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2016 Sewing Month Celebration: Giveaway #4

Welcome back to our celebration of Sewing Month 2016!
We hope you’ve been having fun with our weekly inspiration and giveaways. There are so many video gems in our FQS vault (also known as our YouTube Channel) that we’re sharing some more inspirational how-to’s based on a theme. This week?  Applique! We’ve also got a fantastic giveaway, and two people will each win a prize package valued at over $80, which includes the thread-y goodness show below – yum!
We know, we know – some quilters consider applique the “A word”. Here at Fat Quarter Shop we think applique gets a bad rap, so we’ve gathered some FQS videos that will help you develop new applique skills or further develop those you may already have.  Take a peek!
See, that wasn’t so bad! Applique – by machine or by hand – can be painless and fun, and results in gorgeous quilts and other stitch-y projects!

This week we’re giving away two Awesome Applique Prize Packs! Each lucky winner will receive a Fat Quarter Shop Tin Set, ten spools of Aurifil 80 wt Applique Thread, a package of 16 Straw Needles, Poke-A-Dots Sticky Thimbles, and one Charm Pack of Bella Solids containing assorted colors. Each Prize Pack (shown in the tray above) is valued at over $80! 

To enter: Leave a comment on this blog post sharing whether you currently use applique in your quilting and sewing, or if you have yet to take on this sewing technique. Giveaway ends on 9/26/16 at 8 AM CST. The two winners will be chosen at random and announced in an update on this post by 9/28/16, and will be emailed about their prizes. Good luck and Happy Quilting!

Update: Giveaway is closed! Congratulations to GranChris and Jinger!  Both winners have been contacted.


  1. I took an applique class years ago. I'm hoping to start doing more now that my daughters in college

  2. I do mostly machine appliqué, but is like to do more hand appliqué. I've been wanting to try the 80 wt Aurifil for a while now. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I started hand appliqueing with the current Lori Holt Cozy Christmas Sew Along! I love it!! I have tried so many new techniques since I found Lori and her designs!

  4. I am a reluctant appliquér. I have done some hand appliqué and some by machine. In fact, I was lucky enough to take a class from Edyta Sitar two years ago in Paduccah.

  5. I tried machine applique and didn't really enjoy it. But I love hand stitching of all kinds and do enjoy hand applique. I must admit that I haven't tried very challenging patterns so far but have improved on the easy shapes with practice. Thanks for the chance to win!

  6. I have tried it in sampler blocks and would love to be more comfortable with it… Guess I need to practice practice practice and thanks for the videos with tips.

  7. I am still very new at Applique,and can't wait to keep getting better at it. Love the thread colors out this Fall! Would love chance to win-thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Yes I do use applique but not this technique. I ussually fold my fabrics around a template, baste and iron for crisp edges. After having taken out the basting stitches, I pin the piece to the background and top stitch. No raw edges =)

  9. I just took a class but have not yet used this on a quilt. I am practicing on other projects first. This prize would be awesome

  10. I have not ventured into appliqué much, but there's a project on my to-do list that's almost all appliquéd… Time to brush up on my skills!

  11. I have not ventured into appliqué much, but there's a project on my to-do list that's almost all appliquéd… Time to brush up on my skills!

  12. I have used appliqué in both quilting and sewing. I love adding special touches like names or fun designs to my quilts for a little extra personalization.

  13. I have done both machine and hand applique. I really prefer handwork – love the look. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

  14. I have only just discovered the world of applique and I am totally hooked. I have tried both machine and hand and find both calming, mesmerising and can have a huge impact on my projects. I am currently watching your videos on techniques and tutorials as I need to learn as much as I can. Happy sewing, quilting and appliquing everyone ????

  15. I would love to win this! I'm looking to practice my applique technique – I just found a pattern with appliqued circles in the center of each block that I am planning to start!!! @kbsing08

  16. I haven't tried yet but I have a pattern waiting for me, I just have to get up the nerve to dig in!! The video will be super helpful

  17. I do quilt but applique is fairly new to me, so thank you for this great post. Now I cannot wait to get started, and wouldn't it be wonderful to get started with this stunning price?! 🙂

  18. I have machine appliqued with various methods – but this year I am hoping to tackle hand applique! Thanks for the chance and thank you for your list of applique videos!

  19. I have done both hand and machine appliqué, but I have so much to learn. Thanks for the videos and for the chance to win.i would love to experiment and practice with the goodies in this giveaway.

  20. I have done both needle turned applique and applique using iron on pieces. I prefer piecing to applique, but it is all good

  21. I use applique occasionally, if the pattern calls for it as embellishment, but I have only made one mini quilt that was entirely applique. I prefer to use a sewing machine as opposed to hand stitching, I am too much a perfectionist!

  22. I have just recently hand appliqued my first piece and I am hooked! I would love to try machine applique next. Your videos make it look possible. Thank You for sharing your techniques.

  23. I have yet to give it a try. It is on my to do list, as soon as I figure out how to get my old Singer to cooperate. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  24. I've done a little, but plan to appliqué some large flowers on the quilt back that I am doing now. I think it will be a cool surprise on the back!

  25. I've admired applique, especially having lived in Hawaii and getting to see the lovely local applique technique, but I still haven't tried it myself yet. Plus, my Juki is a straight-stitch only kind of gal, so maybe if I get the HZL for Chrismabirthaversary, I will give it a whirl!

  26. I love appliqué and have completed several projects including quilts. I especially like using applique in baby and children's clothing. In fact, at my daughter's baby shower guests completed appliqué onesies and hung them on a clothesline after completing them. The guests loved it and what fun onesies to dress baby in later. I can't wait to try Aurifil appliqué thread!

  27. I am one on those quilters who has not tried applique yet. Hopefully the videos will take away the fear. I love paper piecing but also really like how applique looks. So will definitely have to give it a try.

  28. I've admired applique, especially having lived in Hawaii and getting to see the lovely local applique technique, but I still haven't tried it myself yet. Plus, my Juki is a straight-stitch only kind of gal, so maybe if I get the HZL for Chrismabirthaversary, I will give it a whirl!

  29. I use applique in my quilting. So far it has just been to put the name of the expected baby on the quilt backing, just to personalise it a little. Usually it is well received!

  30. I have not yet done applique, but have a quilt pattern that I need to do that does have it. I will be trying this technique very soon.

  31. I love appliqué! I'm working on my Lori Holt Bloom blocks right now. I've also made Amy Bradley's Happy Halloween quilt which is hanging in my livingroom right now.

  32. When I was first teaching myself to quilt I made an appliqued wallhanging, using machine applique. It is far from perfect, but I'm pretty proud of it nonetheless! ???? Now, with all your lovely tutorials my work has a much more polished look.

  33. I have done some appliqué. Most have been fusible but I've also turned the edges and secured with machine stitching. I haven't done needle turn on any large projects.

  34. I haven't tried applique yet, but I have decided this is the year to give it a shot! I'm going to work on charm sized orange peels. I absolutely love your shop and tutorials! Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!

  35. I do applique. I've tried every technique out there and have finally settled on the best for me — Back Basted applique. No more prepping freezer paper for me.

  36. I have done a very small amount of appliqué but would love to do more. I see so many appliqué quilts that I love so I need to try a small project to gain some skills.

  37. I admit I will use it if I have to. The splendid sampler has forced me out of my comfort zone and proving more sucessful than i thought possible with appliqué. Fusible is my go to first choice

  38. I only do machine appliqué….have yet to try doing it by hand as I don't think I have the patience!

  39. I use appliqué in a lot of my quilts! I have taught needle turn appliqué with 2 different techniques. I am currently making the cozy Christmas quilt and using Lori Holts method, must admit I am not fond of this method! Love applique

  40. I like the look of appliqué but I can't do it too well – I've tried needle turn (admittedly once lol) but no luck. I can do machine appliqué and I can do raw edge appliqué with a nice blanket stitch but turning under eludes me!

  41. This has been my "uncharted territory". Viewing the tutorials makes it seem less daunting. Would definitely try, because some of the most beautiful projects involve this skill. Thanks for a chance to win!❤️️

  42. What a special giveaway – thank you for the chance. I used to do a LOT of applique, till this feature on my old sewing machine couldn't be trusted on. Now on my new sewing machine and with Lori Holt's Cozy Christmas Sew Along – I'm rediscovering the fun it always was!

  43. I have used applique in the past. I currently do not have any projects in progress that contain it. That could change as soon as some of the quilts I'm working on getting finished, and I start new ones.

  44. I haven't tried applique yet but I'd like to! I have a few months of the Canada mystery quilt (for next year's 150th anniversary) kits ahead of me. I just haven't had time to start them.

  45. I love doing machine applique, as I don't find that I have the patience for hand applique. I also have recently learned about madeira applique which is a neat technique too. I do mainly fusible applique and love the look it creates. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  46. I love applique. It gives your quilt your own personal touch. When making a baby quilt I like to applique the name on the top someplace in the corner or sometimes right in the center!

  47. I love applique. It gives your quilt your own personal touch. When making a baby quilt I like to applique the name on the top someplace in the corner or sometimes right in the center!

  48. I'm a little intimidated by applique… well, okay, a LOT intimidated. But it looks like a lot of fun!! I've got more time in on my embroidery machines (little guys compared to today's standards) but just brushed off my sewing machine and am having a blast!! Being a South Austinite, I LOVE coming to the Fat Quarter shop and drinking in all of the amazing fabrics!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!!

  49. I use machine applique and machine embroidery. Tried it a few month ago and fell in love with it. I can draw a little so I usually make my own pattern. I save the cards from my charm pack. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. I don't usually applique…kind of intimidated by it I guess. But it's something I do want to try!

  51. I have done some machine appliqué , but usually don't select patterns that require a lot of appliqué. Thanks for a chance to win!

  52. I haven't tackled applique yet, but I can't imagine a better introduction to it than with this beautiful and generous bunch of goodies 😀

  53. Love love love appliqués! My second quilt made was from 1940s newspaper patterns each with an arrangement of flower bouquets. My daughter researched the old papers for the patterns to use. Fun!

  54. I have just recently started doing applique and I love it!!! I had trouble figuring out how to make it look right at the first but I think I now have the hang of it after using Joanna's technique from Fig Tree. The starch is awesome!!!! I also love the look of the blanket stitch when machine Appliquéd is my choice. You inspire me and I'm sure all of us to try new things and get out of our comfort zone, Kimberly, and I thank you for that!!!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!! I would be honored!!!

  55. I have used applique in the past and will be using it on the quilt I am currently making. I made the Happiness Quilt by Monica Poole, and that now lives on my bed. I am currently embroidering blocks for the Life is Beautiful quilt by Helen Stubbings. I absolutely love working with Aurifil thread too.

  56. I do use applique! First time was a king size quilt with all hand needle turned applique using the freezer paper method. Recently I've done a good bit of raw edge, machine applique with a blanket stitch. I also took a class with Edyta at the Lancaster quilt show. You can do some amazing things with applique. Thanks for the opportunity. I'd love to win!

  57. I honestly am intimidated by applique, SO I have been afraid to try it. Until I just saw the videos you offered! I am going to tackle this fear. THANK YOU!

  58. I honestly am intimidated by applique, SO I have been afraid to try it. Until I just saw the videos you offered! I am going to tackle this fear. THANK YOU!

  59. I love hand appliqué. It's nice to have hand work to do while "watching" tv or anytime you have to wait around for an appointment. I find machine appliqué more daunting and less forgiving and whenever possible, I substitute hand appliqué.

  60. I am just learning to do appliqué and this prize would be so fun to win. I am looking forward to Road to California 2017, I am taking two appliqué classes, one with Kathy Mc Neil and the other with Carrie Fondi. These supplies would be put to good use. Thank you for the chance to play. Candice Harris, So Cal.

  61. I am taking on my first English Paper Pieced quilt with some applique in it. I was shocked to realize how much I enjoyed the slower process when quilting, as I'm not really known for my patience! I've gotten to where I applique any time I can, so to jump to EPP next just seemed logical!

  62. I have yet to try appliqué, but I'm in a block of the month club and we have some appliqué blocks coming up!! I'm excited and apprehensive about it, but these videos will sure help!

  63. I did some applique six months ago at a class given by a friend, with MUCH hesitation. Now, I just can't get enough of it!!!

  64. I'm working on a flannel quilt with some wool and some flannel applique using the freezer paper method. Thank you for the awesome tutorials and giveaway!

  65. I picked up several tips from Jill's and Edyta's videos even tho' I have done appliqué work many times. Thank you, Kimberley for hosting these videos. I have looked for Jill's Polka Dots in Canada but haven't found them yet.
    Christine from Ontario

  66. I am brand new at applique sewing ~ I took a class from a friend of mine and have fallen in LOVE. Thank you so much for a chance to win some more goodies to add to my growing obsession! <3

  67. I just made my first applique for a quilt. Scary and not easy.I am okay with the result but would like to improve. Thanks for the tute and chance to win. ButterflyGeorge

  68. I do use appliqué and always enjoy the finished result. I mostly do machine appliqué, but am strongly drawn lately to wool appliqué by hand. Plan to find a fun project and try my hand at it soon.

  69. Appliqué has long been one of my favourite techniques. I have been sewing bags recently but have a few applique projects in mind. Always looking to get better!

  70. I do appliqué, hand and machine. I love the videos
    , great tips. Thanks for the chance to win fun items.

  71. Hey there, I am completely new to quilting and have still yet to figure out all the equipment I'm going to need. I have a beginners quilting course this coming weekend, I want to be able to make a memorial quilt from my younger brothers t-shirts (he passed away a few years back from cancer) this would be a fabulous start to my quilting life 🙂 good luck everyone x

  72. Nope, I haven't tried it yet, but after watching your YouTube channel with Lori Holt the other day about it, (with the Sew in interfacing), I have been really eager to try.

  73. Yes, I enjoy using applique in my quilts, but generally complete the pieces with my machine. I'm anxious to become a better hand appliquer, if that's a word. Thank you for the visual instructions.

  74. I have three applique projects in the works, One using traditional needleturn, one Broderie Perse, and the other using fusible. I'm trying out different techniques and trying to find my niche.

  75. So far I have mostly done machine appliqué. It really does add someone special to quilts. Someday when my kids are older maybe I will have time for more hand appliqué.

  76. I got an embroidery machine and did my first appliqué in the hoop, and loved it! I think I am hooked!…..:)

  77. Nope, I haven't tried it yet, but after watching your YouTube channel with Lori Holt the other day about it, (with the Sew in interfacing), I have been really eager to try.

  78. I'm not someone that is drawn to applique but I am looking for portable projects when a sewing machine is not convenient to use. I would like to expand my quilting to include it, for sure.

  79. I love appliqué. I always have an appliqué project going. I also would love to try the new Aurofil 80 weight to appliqué. I use Aurofil to appliqué now but not the really thin stuff they have offered us. Thank you for the chance to win!


  80. Yes, I have a couple of quilts that I have needle turned applique pieces on. One was a copy of a quilt Mama Bear did on The Berenstain Bears and the other is a Christmas quilt derived from Jan Patak designs.

  81. I love applique, both hand- and machine applique. Thank you for the videos, I adore Edyta Sitar and I love how she combines piecing and applique in a quilts. Thank you for this give away.

  82. Yes, I machine applique on hot pads using the blanket stitch! Use the fabric softener sheets stitched on and reverse to right side!

  83. I have only been "taught" how to do appliqué by machine but have never attempted it in a project.
    I love doing appliqué by hand. Learning to do it by machine will be my next challenge.
    The video is great and encourages me to give this technique a try.
    thank you for the give aways and for the videos. I look forward to them.

  84. I do use applique in quilting! I love trying the different techniques but find I love needleturn. I do fusible, machine, and hand…depends on the project. Love learning how others do it and try their ways to see how I can improve mine.

  85. Just got a new Bernina with Buttonhole stitch (yes my old machine was 30 years old) and have fallen in love with Applique

  86. I'm just getting ready to tackle my first appliqué quilt. I picked Prairie Peony from Laundry Basket Quilts. Feeling a little overwhelmed just looking at the pattern! Thanks for the videos, they are helping me muster up the courage to start!

  87. I'm just returning to applique after a long hiatus. Previously I did hand applique, but would love to master machine applique. Thanks for the tutorials and the opportunity to win the lovely threads.

  88. I just watched your machine appliqué video as I am currently following along with the Cozy Christmas sew a long. It was very helpful and I am going to try using monofilament thread. Such a great idea! Thanks for the chance to win a great prize!

  89. I have used some appliqué in my quilts, but not much. I love to machine sew them on using decorative stitches. I have yet to try the freezer paper method.

  90. I don't enjoy appliqué but I love quilts that have appliquéd elements. Usually I will get to the appliqué portion and set the quilt aside, where it sits unfinished for ages (decades?). I'm going to watch the videos now!

  91. I would love to appliqué more but I am inexperienced. This
    Kit and videos would certainly help improve my skills. Thanks
    Kimberly for the best tutorials on the web!

  92. I appliqués early in my quilt making journey, but haven't in recent years. It's a relaxing and rewarding technique.

  93. I'll have to say that I don't gravitate to applique projects. I'm not sure why since I enjoy the handwork. Thanks for having this giveaway.


  94. I used to applique all the time when the kids were young, now I use it sparingly as accents on some of my quilts.

  95. I do quite a bit of hand applique. Enjoy sittin in my favorite chair, with my dog in my lap, and multitask by listening to an audio book.

  96. I love applique – both hand and machine using fusible web. I also enjoy hand applique with felted wool. Thanks for the wonderful tutorials and great giveaway!

  97. I am working on the Lemon Pie table runner. Such a coincidence that I am ready to hand applique the circles! Love applique when you have the proper tools and a great project!

  98. I like to do fusible hand stitched applique. I'm not good at machine applique….need lots more practice!

  99. I generally prefer piecing to applique, but have done a wool applique quilt. It is a technique I wold like to keep practicing, as I see many quilts where the applique adds the perfect finishing touch.

  100. I love to do machine applique! Thank you for sharing your videos and the opportunity to win this great prize! Have a fantastic creative day!

  101. I am a relatively new quilter. I haven't done any applique yet. I believe when I do applique it will be where you turn the edge under and sew it on by hand. Thanks for the nice giveaway!

  102. No, I have not yet tried using applique. I am still very new to quilting and am still a little intimidated by it! I think once my skill level increases, I will start using this technique.

  103. I have just recently starting using applique and I'm liking it. I'm not sure if I'll put in every project but it's fun for a change.

  104. I have been doing a lot of appliqué in the last few months, both by hand and machine. For years I was terrified of messing up and finally took a workshop about three years ago. I surprised myself by getting a perfect result, and loved it immediately!

  105. I have been doing a little appliqué and have found that I like the freezer paper method. Then I use my sewing machine to sew the pieces in place.

  106. I love applique and have been using them on my little 6×7 charm quilts. Putting a cute little animal applique on the front of the stroller/carseat quilt makes it so much fun!

  107. I do love to applique, mostly by machine just for speed and accuracy. I am currently participating in a BOM in which I am using the fusible web technique. I have another project involving hand applique that is taking much longer but it is relaxing to sew while watching tv.

  108. I do use applique, but not a lot. I have done both machine and hand applique, but I'm more likely to use machine applique because it's so much faster. I need to get better at hand applique before incorporating a lot of it in a quilt. Thanks for the videos!

  109. Hand applique is something I don't do very frequently. I think the sewing machine is more practical for quilts that are going to be loved to death by the kids I make them for…..to practical for my own good!!

  110. I LOVE applique. It's what I learned 1st. I'm currently working on an applique princess quilt for my granddaughter's 2nd birthday in January. Would love this sweet prize package!

  111. I do applique by machine and hand. There are some projects that I want done very quickly, so it goes to the machine, but there is something quite relaxing to my soul when I do it by hand. I know sewing for some people in any way stresses them out
    but for me its my "me time" and I feel centered when done.

  112. I do both machine and hand applique, but I truly love hand applique the best. For many years, I did consider applique the "A" word, and was scared to death to even try. I use the freezer paper method and have great success with that process and I also use the back-basting method. I must tell everyone that I purchased the Aurifil Trendsetter set of 80 wt. applique thread from Fat Quarter Shop, and it is THE BEST! You will love it and it does not twist and tangle! Sure hope to win this package! 🙂


  113. I'm just getting started on applique and can use all the tips that you give on your blog and YouTubeChannel! Thanks so much for all your great videos.

  114. It has been a while, but I have been known to use applique in my quilts. I do remember enjoying the feeling I had when I finished my work. It was very relaxing and fulfilling. I think I might try to get back into it.

  115. I've tried it and loved it! Mostly on burp clothes. I haven't tried it on quilts but I'll get there!

  116. Thanks to FatQuarterShop and Lori Holt, I am finally beginning to incorporate applique into my quilting! I love all of the versatility and flexibility applique provides, and I really love that there are so many new options and products to try different applique techniques now.

  117. I like to appliqué and just recentl completed Lori Holt's Bloom quilt for my littlest granddaughter. I prefer hand appliqué. What a neat prize for the drawing!

  118. I have done hand appliqué in many quilts and wool projects. I have now experienced the joy of machine appliqué. It sure lets you finish more quilts this way.

  119. Every year I "resolve" to get better at applique stitching by hand – but evidently my resolutions go unheeded since it stays on the list year after year. Love the look but I need practice!

  120. Awesome prize! I was always afraid of applique until I took Sarah Fielke's Craftsy class…and then I was hooked! I have several applique projects in progress, but I still do far more patchwork than applique!

  121. What an awesome technique ! I haven't tried much machine appliqué but this looks fun and simple. I enjoy hand appliqué but will defiantly try this on my next quilting project!

  122. I have been doing both machine and hand appliqué for many years. Sure hope I win your giveaway as I have been wanting to try Aurifil's new 80 wt thread !!!! Thanks for this opportunity.

  123. Thank you for the educational appliqué videos.
    Great to have access to the best teachers and

  124. I do love applique! I do both raw edge and traditional applique. I love to have an applique project to work on here and there in my "down time"….if there is such a thing!

  125. I have done a little applique, but I have never used auriful embroidery thread. I do love the auriful threat, I use it all the time. I have only done the blanket stitch on my applique. thank you for the instructions and a chance to win.

  126. I've had many applique blocks that I've attempted, but I could never find a video telling me exactly how to do it correctly. These videos are going to be a huge help in the near future!

  127. Love to appliqué! I've done fusible/machine sewn appliqué, hand sewn wool felt appliqué, & embroidery machine sewn appliqué. Don't really have a favorite as I love it all!

  128. I have done some machine applique and tried hand applique. I really enjoy the look and would like to make time to do more of it. Thank you for a great giveaway and wonderful online tutorials!

  129. I have only tried applique once before and it was a bit of a challenge. I have since learned why I had such a hard time with it and hopefully I find that project speaks to me and I can give it a try again.

  130. I am slowly working my way into applique and have tried a few different methods; haven't tried needle turn yet though. I am enjoying it so far. And I would SO love to win this prize! And how timely it would be if I did win because in mid October I will be laid up in bed after some surgery and what better time to practice a little hand stitched applique!!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!
    kakingsbury at verizon dot net

  131. I recently started a block of the month applique – I watched the video FQS posted with Jill Finley – so far so good! I'm surprised that I actually enjoy it!

  132. I remember as a kid (many years ago!), my mom teaching me to machine applique using the zig zag stitch. It's only in the last two years I've learned needle turn applique and enjoyed that. I've recently tried applique with wool which has been interesting. One day, I hope to create something similar to the Baltimore Album.

    Thanks for the chance to win. And thanks for the many YouTube video tutorials. Love your shop and all the inspiration you provide.

  133. I love hand applique (freezer paper/starch). I am especially fond of Bunny Hill Designs applique patterns and have completed several with more on the way!

  134. I jumped right into the applique pool with a full on quilt called Merry Merry Christmas. setting the pieces with a blanket stitch by machine. I have all of the blocks cut and fused, but only four or five stitched down – it is a tedious job – need to pull it out and finish this winter. I also have the pattern for another set of blocks but now sure that I will start them – will see.

  135. I love to applique ! I have tried the new 80 wt Aurifil thread and the stitches just seem to melt away into the fabric. Very fine, but strong thread. Glad to see more colors are available. Thank you for this opportunity to win this wonderful goodie.

  136. I do incorporate applique into my quilting. I do both hand and machine depending on the project I am working on. I find it very relaxing to do the hand applique at the end of the day, as it helps to wind down. 🙂
    would love to win this set especially to try out this thread. haven't used it before.

  137. I do incorporate applique into my quilting. I do both hand and machine depending on the project I am working on. I find it very relaxing to do the hand applique at the end of the day, as it helps to wind down. 🙂
    would love to win this set especially to try out this thread. haven't used it before.

  138. I've done machine appliqué once (well technically 4 times) for my kids trick or treat bags last year, and I've done hand appliqué a few times. I'd like to do more though!

  139. I've started using appliqué for some of The Splendid Sampler blocks. Now, I'm ready to jump in on Bee in My Bonnet appliqué quilt along.

  140. I haven't done much appliqué and have only done hand appliqué. I would love to try more and this kit would be a wonderful aid to getting started. Even if I don't win, I'll still buy some of the items listed.

  141. I LOVE doing applique by hand and by machine. This is an amazing giveaway~~~ I can't get the hang of needle turn, but I have to leave something to learn in my retirement years 🙂

  142. I'm so glad you are doing video's on applique. So many are afraid to try it. I use applique all the time, mostly by hand. Thanks so much.

  143. There will be 4 of us starting an applique project from Anni Downs. Three of the ladies in the group are very experienced in hand applique, I'm a beginner with VERY little experience. I am confident
    that I can get more proficient with the help of my friends and your videos. Your giveaway #4 would be an awesome addition to my applique supply tote.

  144. I have just started doing applique. I have done both machine and hand. It adds so much to the quilt.

  145. I have been doing little bits of applique for quite a while. I'm comfortable with hand applique, I need more practice with machine applique. Someday, when I've had more experience, I'd like to try a mola. Thank you

  146. I have done hand applique and have more than one machine applique project out and ready to sew…but I haven't made myself do it. Why does it seem scary when hand applique doesn't? 🙂

  147. I purchased Backyard Circus recently because they had a darling pattern for a quilt or wall hanging that I couldn't live without. I find that a lot when it comes to fabric and patterns. As soon as I get it completed I will post it.

  148. OMG…I WOULD LOVE TO WIN this kit! I've never done any needle-turning applique but would to learn how and this kit would certainly help me to achieve that! I want to do a project for CHRISTMAS! What a nice thing-your offer to give this kit away! Blessings your way! Love your store and blog!

  149. I started hand applique with Lori Holt's Bloom Quilt Along. I love it! It takes a little practice, but I am so pleased with the results. I am now preparing my Cozy Christmas blocks and will hand applique them as well. These prize packs look fabulous! Thanks for a chance to win. Fat Quarter Shop rocks!

  150. I have done many projects with machine applique but have yet to try hand applique. It is one of those skills that I have yet to try. This would be a great set to win.

  151. What a great give away! I love applique! I do fusible, machine and wool applique.. I would like to do more needle turn and freezer paper applique. The videos are awesome– Thank you!

  152. I have appliquéd in the past and will be doing machine appliqué in the heirloom quilt class I am currently taking. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.

  153. I already tried my hand on applique'… My favourite is raw edge machine applique' which is really cute and easy to make. Right now I am practicing needle turn and other hand applique'… So fun!

  154. I just finished a baby quilt for my new nephew; the theme of the quilt was deer, moose, arrows,etc., with matching fabric. I machine-appliqued a white deerhead on the back for my quilt label and then wrote the baby's name and info on that. It's the first time that I made my label into a particular shape and I really like how it turned out!

  155. Wow!! This was perfect timing for this post. I don't do a lot of applique, but this morning I was doing a search on applique techniques for a block I am working on for a quilt show!! Thank you so much for the timely post and vid's!!

  156. I love applique and it is just so elegant but I just cannot seem to get the hang of it. I know, just keep practicing. I appreciate your creative mind as well as your boundless energy. You go girl. Thank you so much for all that you do for us and these giveaways are just amazing as well as generous. There is nothing like seeing a nice squishy package in your mailbox. You know you just won a wonderful giveaway. Just makes your day even more special. Thank you for the chance to become a winner.

    Sandi Timmons

  157. I have done a whole quilt with each block machine appliqued. I love it. Applique is part of the quilter's life!

  158. I have not tried to appliqué yet. To tell you the truth I love the look but was very apprehensive about trying it. I want mine to look as beautiful as everyone else's! After watching the videos it looks easier than I thought. I love watching videos it gives us all the courage we need to get started. Everyone has such a positive "You Can do this!" attitude. I'm willing to give it a try now. 🙂 I hope you will do a video on EPP. I don't quite get that. Just a little suggestion for the suggestion box. Unless you have done one already and I missed it.

  159. I've tried and failed to use applique but I just love how it looks and the amazing flexibility of adding anything you want. IF I win I'll try again!

  160. Applique scares the dickens out of me! This is a fantastic prize pack that would surely encourage me to make the jump. 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  161. I didn't do any applique until this summer. I purchased some row by row kits and they were all applique! I've completed 2, and I have 3 more to go (got sidetracked with another quilt project 😀 ). I used fusible and stitched by machine on the cotton one. The other is wool, and I had some problems with that.

  162. I have been machine appliqueing quilts for a few years but can always learn. At first I didn't care for it but the more I do, the more I love it! Never can have too much thread or too many gadgets!

    Vicki Kirkpatrick

  163. I love to applique, but I only do machine applique. I've been watching the Jolly Jabber on doing the Cozy Christmas BOM. The quilt blocks look like they are hand appliqued and look fantastic. I've always wanted to learn hand applique. Maybe it's a good time to start with the video on hand quilting and the Cozy Christmas blocks.

  164. Thanks for all the you tube instructions. I have done some applique by machine. Must say that I like the visual impact of blanket stitchh or satin stitch, but this requires alot of practice. Not sure if I see well enough to do much hand applique. Thanks for the giveaway, generous FQS!

  165. I am not as comfortable with appliqué as I would like to be. Right now, I'm working on a wool appliqué project and Lori Holt's Cozy Christmas project and enjoying both. Thanks for the videos!

  166. I have tried hand applique once. I'm hoping to perfect it with the Cozy Christmas quilt. Your video came at the perfect time. Maybe I'll quit procrastinating and get my blocks done!

  167. I have just recently, within the last ear. Begun to add applique into my projects. I'm still learning about many techniques to see where my comfort lies. Thanks for the videos!

  168. I have done machine appliqué. I would also like to try hand appliqué, as well. Thank you for all your helpful video tutorials!

  169. Oh yay! I love applique! I just learned several techniques this year so I am still trying to find my signature in applique, but so far I love it. Thanks for the chance to win!
    cottonpaperflowers at gmail dot com

  170. I am currently working on hand appliqué of a Dresden Plate block using Lori Holt's small Tumbler template. I am having so much fun and I love the bright colors. I could do it on the machine but there is just something satisfying about doing it by hand. Fall weather and hand sewing make me happy!

  171. I tried some applique this summer on row by row kits I purchased. I used fusible on the cotton, and machine appliqued with the blanket stitch. I did one with wool and hand appliqued that. Not my favorite technique, but I'm learning! Thanks for the videos, I have 3 rows left to do.

  172. Hi Kimberly! Thanks for the give away! The prize looks yummy! I use applique in my quilts both ways, hand stitched and machine stithed. I even appliqued little doll clothes for a 'paper doll' quilt for my granddaughter. Can't wait to see her face when she opens the package with her paper doll quilt!

  173. I love appliqued quilts. Have made a few already. I recently visited the European Quilt Show in France, and now I am inspired to incorporate more applique in my quilts again. Living very far from any quilt shop, I really hope to win this give-away!

  174. I have only been quilting now for 2 years. I have become addicted to the Fat Quarter Shop newsletters, blogs, twitter and every single video. My quilts come out more perfect when I follow exactly how you measure and cut. I admire you so much and love the fabrics and the aurifil. I am in the process of making a potted flower block and will be appliqueing each flower (6). I am hoping to win this so I can use this gorgeous thread. I am a BIG Fan, hoping to get picked. I followed your tutorial to make this gorgeous block.

  175. I think applique on quilts is beautiful. My hand applique never looked as good as I wished, but then I discovered machine applique and love it. It's definitely the method for me.

  176. I always have some sort of applique project going! Needleturn on freezer paper is my favorite, but fusible is great for a quick project. Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. To be completely honest – I no longer use appliqué in my quilting. In fact, I avoid it like the plague. I did some appliqué early in my quilting life, but I lost my patience the older I got.

    However, I have gotten all of the supplies for Lori Holt's Cozy Christmas quilt, so maybe there's hope for me yet. Nice, relatively large pieces; no bad, nasty inside points. I think I can, I think I can, . . . . .

    Hang on, Lori – I'm trying to get there!

  178. I haven't done applique in many, many years because I didn't like it. Maybe it's time to take another look and see if it's easier. Thanks for the drawing.

  179. I love applique, but usually do it as an accent. Would love to do more, but even on the machine, sometimes the stitching becomes tedious for me. Perhaps I need more experience.

  180. I have used applique. I really like and love the look. Have a collection of already cut orange peels from a yard sale.
    Need to practice. Thanks for the chance and the great tutorials.
    A Big Sky Wish form Montans.

  181. I haven't tried appliqué yet but it is on my list of things to try. I made my first button hole for a quilted tote, instead of a magnetic closure, on the weekend. Maybe appliqué is next. I think I would need to start with machine appliqué to save time.

  182. I enjoy hand appliqué at night while watching tv. I'm doing Lori Holt's Cozy Christmas in machine appliqué. I have not used her method before but am enjoying it! Love learning new techniques! Thank you for your wonderful website and giveaways!

  183. I love love love to applique. I applique by hand, embroidery machine and sewing machine. I also utilize my scan and cut for cutting applique pieces from cutting files I've created myself. Did I mention I love the Fat Quarter Shop?

  184. I do a little bit of hand applique on some of my quilts. I'm not brave enough to try machine applique and I just like doing a little handwork from time to time.

  185. I just started raw edge machine applique after a class with Sue Nickels. Having so much fun. sweetana2 at yahoo dot com

  186. My 1st quilt was Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sam I needle-turn appliqued while in High School (in the 70's). That's my preferred method but when time is crucial I turn to either fusible or the Lori Holt method. It's great to have many choices. I received my set of tins and love them but you can never have too many. Aurifil is my thread of choice and I've never used 80 wt-that would be sooo exciting to win so thanks for a chance to win this lovely set.

  187. I love hand applique and recently finished a turtle applique onto a fabric journal cover for my daughter to go back to school with. But when I can I like applying applique to a quilt as well.

  188. I finished Lori Holt's Bloom applique quilt this summer and really enjoyed machine appliqueing the flowers. I used the interfacing technique and prefer the fusible applique technique better.

  189. I love all types of applique. Currently I'm doing two freezer paper/starch method & hand applique. And one fusible web – machine applique.

  190. I am new to quilting, but I just made a quilt with appliques! I found a pattern and traced it out on fusible web. I secured it with a zig-zag stitch. It turned out great, but I'm looking forward to learning more techniques.

  191. I have not yet tried applique. I have only made a handful of quilts so I am still getting comfortable with piecing and quilting. I'm sure I'll add applique some day!

  192. I have done VERY little applique but plan to give it another go soon. A Lori Holt quilt may be a place to start. I greatly enjoy the tutorials and always come away inspired.
    Thank you for the give-a-way opportunity!

  193. I have done and currently do both machine applique and hand applique. I've not tried these threads and would love the opportunity to do so. The colors are great.

  194. Until recently, appliqué was at the bottom of my quilting techniques. But a workshop at
    our Quilt Guild Saturday Sew has me working on an applique quilt!

  195. Love applique. I do needle turn applique. Haven't gotten up the courage to try machine applique. Thank you for a chance to win these awesome gifts.

  196. I do needle turn, freezer aper method and raw edge with fusible–I like them all and often have a few appliques on my pieced quilts.

  197. I love applique!! I have a Baltimore album style quilt in the works now. I call it my opus project. This is a beautiful applique work kit.

  198. I definitely use applique on my quilting adventures, as many of the patterns I am working on call for it.
    I have not yet mastered machine applique techniques, as I am a very new quilter who has lots to learn, but I love doing all the prep work and then settling down in the evenings and stitching by hand. I love it!

  199. I use it when a project calls for it, like in HQMs QAL last year and my Halloween costume last year, but don't really work it into muy own personal projects unless I have to. Oh, reverse applique is the best! I get that in on as many projects as I can!

  200. I am also new to quilting,but did a lot of machine appliqué on my girls clothes when they were small and even more on granddaughter's clothing.Now that they are growing up,I've started quilting.Maybe a quilt will be appliquéd for a future great grand.

  201. I just learned how to do needle turn applique and love it! I am currently working on my first project which is a wall hanging kit by Jan Patek. I also want to learn other methods of hand applique.

  202. Applique….eeewwww! I felt like that for years. Then, like a bowl of ice cream, I just can't get enough of it. This is thanks to Pat Sloan's Splendid Sampler. So, it is much appreciated that you have given these tutorials to teach me more. Thank you, big time. I mostly do machine applique, okay, let's get honest here, because I am lazy. Just started trying to learn the needle tuck method. I am such an impatient lady!

  203. I have only done one applique and that was 10 year and counting and did it by hand and told myself I would never use applique again, but now watching your you tubes I think I will be using the machine way. Thanks for that

  204. I love both hand and machine applique, however I do my machine applique with a satin stitch. I use applique often I think it spices things up a bit. Thanks for the chance on your wonderful giveaway!

  205. Yes, I do some applique, usually on smaller wall quilts. I love the "handwork" part of it. It's soothing and relaxing. Thank you for the chance at the generous giveaway!

  206. I've done a fair amount of machine applique and some hand applique. I've also done some free motion embroidery in conjunction with applique and quilting. Most recently, I've done hand applique of woolens and wool felts, both "invisible" and decorative. I would love to have a chance to play with the 80 wt. threads! Thanks.

  207. I do more patchwork than aplique, but I just finished a wall quilt with a red elephant on a grey background for a granddaughter who is a senior at the University of Alabama. Next I am making a wall quilt of 4 horse heads for her sister who is a junior at Murray State in Kentucky. That school's team is the Racers.

  208. Love hand Applique!!! It is so relaxing and portable. I try and have work prepped and ready to go all the time. Appliquing by machine is on my bucket list. What a wonderful give-away!

  209. I've done some fusible appliqué and some of the quick-turn appliqué, but haven't yet tried needle-turn–that's the gold standard, I think and I'm looking forward to it.

  210. I did my very first appliqué ever in a quilt for my grandbaby just recently. I did not do much, as I was just seeing if I "could" and if I liked it. Annnnd I am HOOKED! I can't wait to start more. I need to get supplies for it, but I am going to have applique projects out my ears for a while. Sooo fun.

  211. I've avoided applique so far because I'm a newbie and I'm trying to get the basics down… but there's a really cute applique kit I'm excited to get into.

  212. I recently finished piecing a queen size quilt top where I used fusible and then a machine stitch buttonhole around the appliqué pieces. It was a daunting project but I would do more appliqué if the quilt design really called to me.

  213. I normally do machine applique, but she makes the hand applique look so easy, I am going to try it on my next project. Thank you for the giveaway.

  214. After many years of not trying appliqué, I finally did and found that I do like it. I did Lori Holt's Bloom Quilt-A-Long and am now doing the Cozy Christmas one, and my appliqué skills have improved enmourously. I ONLY do machine appliqué and I use the 50 wt Aurifil thread. HOWEVER, since you have introduced the 80Wt thread and say it is good for machine appliqué, I WOULD LOVE TO TRY IT. This is a fabulous give-away and I would LOVE to win

  215. I love to applique by hand, not so much by machine! I just do it very slowly since I have so many knitting and crochet projects going on as well!

  216. I have learned to appliqué while working on Lori Holt's Cozy Christmas blocks. I love her technique. So easy to do and the results are wonderful.

  217. I was afraid of applique, but decided to do some needle turn while spending time with my family. I think I am hooked!! I am on my third project now and not going to stop!!

  218. I use fusible appliqué and am also loving Lori Holt's version when I did Blooms and now Cozy Christmas. Always nice to see videos on appliqué. I always -I know up additional tips!! Thanks for the one today!!

  219. I use applique on my quilts and table runners, I am making a table runner now for my cousin.I usually use fusible and machine, thanks for the chance to win!

  220. I used to do alot of machine applique on my quilts but have a new machine. Am planning to figure out how to applique on the new machine as soon as I muster up the courage. Watching your tutorial videos should help! Thanks for sharing!

  221. I do appliqué in baby quilts but it isn't my favorite technique. I prefer to do piecing. I do love the end results of appliqué.

  222. I haven't tried Applique as I am a little fearful. I hope I win the Applique give away as this would be the push I need. Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  223. I have appliqued and am slowly gaining confidence the more I do. Tutorial and supplies really help. Thank you for the helpful tutorial and giveaway.

  224. I appliqued a label on to a table runner I made for a friend, but so far that has been all the applique I've done. I would love to win this prize and try the 80 weight Aurifil thread! Thank you for the opportunity! ljbisme at msn dot com.

  225. Ii have done some appliqué. This tutorial makes me less fearful! Love the glue technique to hold the pieces in place!! Thank you for the tutorials!

  226. I have never appliqued. But would love to start! Being so new to quilting, I am a bit scared. But when I watch the videos, I feel like it might not be as hard as I think. Hope to try soon.

  227. I have only played a bit with applique, don't have much confidence in my applique skills. I have done small amounts on wall hangings, by macine, but I do like hand sewing and would like to get up the confidence to try it a bit more.

  228. I just completed a large fall quilt using fusible appliqué that has various shaped pumpkins/vines/leaves on it. I've also done hand appliqué on quilts in the past.

  229. I LOVE needleturn applique! It's so relaxing to sit and stitch at the end of a busy day :0) That tin full of spools is so pretty! Thanks for the chance to win!

  230. I've done some machine appliqué. I want to make the Lori Holt Bloom and Cozy Christmas quilts… so need to learn about hand appliqué. I love this generous give away! Fingers crossed!!

  231. I have only use applique a few times, mostly for our guild's BOM. So I'm not very good at it, but I do want to try it again! Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity!

    Jonnie in SC
    dbrit89828 at aol dot com

  232. Fabulous prizes!, love the threads. Yes I do appliqué a lot, wool appliqué and needle turn and have wanted these yummy threads. Thank you

  233. I have used hand applique on a few of my quilts. I can't wait to try the new Aurifil applique thread.
    I LOVE your You Tube videos! Thanks for the fun giveaway.

  234. About 6 years ago I was able to attend a P3 Designs retreat and overcame my fear of applique. Love the freezer paper/starch method now. I have yet to try machine applique.

  235. I love to machine applique my quilts. I have never attempted to applique by hand. Maybe this will give me the inspiration to try hand applique.

  236. I'm currently working on a project using machine applique. I'd like to get better at doing hand applique in the future.

  237. I have not tried appliqué yet. I'm a bit nervous. However, I like Lori Holt's templates & method of appliqué. One day I'll jump in and go for it!

  238. I have used various applique' methods on my quilting projects. Recently learned needle turn applique.

  239. I am yet to take up this technique in my quilts.. I'm too scared to try but sooner or later I will surely do give it a try ????

  240. I've done a little applique, not much. I took a class recently where we used a similar method to the first video, but with card stock and spraying starch on the whole piece. I think I'd like to try it with the freezer paper. Laying the template on the bias was a great tip.

  241. I do use appliqué in some of my quilts. Used to do it by hand but now I have an embroidery machine so I will be doing it on my machine.

  242. I do applique on my bags. I love applique took two craftsy classes. It is a challenge though with only one hand, having lost my right hand in a lumber mill accident. I have figured out ways of doing things even some embroidery that I thought I would never ever be able to do again. Can't figure out french knots yet though. Still working on it. Thank you for the videos. I live way out from any city so the videos are awesome.

  243. I like to do the fusible appliqué with a blanket stitch or machine appliqué. Also I'm enjoying the Lori Holt technique in the Cozy Christmas sew along, so fun ����

  244. Don't you love how many sewists love this giveaway!? I've been wanting to learn needle turn applique to give some curves to my quilting.

  245. I love applique in any form! Right now I am doing some blocks that combine embroidery and applique that I just love and get this!!! I am using Aurifil thread for my applique and it is the best, no kidding. Some of them are done with EPP and the Aurifil really works well for that.

  246. I have used it…both fusible and needle turned. I like the way applique looks, but I'm just so slow with it that a big project isn't going to happen.

  247. I have used hand and machine applique on small projects, for example a wall hanging, a table runner. I do better using wool or felted wool than fabric. Need more instructions for hand applique. Love the Laundry Baskets appliqued quilt projects.

    Thanks for the awesome give-away!!

  248. I love combining applique and piecing. I machine applique(cotton) or wool applique to accent and bring more life to my quilts. Love the new tins and thank you for a chance to win!

  249. I use applique frequently! I love making throw pillows and little dresses for my daughter with applique. I am Native American from the Northwest Coast and also use a ton of applique for making button blankets and dancing shawls.
    mmjohnson555 at gmail dot com

  250. I've done a bit of machine applique on mini quilts but I haven't worked up the nerve to applique anything by hand yet. There are always new techniques to learn which is why quilting is so fun!

  251. WoW! Lots of great comments!

    I love hand applique…not as fond of machine done! I always have an applique project going!
    My applique journey began with a Dear Jane variation which seemed to teach me many different techniques.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this perfect bundle,of applique goodness!

  252. I was a little scared of hand appliqué as those stitches seemed to much for me until I watched a few of these videos. Up until then most of my appliqué was by machine but did not find it very satisfying. I have now finished my first hand appliqué project (one of Kim Diehl's What Notclub projectsfromFQS!) and I am smitten! Can't wait to start the next one!

  253. I do some applique, both by hand and by machine. I want to try the Aurifil 80 wt as I've ready a lot of great comments from others who have used it. Thanks for a chance to win.

  254. Yes to appliqué! I have made several quilts and wall hangings using fusible appliqué. I use a blanket stich on the machine and it works great for me. I have taken a lesson in needle turned appliqué and am still working on an Hawaiian piece. Appliqué is great fun and the videos are well done.

  255. Love to do needleturn appliqué on my quilts and have done some machine appliqué but not real comfortable with it. Love your videos of different techniques on how to do applique! Keep up the good wok on teaching quilting! I love it all!

  256. My mom is learning how to appliqué right now! I have been purchasing your deal of the days to build her a big quilting set for her birthday in October. This would be an amazing addition!!

  257. I love stitching on my machine but occasionally I will hand applique if calld for it! I love to hand embroider though…thanks for the giveaway hope I win!!

  258. I love the look of applique but haven't tried it yet. I have done wool applique and want to learn to use applique in quilting. I'm anxious to watch the videos. Thank you for a chance to win one of your giveaways.

  259. My mom is currently learning to appliqué. I have been working for her birthday present for a while-buying her different items to put together a quilting set for her birthday at the end of October. This would be a great addition. She is partially paralyzed in one arm and the quilts she has made are amazing.

  260. I currently do machine applique/raw-edge fusible on my quilts. But I am getting ready to take a hand applique class. This prize would be awesome. Thanks for another great giveaway.

  261. I do machine appliqué for shirts for my kids. I use my cricut machine to cut out the appliqué and then sew them on with my sewing machine. I have been following your blog and Instagram hoping to finally start a quilt.

  262. About 25% of my quilting projects are applique and I have done various types over the years with needle turn being my favorite. I want to purchase Lori Holt's Cozy Christmas Quilt Kit after seeing the darling blocks. I am presently doing Elea Lutz Garden Fairy with the kit and backing I purchased from FQS.

    Mary in Mt. Perry. Ohio

  263. I have done a lot of applique on my quilts. My favorite method is Kim Diehl's invisible machine applique. I also do the fusible method especially when working with wool.

  264. Thankyou for these videos! I have used fusible Web before but didn't like the way it stiffened the fabric. Edyta's windowing is perfect! I have also used hand applique and really like the technique using the spray starch. Will have to try it on my next applique quilt project. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great prize!

  265. I just completed my first appliqué project. It was a baby blanket. Needless to say I think I need more practice!!

  266. I've only done one applique project (by machine) so far. It was raw edge, I'd really like to learn how to do turned edge next. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  267. I tried applique about 18 years ago on a baby blanket I made and just stitched the designs on by hand. I didn't know then that there are a lot of supplies and techniques that would've made the job much easier and probably a lot prettier, too. I haven't tried it since then, but I think about it quite a bit. These videos are definitely helping me find the motivation to give it another shot!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    Kelly B.

  268. I recently started learning EPP using Hugs & Kisses appliqué paper but I haven't done any other type of appliqué yet. Would love to get this set and get started learning!

  269. I have machine appliquéd, and recently used needle-turn applique on 8 quilt border blocks. Thanks for the videos.

  270. I have always done a lot of applique work and now finally have an embroidery machine that has made my life so much easier. I still do some wool applique by hand. With grandkids I always love to do applique in their outfits!

  271. I have not used applique in quilting but must give it a try. I have used it on childrens t shirts but that is about the extent of my applique!

  272. I recently had my first go at applique in my My Small World Quilt (a Jen Kingwell pattern). I did needleturn applique. I am growing to LOVE handwork and can't wait to try some of the other types of applique on future projects.

  273. I haven't tried applique yet but it's definitely on my to-do list. I have a certain project in mind but I have promised myself not to start a project until I finish the one I'm currently working on.

  274. I'd be interested in learning needle-turn applique someday. But have done a couple of baby quilts, Baby Life Quilt and Confetti both by Vanessa Christenson, with applique. I really should do another Confetti quilt (or a Bloom quilt!) that was a lot of fun. Thanks for the giveaway!

  275. I am a beginner of appliqué. I have been making the Kimberbell bench pillows. I have attempted hand appliqué but need to learn more.

  276. I haven't taken on applique yet. I have a contact allergy to one form of formaldehyde which is typically found in adhesives and glue. So I am leary to try it for that reason.

  277. Appliqué is my FAVORITE quilting technique! I like hand, needle-turn the best. It's how I relax in the evenings. I consider it my version of painting! This box of goodies looks like a yummy box of candy to me! And no calories to worry about!! Thank you!

  278. I love applique. I was inspired several years ago by Fat Quarter shop! You had a quilt kit called Scrappy Plate quilt. I appliqued mine instead of machine quilt. It was a great project to work on while traveling.

  279. Applique' is my go-to favorite thing to do. I have two big needle-turn projects under way and designing pieces for a custom quilt. I find it relaxing and satisfying, makes excellent "carry along" project, and gives quilts their own personality. One piece or an entire quilt, applique' is yummy!


  280. I really enjoy applique of all kinds though my favourite is hand applique. I have just finished two wool applique table mats and I am eager to start a third. I use hand applique for wall hangings and table runners and machine and/or fusible for all items that require a lot of washing or if I am not sure how the recipient will care for their gift. This is an absolutely awesome giveaway. Thank you for offering it.

  281. I'm always excited every month to receive my Fat Quarter Sampler box to see all the new goodies, this giveaway looks just as fun and exciting and I would be thrilled to win it. I am a fall/winter applique/handwork junky. Thanks for having all these great giveaways!!

  282. I have very little experience with applique but have used it on a few small zippered pouches. Thank you for the videos and the giveaway!

  283. I have done a little bit of fusible applique, which was then permanently machine-stitched. I haven't needle-turned any decorative applique – unless you count my quilt labels. I just finished attaching an Erlenmeyer flask (test tube) shaped label to a "Science Fair" quilt back. I've also made a Christmas ornament block label and an Apple Core block label which I've attached to other quilts.

    I love your giveaway prize package and would be inspired to use it on something more intricate if I were your lucky winner!

  284. I love appliqué quilts. I have been intimidated by the needle turn method but I have done a few. I like the glue trick! I will look for those needles too. I don't like using nylon thread though. I've seen the stitching come out. I love all the Aurifil thread colours and I think that thread can add to the beauty of the quilt. I love to try some of those heavier weight threads.

  285. I have done mostly hand appliqué but recently have been trying the machine appliqué. Thus far I prefer the hand appliqué because I find it calm and relaxing. I would be thrilled to win the 4 th giveaway as would all entrants, so good luck all.

  286. I love applique and used to hand applique until I bought a machine that has a great blanket stitch and now I do it all with that.

  287. I enjoy applique when making quilts and wall hangings. My mother always did needle turn applique, but I finish using my sewing machine. I always enjoy your tutorials and learn a lot from them! Thank you!

  288. I enjoy appilique when making quilts and wall hangings. I always enjoy your tutorial and learn from them. Thank you!

  289. I've only sparingly done applique in the past (and machine-stitched at that), but my grandmother showed me a beautiful floral needle-turn pillow cover she made, and now I want to try something similar. This looks nifty for holding the supplies so I don't lose anything down the couch cushions.

  290. I recently bought the Umbrella quilt pattern and this video really helped me understand how to appliqué it. Thank you for making the video. I would love to win one of your prizes. And I thank you for the opportunity.

  291. I love to do raw edge applique and, sometimes applique by machine using a blanket stitch. No matter how hard I try I can't get my hand stitching even. Thank-you for fun giveaway.

  292. I have been an appliqué lover for 40 yrs. or more, when I was doing appliqué work on the outfits I made for my then small children. Because I had 4 little ones (and a pretty small budget!) I would sketch the outfits from the "better" department stores, and then make my own versions of them. Appliqué was very popular on kids outfits, and I loved doing it!