. I love being able to personalize what I make-my color, my embellishments, etc. What I love the most about quilts is the warmth and coziness of snuggling up in one. The more you use a quilt, the more comfy it becomes. BTW, I love love love your rainbow wall of threads!

  109. Thanks so much for the chance to win this prize. I love quilting and the sense of accomplishment that comes with each finished quilt along with the happiness it gives to each recipient.

  110. I love quilting because it allows my creative side to come out (something that doesn't happen in my day job), and that it connects me with people who share my love of fabric, art, color and design.

  111. I love giving hand made quilts to the ones I love. I get the enjoyment of working with the patterns and beautiful fabric and then give it away. Thanks for always having exactly what I need when I need it.

  112. I'm spending National Quilting Day practicing my Free Motion Quilting. Today is all about feathers, ferns and bubbles.

  113. I love the math work of measuring and cutting. I love seeing the beauty created from using the fabrics and colors all put together in different ways no one has done before. I love how each block addition makes the quilt look bigger and better. I love the quilting process itself. I love it all!

  114. I love quilting because I get so involved, I forget my troubles for a while. After the loss of my son, I didn't think the sun would ever shine again, and frankly, I really didn't care. I didn't get out of bed for 3 weeks. I knew I had to keep going for my daughters, the only thing I thought about to help was to try and sew again. It helped tremendously. The pain is still there, but at least I could put one foot in front of another. Quilting is still my salvation and I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of their situation. It helps more then anyone can imagine.
    So if you don't quilt…start. Creativity is a wonderful outlet.

  115. Happy Quilting Day! I am loving the chance to make new things, try out a creative side of me that is a bit of a surprise, and wander through fabric stores looking for the fabrics and patterns that catch my eye. I just finished quilting my first table runner and though it's not perfect it looks great and I'm very proud and happy! Thanks for an opportunity to win something wonderful through your website!

  116. I have always loved everything about quilting. From picking fabric to sewing on the binding. I am a bit hooked on buying fabric too. A bit hooked? Lol lol lol. Thanks for this chance to win

  117. Thank you so much for the giveaway – I love the process of quilting….donating quilts to ALS patients….giving quilts to friends and family….sharing the passion with so many awesome people….feeling of accomplishment when a project is complete….the list is endless!

  118. What I love about quilting is – the fabric never complains at what I'm creating it into :)! My sewing room with all its patterns and fabrics is 'my little space' that gives me a lot of satisfaction whenever I am in it. I didn't realize how much I like creating till I started to quilt!

  119. My love for quilting goes back some 40 years with several breaks along the way. I started quilting again in 2006 and have not slowed down one bit. Quilting allows me to be creative and work with wonderful people.

  120. There is so much to love about quilting but, I love how it centers and calms me. I worked as an intensive care nurse for many years (decades really) and many days were filled with battling to save patients.I would be drained when I came home, then, I would sit and stitch for awhile, slowly regaining my balance. Another plus is that I would be able to gift my quilts and let another person know that there are people in the world that care about them. Best art form ever.

  121. Quilting is my creative outlet. After a career in graphics/printing, I thought I would try my hand at watercolor painting. Quilting is so much more fun. And quilters are the best friends you could ever ask for.
    Kimberly thanks for this opportunity to win. I'm giddy just thinking about new fabrics!

  122. I love the constant learning process of quilting; there's always something new to learn thanks to the talented people who generously share their patterns and tips. Thank you for this great give away.

  123. There are so many things I love about quilting, but probably making new friends and sharing lives as we take classes and stitch and sew is my favorite. So many of my dearest friends have come into my life through Quilting.

  124. I love the service you provide, especially the ability to ore-order the new fabrics. And your tutorials are great.

  125. I like how my quilt gifts are appreciated. It's fun to spend time doing something that I love and then get to see how happy it makes others feel when they get a quilt.


  126. I love the endless possibilities, the scrap craziness, the beautiful fabrics to chose from… ugh, it's just the perfect hobby! Actually, at this point it feels like a lifestyle more than just a hobby, lol. And I love the way it takes over everything too!

  127. I'd have to say I love everything about quilting! I love the colors, the fabrics, the patterns and I especially love how good it feels to experience quilting. Whether it's looking at quilts, reading a tutorial or pattern, cutting or sewing – it's like I've taken a 'happy' pill (TMI?). Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  128. I love how while quilting challenges me to do my best and be creative, it is also a source of relaxation. I gives happiness to those I give my creations to and allows me to do something for myself doubly when I give a piece to charity.

  129. Spent the evening last night organizing all of my "to make" quilting projects! When I fall in love with a fabric or fabric line, I just have to buy it but often do not have a quilt design in mind. Now I have 3 projects ready to go. Too bad I have to teach next week!

  130. I love the fabric, the colors and turning them into a quilt or even a table runner.
    I am new to quilting so the two quilts I have made I have given away. It is a lovely feeling giving something you have made to someone else to enjoy.

  131. Yes! Celebrating my first quilt day, as I started quilting a little less then a year ago. I'm thankful for all the help I've received especially from FatQuarterShop. Thanks for a chance to win! DCRodrigez

  132. Getting ready to make spring quilts for my 5 year old grandson and 2 year old granddaughter. Thank you for the best place to shop!

  133. What I like most about quilting is the fellowship and genuine good will of other quilters. Thank you.
    abh10066 (at) aol (dot) com

  134. I love the artistic process of choosing a pattern and material along with thread to put together a piece of art.

  135. When I am quilting, I am in control!! I take little pieces and make them into something that will surround the people I care about with warmth and love. When I am making a quilt for someone, it allows me the time to think about that person; all sorts of memories surface. It is indeed a guilty pleasure!

  136. Hi, I love the creativity and the peace quilting brings to my soul. Thank you Kimberly for your lovely shop. I like you love color and your quilts are so happy.

  137. What I love most about quilting is the ability to create art even though I can't draw or sculpt and that a sense of color matters more than drawing ability.

  138. I enjoy creating something from the planning to the actual work of putting it together. But, the thing I love about quilting is that I am giving the person who receives the quilt a part of myself with love in every stitch.
    Thank you for the chance at the giveaway.

  139. I quilt as an escape from the turmoil of everyday life. I quilt to make beautiful and cute things for the people I love. I quilt when it is cold outside and I have no where to go. I quilt because it makes me happy. Thank you for this opportunity.

  140. I quilt with little scraps given by my many quilting and crafting friends each quilt holds so many memories and associations of people places and experiences that warm my heart in the making that then go on to warm and make part of even more memories for the person who then receives my quilt

  141. I love the idea of leaving a part of me for my daughter and family to enjoy long after I'm gone. My grandmother made quilts that are still loved today by our family.

    Quilting is a true art form and is a loving gift from the heart and soul.

  142. In this crazy world, and with all this political madness, quilting is the only thing that makes any sense to me! Yeah for quilters everywhere

  143. I love how quilting can bring generations together. In my quilting groups, there are several mother/daughter pairs, and I hope my daughter will join me at retreats, etc., one day. I live pretty far away from my family, so this quilting community has also given me extra grandmas for my kids.

  144. I have four young kids – the youngest has Down syndrome and needs constant supervision (usually by me as my husband is military and is away a lot 🙂 ) Quilting gives me a chance to be creative, yet make something that is practical and beautiful. I love that I can quilt while keeping a close eye on my little guy; I love that I can put a quilt together 15 minutes by 15 minutes by 15 minutes. I love watching FQS videos; and I'm so inspired by the handful of quilting blogs that I'm subscribed to. Quilting allows me to breathe and stay centered in my crazy world 🙂
    Michelle O. – tunyosmond at yahoo dot ca

  145. There are so many aspects of quilting I love, but one of the best is that it allows me to enjoy quilts twice or even three times more than other things – once while I'm making a quilt, the second time when I see the recipient's happiness on receiving the quilt, and sometimes also the third time, if I get a chance to see the quilt in use.

  146. I love quilting! I love the creativity, the zen-like repetition, and the fact that I can create something beautiful and practicial– something that can be used. 🙂

    Many thanks for the giveaway!

  147. I love that I can be an artist without paint and brush. I love the use of color, textures, patterns, feel, etc in a quilt. I love the puckered look when a quilt has been washed.

  148. I love the whole process of cutting something up into pieces and sewing it back together again to make something wonderful.

  149. I love the unexpected combinations of so many different fabrics and especially the "pops" of color that make the quilt! FQS is the best and thanks for such a generous giveaway. Happy Quilting Day!

  150. I love the designing and all that but mostly the friendships that grow through quilting:) You meet at a guild, bee or class and become friends and that is way more fun then the rest!!!!

  151. Quilting fulfills that need for creative expression through the use of design and colors and the texture fabric offers, with a feeling of warmth, satisfaction and accomplishment once your project is complete.

  152. This is an awesome giveaway! What I love most about quilting–I feel peaceful when sewing and I enjoy giving my (grown) kids a "hug" (aka quilt) they can take with them. ????


  153. I love all the possibilities found in quilting. Everything from scrappy quilts that use every colour of the rainbow, to classic red and white quilts.

  154. Oh my! How will you ever read all of these wonderful comments?!

    I began quilting in 1976, but experiences a 'career generated' hiatus in the 80's when I simply did not have much time to sew. Throughout all of the ups and downs that life inevitably throws our way, quilting is the only creative medium that always calls me back and consistently provides me with satisfaction and creative fulfillment.
    Quilting has also provided me with a "tribe". Long term friendships with other creative women whose support, friendship, and care make my life so very much richer.

  155. I especially enjoy taking the he fabric pieces and sewing them together, and seeing the block together! Thank you for the giveaway!
    jlblvn at gmail dot com

  156. Hello! Thanks a lot for this giveaway!
    I sew and quilt by hand most of the time.
    I enjoy each minute of "this" little moment of the day when I can work on a quilt
    Have a nice week end
    Ghislaine from France

  157. I love the feel of fabric in my hands. And I enjoy the creative process of choosing colors and patterns that create a lovely design.

  158. Hello, I am quite new to quilting, and just love every thing about it. I am so proud of my 1st quilt x it makes me smile every time I look at it 🙂

  159. I love selecting the fabric for a new quilt and watching it all come together!

  160. Quilting makes me happy, I love to look at, to touch, to caress the fabrics before starting to transform them in something more beautiful: a quilt!

  161. I love FQS and all the great fabrics on the site. I love being able to combine interesting patterns and seeing what other people come up with in their designs.

  162. I love all the pretty bits of fabric! I just love the feel of the soft cotton. I am a beginner and SOOOO appreciate your tutorials. Thank you!

  163. Hi the creativeness that you can do and make with fabric there are so many great ideas and not enough time to make it.

  164. I love everything about quilting starting with looking at magazines and books, picking out fabric, shopping at my local quilt stores as well as several on-line shops, cutting, sewing by both hand and machine and finally putting on the binding and label. Some quilts get to stay home with me and others are gifted to others. It truly is both my sanity and passion!

  165. Thank you for the opportunity to win a great prize! I love all hand work involved with quilting and am inspired by all the beautiful colors.

  166. Thanks for the chance to win. Quilting has let me be an artist in a fabric kind of way. Oh, I didn't mention the friendships I've found through this wonderful hobby!!

  167. I love picking out the fabric. There are so many beautiful ones, and choosing the pattern. Also seeing it all come together. I also love the sisterhood with my quilting friends and the joy of giving quilts as gifts.

  168. what a generous give a way. thanks. i love that i can get a way from the stress of the world and create for others.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  169. Quilting is mostly relaxing to me. I like the creativity and freedom of it and am often amazed what creative folks come up with. Thanks for the giveaway.

  170. There are so many parts of the quilting process that I enjoy immensely. I can't really think of any part I don't like, I even love to hand finish the binding. I secretly love being in my sewing room, just looking and petting all the fabric. ;-> Toni Anne

  171. The actual stitching of little bits and pieces is so relaxing and peaceful to me. I love watching the design come to life. I get so excited playing with the blocks – seeing them come alive on my design wall.

  172. I love working with fabrics to come up with all kinds of different looks. It's amazing how you can use the same fabric in two different patterns and the look of the fabric can be so different. Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity!

  173. What isn't to love about quilting; the chance to express yourself artisticly, the technical aspect of making all the pieces fit, the joy when you gift someone with a quilt. It just makes me happy on so many levels.

  174. Quilting brings me peace. I love to give away my quilts to see the joy and comfort they bring to others. I love to quilt with others; it is a very bonding time. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  175. I love the sharing with other quilters, the quilting retreats, and fabric. Thank you for the chance to win and for all of your inspiration.

  176. I like making something that I know others will enjoy. I like deciding on what fabrics I will use and really treasure all the friends I have made because of quilting.

  177. I love making quilts because I love the creative process and the satisfaction of creating something with my own two hands.

  178. I love the sharing aspect of quilting – I can quilt alone and connect with people all over the world, or quilt in a group and meet some amazing people

  179. Wow! What a giveaway! I love the peaceful sounds of my sewing machine and my rotary cutter–and the sense of accomplishment when I step away from sewing (so often in life we look around us and wonder what we got done that day :).

  180. Quilting is the most rewarding thing in my life. I love planning, designing, buying, washing, cutting, sewing and anything to do with it! Even though all I do is make tops, I call myself a quilter. Tops count right? haha! Also love giving them to people I love!! Thanks for the chance to win. Helen G.
    hrglover at hotmail dot com

  181. I love that it's something I can do a little at a time, and I can even do it from my bed if I'm too sick to get up.
    jen dot barnard at btinternet dot com

  182. I love how quilting allows me to be creative. Initially it is the design. Sitting down with some graph paper and pencils to w I r out my design. Then selecting fabrics and working out how best to combine foe the effect I want. And of course watching it all come together ending with a practical item to snuggle under.

  183. I love how quilting allows me to be creative. Initially it is the design. Sitting down with some graph paper and pencils to w I r out my design. Then selecting fabrics and working out how best to combine foe the effect I want. And of course watching it all come together ending with a practical item to snuggle under.

  184. How versatile quilting is whether it's the techniques, (paper piecing, applique) or sizes (minis to kings) and best of all there's the generous community behind it.

  185. I am really addicted to the construction process. I even dream of it. Thanks for including an opportunity to win without using social media. I won't use facebook or instagram or twitter.

  186. Thank you so much! I love the feeling of accomplishment when it all comes together, the fellowship with other quilters, and giving quilted gifts to family and friends!

  187. I love all the aspects of quilting from start to finish. But I really love the community of quilters in my guild. They are a wonderful group of ladies (and one man) who share their quilt knowledge with all the members. My life is richer by being a part of this great group of quilters.

  188. Quilting makes my soul smile! I love making something useful, and I love the creative process.

  189. I love that quilting gives me a creative outlet and I can make gifts for family and friends. I tell the grandchildren there is a hug in every stitch. Thanks for the chance. I've been needing the new Chipper collection by Tula Pink, the 1/2 yard pack.

  190. So many things to choose from, but being able to create something beautiful that I can wrap my little ones in like it is a hug is definitely something I love about quilting.

  191. Love how quilting puts me in a happy place working with fabric that I chose and all the help you get from the internet. Fay

  192. I love the sense of community that quilting has brought into my life. My circle of friends has expanded to include many people I would never have met otherwise. Spending time with those who share my joy with fabrics and quilting is priceless.

  193. Quilting fills a void in my life. It allows me to create, get together with good friends who share an interest with me and gives me joy to be able to give of myself to others. Thanks for a chance at your giveaway!

  194. I would have to say that I love the whole process. From picking out my fabric, to the pattern to sewing,to quilting. But l love when I give it away, and see it used.

  195. Y'all are awesome!!! I just love handling all the fabrics…whether it is choosing it, cutting it, sewing it, quilting it, or pulling it out to snuggle under…I just love being immersed in the colors, designs, and softness of the fabrics!!!!

  196. I love that I've met so many quilters and form an instant bond. I love planning a new quilt, looking through books and magazines, shopping for fabric, pressing a perfect block and even binding – that means I've created something new.

  197. I love the whole process of quilting, the creativity, the outlet of stress and being able to forget everything else while spending some my time in my sewing room – and also spending time with my friends that also quilt.

  198. Such a great giveaway! The thing I love most about quilting is the love that goes into each and every project. If you give a quilt as a gift, you are giving a part of yourself with it!

  199. I love the tactile nature of quilts – both the way they feel as I make them and the comfort I know they provide their recipients.

  200. I love creating something that will be cherished by family. I have a quilt made by my mom and one by my grandmother and I love them. Hope mine are cherished as much.

  201. I love piecing at the machine, watching the whole thing come together, and the satisfaction of the parts becoming a whole.

  202. I love seeing the happy faces on loved ones when I give them a quilt and especially love all the new babies in the family enjoying and using their quilts.

  203. I love the feeling of accomplishment that quilting brings me. I also love all my quilting friends and the piece it gives me hand stitching with them.

  204. I love making something for someone else! I imagine them wrapping up and snuggling up in a cozy quilt and it gives me such joy!

  205. I love giving away the quilts that I make. I barely have any of my own, but they're so appreciated when given to my friends and family.

  206. I love that I can create beautiful things for the people that I love; choosing projects and fabrics especially for them. Thanks so much for a chance to win the giveaway Kristawells at nl dot rogers dot com

  207. Quilting is one of my creative ways of breathing, and I love making something that will delight the receiver in color and design even if it is myself.

  208. I love fabric. I love quilting patterns. I love quilt shops. I love quilting with my friends and family. I love threads and needles and scissors and rulers and mats. I love quilting blogs. I love snuggling up in the baby blue and mauve colored sampler quilt my Mother made me in the 80's. I love Fat Quarter Shop. I just love everything about quilting! Thank you! Yvonne

  209. I love to learn new techniques and always enjoy when you or someone demonstrates on you blog! I also enjoy when quilters share their favorite notions. Sewing puts me in the Zone.

  210. I love creating something special for loved ones…..warm wonderful thoughts of the intended receiver are packed into every stitch.

  211. Quilting gives me the opportunity to create something wonderful from such raw materials as bits of fabric, thread and my imagination. I love to see the joy on the faces of those I have gifted my creation to. It is all joy to me.

    tushay3 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  212. Oh WOW what a great give-away!!!! Thank you for the chance!! What I love about quilting – even though I use the latest and greatest fabrics, I still feel such a connection to quilters from the past – I can imagine the joy of quilters when feed companies started putting flowers on their feed sacks, because so many women were using them for clothing [and then quilting], a connection to women who crossed the prairie making quilts; somehow we're all bound together by this love of fabric, needle and thread, and the joy of making something useful AND beautiful with our own hands. Of course, there's also the friendships – I never met a quilter who was a stranger!

  213. I have to agree with Margaret's comment, EXCEPT I don't really love cutting. It's just one of those things you have to do to have fun. I also enjoy reading quilter's blogs. There are a lot of inspiring quilters out there who are willing to share.

  214. what I love most about quilting are the friends that I have meet along the way- I enjoy getting together with them and working on different projects and seeing how the same project can be so much different in other peoples eyes (versions)

  215. I love the colors, and watching my ideas come to life. I have made some wonderful friends and met lovely people through my patchwork.

  216. I love the freedom the creativity allows and the great friendships you make along the journey. For me it is all about the journey and not the destination.

  217. I love piecing and watching the quilt come together on my design wall. The end result always amazes me.

    Thanks for the great give away!

  218. I love how quilting brings such a wonderful group of people together. You can be with a group of strangers and the word "quilt" is mentioned and you instantly have a new group of friends.

  219. I love searching for the right fabrics to use in a quilt. I love when I finish a quilt and give it to someone with lov . There are just too many things to mention about what I love about quilting thim3@hotmail

  220. I love the sense of community I get from quilting. Even when I quilt alone, I know I am connected to my fellow quilters, being through social media, youtube videos, or just sharing pictures with friends. Thanks for the part you play in our quilting community.

  221. Love Love Loooove everything that has to do with quilting! (except having to pick out stitches..giggle) But the best part I love, is that my two Daughter's are learning to quilt along with me!! We have sooo much fun & share soooo many ideas, laughs, few tears…yep, and amazing finishes (Simple can be pretty cool here! ) Thank you for chance to win your Awesome Give-a-way!!

  222. What I love about quilting is that there are so-o many beautiful quilts to make and wonderful, wonderful fabrics. Love all of your ideas – not enough hours in a day to make everything you want to.

  223. The thing I love about quilting is that it's a tangible way to show someone how much I love them. I tell them that every stitch is me thinking about them and when they wrap up in the finished quilt they are receiving a hug from me.

  224. I love that I can be creative with my quilting and still end up with something useful. I am not creative in any other way, so I am thankful that I can quilt!

    Sandy A

  225. What is there NOT to love about quilting?? It's a creative avenue for me and also a stress-reliever. I like to choose lovely fabrics to mix and match and make beautiful things! A quilted item is always an appreciated gift and one that will always be cherished.

  226. I just love my fellow Maui quilters! We call ourselves the Wahine Quilters, and without them, I would not be the quilter or the person I am. They are all full of love and humor and will help without judgment. Splendid ladies indeed!!

  227. I love making a person happy when giving them a quilt, table topper or runner. I feel good about it and am ready to start on another quilting project.

  228. Love how quilting gets my creative juices flowing.It is always a thrill to join in on a free giveaway from all the quilting sites.

  229. I have been quilting for 1 year. I love the versatility of all the patterns and the awesome creativeness that all quilters show. It allows me time to escape with a beautiful garden of stunning materials to cut and sew something thats stitched with love. Quilting is a wonderful and giving hobby! Thanks for a chance to win!!

  230. I love everything about quilting– choosing patterns and fabrics, the challenge of creating, watching it all come together as a finished project, sharing my projects with others, looking at others' quilts in person or in magazines. Sewing to me is both relaxing and exciting. Thank you for the chance to win.

  231. love to create a quilt from fabrics that fit a theme. some people like a color, or a favorite hobby – finding those fabrics and putting them all together.

  232. I love the connections quilting provides. Connections to all the women/quilter's who have gone before us, connections to history because there's so much we can learn from quilts, connections to quilter's of the present and to recipients of the gifts we lovingly make. Quilts are timeless and infused with love from the hands of the makers!

  233. I love the colors, the designs, the community, but I especially love those "in the business" as a day doesn't go by that I don't appreciate how wonderful you (FQS) and others, make our world of quilting. Thank you for all you do to help us be creative and have fun.


  234. Love the creative process of picking out the fabric to make each project exactly what I want.

  235. I love choosing the different fabrics that I want to use in a quilt and then seeing what they look like together in the finished quilt

  236. I love the fabric. I love it when you buy it and just admire it and I love it after it has been cut up and made into something.

  237. There's not much I don't love about quilting except maybe trimming Hsts! I love creating my own unique fabric works of art and sharing that with a wonderful online community of quilters worldwide!

  238. There are so many aspects of quilting that I love. The color the feel of the fabric. Buying fabric to play with. The hum of the sewing machine as I create. The sitting and the binding as I slow down my life to focus. The response from the people I give the quilts to. My grandkids asking for a new quilt! It all contributes to my enjoyment of playing with fabric and creating something beautiful.

  239. From picking the fabric for my project to finishing the binding, I love it all. Okay may be not the basting. And spending time with my 8 year old granddaughter as she improves on her skills is the icing on the cake.

  240. I love that I found quiling during a period in my life where I was not quiet coping. I laugh so much more now because I have found new friends and shown my old friends and family how much they mean to me. It is so much cheaper than counseling.

  241. There are so many things I enjoy about quilting. I love fabric, dreaming of what I will make with it, and piecing it together into a quilt. I also find hand stitching the binding onto my quilts very relaxing and enjoyable. The end result of snuggling under a quilt is always the best.

  242. The sweet contentment of working with the wonder of needle and thread creating something lovely and useful. Joy to the soul!

  243. One thing that I love about quilting is creating new friendships as we share a common interest. I just went to my first retreat and I am coming home with some new friends and acquaintances. I am excited to see where these friendships go!

  244. Quilting helped me through my son's multiple deployments. I made many patriotic quilts while he was deployed and gave them to family to honor my son's service.

  245. I just love the piecing together, how I can go from scraps of fabric to having a totally usable finished block. Thanks for the competition crafty hugs

  246. I love you, je vous aime, je rêve de venir dans votre boutique pour acheter vos merveilleux tissus pour faire plein de quilts vous pouvez voir mes créations sur "patchwork emilou un point c tout"
    un bonjour de la France !

  247. I love the creativity of quilting. The beautiful fabrics, the cutting, the sewing, I love having a passion for making something beautiful.

  248. I love taking a pattern I love and then finding the perfect fabric to make it all my own! As I'm binding I get so excited knowing a project is almost done and I can start another!

  249. This sounds like a nerd, but as a retired math teacher,I love all the geometry and calculations used in quilting!

  250. I love seeing new patterns and new fabrics, I love quilting with friends, and I love seeing something I am creating come together into a beautiful creation. I think that creative process, especially when you have friends to share with, is what really makes me love quilting.

  251. The thing I like about quilting the most is that after a boring no brainer job during the day I can come home at night and be creative.
    It's what makes the days enjoyable!

  252. I love all the beautiful colors and prints and the endless different ways to put them together into something warm and snuggly.

  253. There are so many things I love about quilting. It's something I can do solo or with a group. You can collaborate, or make it solely your own. Playing with color – did I mention color? You can work with patterns, kits, or design your own. I love that people love what I make, and want what I make. I just wish I was faster.