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2015 Summer Book Club: Quilted Living by Gerri Robinson

Welcome back to our 2015 Summer Book Club. Today, we are featuring Gerri Robinson‘s first book with It’s Sew Emma, Quilted Living. This beautiful book features some cozy and casual quilts for your home plus a table runner and pillow pattern. 
Fun fact about the book: all of the photos in our hometown, Austin, Texas. Here’s a peek at all of the projects in the book.
Basketweave Quilt
X-Ceptional Quilt
Bursting Star Pillow
Freedom Quilt
Liberty Quilt
Stars and Stripes
Streamers Quilt
Tumble Quilt

We love this book so much that we resewed the Freedom Quilt into a tablerunner using the Little Joys collection. Wouldn’t this be perfect for Christmas?

Now for our 2015 BIG BOOK GIVEAWAY! We are giving away a stash of our favorite books and some surprise prizes to one lucky winner. Here is how to enter…
1. Visit our NOTIONS page and submit a review on your favorite book
2. If you don’t have one already, you will need to create an account on the FQS page to post a review (not sure how to submit a review? here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it).
3. Every review you submit will count as ONE entry and you can enter multiple times
4. Winner will be announced September 5, 2015

Don’t forget to tune in next week on the Jolly Jabber for the Quilted Living Summer Book Tour. Have a fantastic day! 


  1. Dear Fat Quarter Shop,
    You are some of the greatest people on the quilting planet-there, I said it. Your patterns, whether free or not, are always so professionally and beautifully presented. Your staging & photography is fantastic, your products are so wonderfully appealing and wantable, and your enthusiasm with quilt-alongs and blog hops is unbeatable. I want to be like you when I grow up.

    Sorry for the effusiveness, but I just had to tell you all how I feel-you are all da bomb, and I appreciate having all your talent as close as my computer. Thanks ever so much!
    Customer for life-Peggy

  2. Where do we post the favorite project from this book? On the book review site? Little confused. Your shop is awesome!

  3. My favorite Quilted Living projects are Basketweave Quilt, Streamers Quilt and the Freedom Quilt tablerunner! But it sure was hard to choose, and I couldn't choose just one!! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    Debby E
    samtaylorcjsmimi at yahoo dot com

  4. Gerri's Freedom Quilt is my favorite from this book, I love that it is simple but makes a statement.

    brandizzle7133 at gmail dot com

  5. The cushions are my favorite project. But the Tumble quilt is probably the first project in line. They are both so delightfully fresh and modern.

  6. I love the Basketweave quilt the best. Is that made with a 'Jolly Bar' pre-cut? Thank you for the giveaway chance!

  7. Hi there! I love the quilted pillows – I think that a couple of them would look lovely as cushions on my outdoor patio love seat.

  8. So hard to choose between the Freedom Quilt, Liberty, and Stars and Stripes (or is it the cushion?) — all of them make me want to have a parade. I've never liked any red white and blue quilts half as much as I like these. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful designer.

  9. My favorite is the Stars and Stripes followed by the Freedom Quilt. In fact, I am planning to start that project soon! Thanks so much for the giveaway chance.

  10. It's hard to choose but I'll first go with Freedom Quilt, love American flag so Star and Stripes is great too. Thanks for your fun giveaway.

  11. Love the bursting star floor pillows. They remind me of a pillow we had growing up that was used on Sunday nights for watching the wonderful world of Disney…

    Sandy A

  12. I just finished making and presenting three Quilts of Valor to family members in June and am still in the patriotic spirit-my favorite quilt shown is "Freedom". Love the gorgeous reds and blues!

  13. Wonderful book full of beautiful projects. The Tumble quilt would be my number one pick.

  14. I love this book and look forward to making the Stars and Stripes quilt when I get a chance. I was just reading through the fabric requirements again last night!

  15. I love the Freedom Quilt and also how the pattern transitions so well to the holiday table runner!

  16. I love the big cushions. They are the first things I would make and then the patriotic quilts for my daughter who served in the Navy1

  17. I love the Red, White and Blue Stars Picnic Table Runner. It is so summer. It goes right with the summer holidays and it is very patriotic.

  18. Love, love, love that Liberty quilt! There's nothing more beautiful than a little red, white and blue to remind us of the land that we love. God bless America!

  19. The Freedom quilt and the bursting star pillows are my favorite projects. I don't have many red white and blue quilts and this projects would be perfect! Thanks for a great giveaway and for sharing your talents in this book!

  20. The colors are all yummy!! I have a Marine so I love the Freedom and Liberty quilts. They would be a wonderful addition to my project list.

  21. My favorite is the Stars and Stripes quilt. I also love the Christmassy table runner made from it. Love your website….always inspiring! Thanks for the giveaway! Helen G.

  22. I love every single project! But if I have to pic the bursting star pillow are awesome.. I can see them at a summer picnic to give comfort to someone special..

  23. I'm torn between Stars and Stripes and Liberty, but I have enough Red, White and Blue fabric in my stash from the FQS to make both!! (Don't tell my husband!)

  24. Love your email updates FQS!
    I am going to get this book!
    I LOVE all of these projects. So hard to decide.
    I will say, I love the quilts and runners, so bright and perky.
    I will make that Streamers quilt first.
    Thank you Gerri for such a great book. I want it!

  25. I love them all, but the Freedom quilt caught my eye, and those cushions are absolutely beautiful.

  26. My favorite is the Stars and Stripes. My brother was only 18 when he was killed in Vietnam. I have to make this to remind us all what he sacrificed. I would be so proud to have it hanging in our home! Thank you Gerri!

  27. I love those square cushions . . . and I just happen to already have the inserts for them!! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  28. The patterns are so bright and fresh – all so beautiful! I especially like the red, white & blue quilts…not easy to pick just one. : ) The Stars & Stripes speaks to me! Thank you for a great giveaway.

  29. My favorites would be a tie between the Bursted Star Pillows and the Tablerunner patterns, both of which could find a home with me. Always looking for something unique to add to my family's enjoyment of my quilting adventures.

  30. Love this book and that it is signed. My favorite is the Stars and Stripes…..so cheery and happy and sings USA.

  31. I've fallen in love with the streamers quilt. So light and airy with beautiful colors running from end to end.
    mabay1981 at gmail dot com

  32. I love all of them, they're so bright and … like a breath of fresh air in summer. Absolute fave is Streamers, it's so bright and lacey looking.

  33. Hard to pick between Freedom & Tumblr, but I guess Freedom will win out for me. I would like to make every one of these quilts.

  34. I want to make several Bursting Star Pillows. Perfect when all the family is here and we run out of chairs! I know my granddaughters would love to have their own special pillow.

  35. I bought the book when you featured it months ago and they are all beautiful!! I love all of the Liberty Projects!

  36. Simple is best! I really love the basket weave quilt as I think it would look well with any choice of fabric whether it be modern and colorful or very traditional or even the more primitive.

  37. I like the contrasting values of light and dark in the little streamers quilt…it's my favorite but any of the stars and stripes quilts would make a great summer picnic quilt!

  38. The bursting star pillow pattern just demands attention and almost seems to be alive! I love all of the patterns, but the "star" to me may be the fun pillow pattern! Thanks!

  39. I really like the Xceptional quilt and the Streamers, too. Looks like a wonderful book, will follow the blog hop for sure.

  40. I love the Streamers quilt, but boy was it a tough decision!! Goober Beagle kept insisting that the large beautiful pillows would make a great bed. Talk about spoiled. Excited to follow the blog hop!!

  41. I *love* the Freedom Quilt, but I'd have to have those Bursting Star pillows with it too. They're gorgeous!

  42. Oh, wow! I love everyone of these projects! If I have to choose just one, it will be the table runner in Christmas colors. . .. They are all so beautiful!

  43. I am in a summertime mood, and the Freedom Quilt captures that feeling beautifully, so it gets my vote!

  44. I love the Freedom Quilt, would love to make that for my daughters finance that is in the Marines. But I actually love all the quilts in this book. I can't wait to get my copy.

  45. Left a comment on the Notions website. I really like the book, the patterns are interesting, photos great and love the blog hop. Thanks.

  46. I bought this book as soon as it came out, just for the pattern for Tumble Quilt — but I LOVE all the other patterns as well…the colors in this book are Fantastic as well!

  47. Oh! It is SO hard to decide on just one design from this wonderful book!!
    Streamers and Tumble are high on my list of must-do's, but I think I need to make the Freedom quilt first, as an engagement present!!… My son proposed to his girlfriend on the 4th of July, at the moment of the firework's grand finale!! This is just SO perfect as a gift for them!

  48. I have purchased this book and will make several of the projects in it. My favorite quilt in the book, hands down, is the Tumble quilt. Those gorgeous clear colors on the white background, YUM-O!!!!!

    Mindy Gooding

  49. I love them all but what I would make first is the floor pillows – love the red whites and blues. Thanks for a great giveaway. (debbie at wowilikethat dot com)

  50. I like the Freedom Quilt and need some red, white and blue fabric to make this to celebrate the 4th of July quilt- 2016.

  51. Streamers is calling out to me for it's simplicity. It is a striking design and will look great in just about ANY fabric. thanks

  52. I love the Liberty quilt with the stars and RED stripes! I really enjoy the classy look of all of Gerri's quilts.

  53. I can't pick just one favorite from Quilted Living, so I have two – the big pillows and the Streamers quilt. Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  54. It is very hard to choose, but I want to make the pillows. I have my first covered patio and these would be perfect for it. Thank You!

  55. I really like the Streamers Quilt but I like the Xceptional Quilt too

  56. I just LOVE the Streamer Quilt but I also love the freedom quilt. If I can get my sewing machine fixed one of these two will be my next project.

  57. Looks like a wonderful collection of patterns – the "Streamers" quilt is a favourite of mine. It would be a great stash buster!