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2015 Summer Book Club: Cabin Fever by Natalia Bonner & Kathleen Whiting

Hi everyone and welcome back to the 2015 Summer Book Club! We’re chatting with the lovely mother-daughter team, Kathleen Whiting and Natalia Bonner on their new book, Cabin Fever: 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts. Read on to learn more about their new book. 

Q: What inspired you to create this book?
A: We love sewing and creating together. After we co-wrote Modern One-Block quilts, we knew we wanted to do something more. One day Natalia was watching a favorite TLC show and loved a print fabric on a chair, right then she began drawing and several of the quilt patterns came from that inspiration. 

Q: What is your favorite project from the book?
A: Oh, hard question, it’s almost like asking which child is the favorite, I think we’d have to say we love Typhoon, Incline, Math Class and Stacked Up the very most. 

Typhoon Quilt

Q: Did you learn anything from creating this book?
A: For sure. We always learn so much about working together, sewing and what we do and do not like to do. Natalia loves to just sit and chain piece while I press the fabric. So we can very quickly piece a large quilt. 

Q: So what’s next for Natalia and Kathleen?
A: Oh, we’re always working on something exciting. Natalia spends most of her days machine quilting for customers while I spend most of my days working full time at a local hospital. Natalia will have another machine quilting book called “Next Steps in Machine Quilting,” coming in December 2015, so stay tuned! 

Our resident quilt designer, Jocelyn, decided to tackle the Peaches and Cream block in the book. We love her use of blues and greens with a pop of pink!

Now for our 2015 BIG BOOK GIVEAWAY! We are giving away a stash of our favorite books and some surprise prizes to one lucky winner. Here is how to enter…
1. Visit our NOTIONS page and submit a review on your favorite Notions.
2. If you don’t have one already, you will need to create an account on the FQS page to post a review (not sure how to submit a review? here’s a quick tutorial on how to do it).
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4. Winner will be announced September 5, 2015

Tune in next week for another 2015 Summer Book Club! 

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