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2014 Summer Book Club: Make Love + Quilts by Mary Fons

Welcome to Fat Quarter Shop’s 2014 Summer Book Club! Today, we are featuring our second book pick, Make + Love Quilts by Mary Fons! This book is scrap quilting for the 21st century! Mary has comprised a stunning collection of twelve quilts – specifically sized to fit larger beds (queen and king). All of the quilts are made from Mary’s favorite fabrics and modern aesthetics. The book comes with basic information about quilting such as history about quilting, fabric tips, and design fundamentals. Even though these quilts might take sometime to complete, the simple and concise instructions make it easy for anyone to follow. This book will inspire you to create quilts for the ones that you love, after all, nothing says “I love you” like a handmade quilt.

It’s time for our 2014 Summer Book Club giveaway! We are giving away a stash of books to ten lucky winners from now until the end of August. To enter, comment below and let us know why you make + love quilts? One winner will be picked each week and all the winners will be announced August 26th. Good Luck and happy quilting! 


  1. I love the casual feel of a scrappy quilt. They are the only kind I make these days. And I love the modern take on traditional designs in this book.

  2. Because it keeps me off the streets?….I just love to play with color and texture and when I am done have a gift for someone …even if sometimes its just for me.

  3. Because it just has to come out of my fingers….see fabric….love fabric….cut and sew fabric!:)

    btw…your title made me pause!!;)

  4. I make love + quilts for the "love" part. My goal is to make a quilt for every member of my family and all of my friends. I'm halfway there!

  5. I love to make quilts because they're the perfect way for me to be creative and show others 'This is me'! And they're a grear gift for loved ones, too:-)

  6. I just love the entire process from start to finish. There is nothing like seeing something that you made with your own two hands!

  7. I make+love quilts for more reasons than I can count – love of awesome fabric is just one of them! It's something I just have to do – if I don't sew, I get cranky – LOL!

  8. I make quilts and LOVE quilts because it is enjoyable to do, and nothing is better than a quilt in a room.

  9. I just love being creative, love to sew, and love to see the expressions on peoples' faces when they see, or receive, one of my quilts.

  10. Most quilt patterns are at best a generous twin.
    I like that these will be big enough for my beds.
    and at this large size will cut down on my scraps and help with my stash reducing diet

  11. I am a bit possessive about my quilts, so if I give one away the recipient can be sure they really mean a lot to me.

  12. I started sewing when I was 10 years old so have always loved being by a sewing machine, so from sewing Barbie doll dresses to my own clothes and now quilting my life is full and happy.

  13. I make + love quilts because of great fabric, wonderful patterns, and the comraderie from my fellow quilters!

  14. I have always enjoyed sewing, making something from luscious fabric. Quilting allows me to use even the smallest piece of fabric I love to create a "masterpiece" of my love to share with others.

  15. I had been searching for the art medium that was ME and textiles/quilting is IT!!!!!! It's totally creative, inspiring, exciting…..and a gift (no matter what it is) from the heart!!! Obsessed and addicted and lovin' it!!

  16. Sewing is in my background after watching both grandmothers and my mother create beautiful things while sewing. Quilting is the way I continue the sewing tradition. It is a wonderful feeling to make a gift for someone and to enjoy their smile when the gift is opened.
    Thanks for the introductions to new books, Kimberly.

  17. Sewing is something I have done for most of my life and when it comes to quilting I totally love the whole proces. It is so much fun to pick the fabric and cut it and then see the whole quilt come together.

  18. I Love Quilt Books because they inspire me to create outside the Box if I don't find wxactly what I am looking for I always find one that starts me off where I want to go with my Quilt.


  19. I just love the quiet creative time that it gives me. You can make anything that you want with fabric and that leaves the door wide open for creativity. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  20. I make + love quilts because it's in my blood…I love the quilt I have that my Mom cut the hexies for & Grandma sewed & quilted…and I'm now making my own quilts. I have always loved fabric & find hand piecing quite calming…it's so rewarding to see little bits of fabric become something larger that provides color & comfort. Scrap quilts are my favorites.

  21. I love (and trully need) all stages of the quitl – choosing the pattern, finding fabrics, cutting, sewing, quilting…. All this time I am thinking about the person I am making the quilt for – about his personality, feelings, likes, stories… I think in every quilt there is all our history, our relationship, our love…

  22. I love putting fabric together in different combinations….don't get me started on thread….luv it, too!

  23. We have a stash of awesome quilts made by my husband's great-grandmother and I'd love to think that my great-grandchildren will someday get to use quilts I make.

  24. I am a fabricholic, and very creative. With that combination,I have to make quilts! There is nothing that beats the feeling of sleeping under a homemade quilt.

  25. Make and love creating a memory from fabric…putting my stamp on a quilt for someone I love to wrap around them or someone they love long after I am gone.

  26. Making a quilt is a soothing yet creative process and when you're done you or someone you love can be use it in a practical yet comforting way.

  27. I make + love quilts because they are something from me-my time, my love of color and my being able to be creative.

  28. I make quilts because they make me happy as well as give others something from my heart. I love quilts because they express something about the person who made them either right now or in the past. Quilts are about fabric and I love fabric of all kinds. So making and loving quilts is easy to do because it all goes together! 🙂 K-

  29. Quilting is my therapy, it helps bring down my stress levels after working all day. That the results are a beautiful, fun quilt is just a great bonus.

  30. I love having the opportunity to create quilts for individuals that reflect their individual styles and personalities!

  31. I make quilts as gifts and I love them because when the recipient cuddles up in it, they are getting a hug from me. Thanks!

    Please click on the delaineelliott above for my email link.

  32. I love making quilts because I need to be creative and I love to give them to people. Thank you for the chance to win this wonderful book. Take care and God bless, Cory

  33. I make quilts for my children and friends to remember me when I'm gone. They will think of me fondly each time they snuggle under it. Thanks FQS for the book giveaways!

  34. I love the feel of the fabric. I ove the beauty of the quilting stitch. When I make a quilt I make it with love for someone I love.
    wlinda_ca at yahoo dot com

  35. I make quilts because I love to have a creative outlet that's also productive. I'm an artisan at heart. 🙂 I have to say that I am also so excited about this book! I love Mary Fons! I can't wait to have the chance to check it out in person. Thanks for the giveaway!

  36. I make quilts because I need to create, and because I want to take care of my family. It makes me happy to know that they're snuggled under one of my quilts when they're sleeping. 🙂

  37. I would be like a caged lion if I couldn't be creative and what better outlet could there be than to make a quilt! The other half of my personality is that I like practicality and I love that quilts are just so functional.

  38. I think I make quilts because I love every stage involved and also because it's given me some wonderful friendships.

  39. I love quilts and the book because they are warm and comforting for the heart,mind and soul.

  40. I make quilts because I have to! I simply love it and wild go crazy if I didn't have my fabric to cut up and sew back together! It keeps me sane, centered, and happy. I give away my quilts because I hope they make other people happy, because I can't afford to buy other presents having spent all my money on fabric, and because I couldn't possibly use all those quilts myself!

  41. When I make a quilt – loving all the steps – it is my time to use my creative side. It is very calming for me a retreat from all that is going on in my life. I like to give my quilts away making them is an act of love.

  42. I love the way fabrics make me want to create something special for someone. I sew to share and carry on the tradition of hand made gifts. Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Making quilts is almost like "therapy" for me. Quilting allows me to explore my creative side, work out frustrations that I might be experiencing day-to-day and feel proud of what I've accomplished when each quilt is completed. Neither my husband nor my children are "into" my quilting passion but that doesn't make any difference – I quilt because I love it!

  44. I was hooked, the first time my good friend helped me make a quilt, and from then on the fabric store became my favorite haunt and the stash kept growing and growing. Making quilts for my family and friends gives me such a warm sense of accomplishment, especially when I see how much they are appreciated. This coming week, I will be taking my 6 year old great granddaughter to the quilt shop so she can pick out the fabrics she would like me to use to make the quilt she requested I make for her. It doesn't get any better than that!

  45. My favorite step is selecting the fabric and I love the finished product. Always thinking of who I can make one for next time. I also love the friendships that I have made through my love of quilting.

  46. I love to make quilts and quilted projects as gifts to family and friends…. Once in awhile I make something and keep it for our home!!

  47. Congratulations to Mary, this looks like an amazing book!

    I make quilts because I feel they are a part of my legacy and something that will be a part of me and my creativity and love, forever.

  48. Making quilts is like painting with fabric! I love the selection process and the thought I put into a quilt. I'm pretty new to the whole process but I've really enjoyed making quilts to gift. I try to really personalize each quilt to the person I'm making it for. I like to put a handwritten note with each quilt to explain how the quilt came to be for them. I think it makes the quilt even more special. I quilt because without a creative outlet I think I'd go crazy. I don't take much time for myself usually but it's my place to relax, think and play with color. A big thank you to the quilt blogs I follow. They are a great inspiration to get me sewing and creating!

  49. I love to make quilts for the creative process and relaxation it brings me along with happiness of the person I give them too.

  50. It's so fun to design and pick out fabrics and so on. It's great when the receiver really enjoys the quilt as well

  51. Ha! The title really caught my eye…as a 60's child, well, now it IS make love and quilts. Nothing compares to the joy of making and then giving away a quilt, small or large. It makes me feel complete, and giving back. I can't wait to get this book and challenge myself with a few hundred flying geese! The quilts look beautiful. I am happy to see Mary embrace quilting. Change can be hard, but I do enjoy seeing her with her mother. Isn't that what we like to see quilting do, bringing families closer? Congratulations Mary!

  52. There is just something so right about taking different fabrics, cutting, piecing and sewing them all together that just makes my heart sing. Finally found my passion in quilt making 🙂

  53. Just started quilting and now I'm hooked. All I have are queen and king size beds in my house and it's difficult to find a lot of patterns for those sizes. Book looks interesting and informative.

  54. My Grandmother, Mom, both my sisters and I all quilt. We all grew up with the love of quilts. I also collect antique quilts and love old fabric. I guess you could say it's in my blood.

  55. What isn't there to love in making quilts. Fabric is awesome, choosing colors and a great pattern, and then before your eyes you have a masterpiece. Added to this is the relaxation, and knowing its your own creation. No greater happiness 😉

  56. Quilt making is my way of expressing my creative/craft loving personality. Also it keeps me busy with something I enjoy doing.

  57. I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when finishing a quilt block, then the entire quilt. Also, I love fabric! So many choices, so little time! Lol. And, most importantly, the feeling of joy when seeing one of my family members/friends receive their special quilt.

  58. The challenge of creating. I love it all! Cutting, sewing pieces back together, quilting, and then enjoying the finished project. Also. love to see the enjoyment others get from receiving them from me.

  59. I love the whole process! Picking colors and fabrics, designing and sewing!! I love making quilts for my daughter and as a gift for someone special!

  60. Why is it that we are drawn to quilts? Is it the fabrics? Is it that we know someone spent so much time creating it? Is it the designs made with little pieces of cloth? All of these? I love to look at, touch, and admire quilts, and I love to spend time making them for those I love.

  61. I love making quilts because it it a personalized way to show someone how much you care about them. It is like giving someone a tiny piece of your heart and soul when you create something especially for them.

  62. I love being able to use up every piece of fabric in my stash. I cannot find it in myself to throw away even the tiniest piece. Scrap quilts are a perfect way to love and quilt or quilt and love…

  63. I can't paint, but I can paint with fabric. It' nice to be an artist! Plus, I love the feel and look of a quilt!

  64. i always have quilt ideas buzzing around in my head and can't concentrate until I've put some time in on a project. It makes me happy and keeps me sane.

  65. Because it's a creative outlet, because it distresses me after a long week of work, because it forces me to be in the moment and to not worry about what's going on at work and all that needs to be accomplished there.

  66. As a new quilter, I would love to win the new book by Mary Fons. I know that she would offer great ideas and help if needed.

  67. I made my first quilt when I was 16 and have loved the feel of fabric ever since. I've made baby quilts, quilts for charities, quilts for loved ones but never one for me. It's time I give myself a little love. kthurn@bektel.com

  68. I make quilts because I love them and hope
    my grandchildren will treasure them also

  69. I love quilts and quilting because it they make me happy, relaxed, and offer a much need creative outlet. I also live very far from family so making and giving family members a quilt seems to bring me closer to them as I sew. Once delivered I would like to think that cuddling under my creations brings me to mind during their days as well.

  70. I love quilts because I like to cover up nice and cosy and think about someone putting all these pieces together for someone else's enjoyment. That is why I quilt too!

  71. I am lucky enough to have 3 quilts made by my mother-in-law when she was a girl in the late 1920's. All hand pieced and hand quilted! Though she is no longer with us, her quilts are always a reminder of her gentle and kind nature. That is a legacy I want to pass on, and that is why I Make and Love Quilts.

  72. I quilt because it is a way to play with color and design while making something beautiful and useful. It also keeps me sane!

  73. Quilting gives me "Piece" of Mind … while Making something
    to be Loved by others …

  74. I love making quilts, from picking color schemes, picking fabrics, seeing those blocks come together and machine quilting the quilts.

  75. Quilting is my creative outlet and I love making gifts for others. This book looks like it would put a big dent in my fabric stash.

  76. I love to make quilts so I can give them away It is so pleasant to think of the person you plan to give it to, and to see the joy and surprise when it is presented.

  77. I have been making quilts for 35 years and love every quilt that I make. Giving quilts to someone is a big "high" to share my love of quilts.

  78. I love making bed-sized quilts! I have 5 sons and they are always telling me that throw quilts aren't long enough to cover their feet so even my "couch" quilts have to be bigger than usual. I'd love to try some of these patterns!

  79. I love quilts for their colors, designs, and comfort. I am learning to make quilts because I like to be creative and I enjoy the process.

  80. I love to make quilts because I enjoy being creative, it distresses me and I love the look on peoples faces when I surprise them with a quilt.

  81. Making quilts is an outlet for my creativity, an excuse to play with fabrics and design and most of all to share my favorite things with special people.

  82. I make and love quilts because it's the first functional, enduring, and useful craft I have ever done, and most people appreciate getting a quilt.

  83. This is easy it makes me happy twice. Once when I make the quilt and then the second time when I see the persons face light up as I give them the quilt. What more could I ask for in life.

  84. I quilt because I find it relaxing and it is such a stress reducer. I make beautiful items and take pride in it. I love giving gifts I have made.

  85. If Mary writes it, I want to read it. 🙂
    I love color and fabric. Quilts make people happy.

  86. My mom was a seamstress and I have a lifelong love of fabric – color, texture and how they all work together.

  87. Carrying on a family tradition, and relieving stress at the same time. Love that when you make a quilt, you end up with something useful and treasured for a lifetime.

  88. Sewing is my creative zen! Who does not love a quilt! My great grandma and my grandma were quilters.

  89. Quilts tell a story – they can be sad, funny, memorable or comforting. I still have the first quilt I made. I was pregnant with my oldest daughter who passed away shortly after birth. So that quilt has all these emotions tied up in it! Sad when I think of those days when my heart was breaking, funny because I had no idea what I was doing, memorable because I have so many memories of that time in my life, and comforting knowing that I have had some dark, lonely days but I am strong and overcame them.

  90. I love to quilt because I love all the parts from design through to making the label of a quilt. I love tons of color and lots and lots of pieces in a quilt. And I love the zen time for me of touching the fabrics throughout the process.

  91. I use to hate to make quilts but im slowly coming to love them because even when you screw up the pattern it still looks awesome….

  92. It is a time when i think of nothing else. Just me and the fabric. It's my "meditation". I also want gifts for others to treasure.

  93. I have only started quilting recently (1 year and a half) and being 15 I was inspired by both the FQS and Fons and porter channels on YouTube. I love making quilts because they give me a chance to create something beautiful for my room and home. I just love quilts of all kinds because they inspire stories and memories which I can create using , in my opinion the best medium to work with, fabric.
    I just love quilts and making them. Thanks FQS for the giveaway, + I love Mary Fons and Kimberly. X

  94. Quilting is an equal opportunity creative pursuit in that the quilter gets satisfaction from the process and the recipient gets to enjoy the product.

  95. Because I *can* is not a good enough reason? 🙂 All the love and care that goes into a quilt, whether it's for family or just because, all the pretty/vintage/modern/bold–take your pick-colours.. there's no one part of quilting that isn't enjoyable–even vacuuming up the thread lint 😉

  96. I just started making quilts recently, and I love this new challenge. Learning new techniques and blocks is keeping my brain young!

  97. Because making a quilt (selecting the fabric, cutting and piecing, quilting a beautiful pattern onto the pieced article)is such a beautiful expression of creativity and love for the craft as well as for the one who the quilt is intended for.

  98. I love to be able to make something useful and with fabric that I really love. I love working on special quilts to give as presents because I think they mean more to a person, than a gift card. not that GCs are bad, but if you have the talent, you should share it with people!

  99. I make+love quilts because the whole process of creating feeds my soul, but also while working on a quilt for a particular person, I think of that person, so the quilt has good vibes sewn right in. Seeing the look on the receiver's face, seeing them examine and stroke the quilt gives me a whole other level of joy that also feeds my soul. Okay, I'm headed to my sewing machine right NOW!

  100. Making quilts makes me feel productive, like I'm serving others, and giving me an opportunity to create something beautiful, sometimes out of not so beautiful fabric. I do feel I put love into every stitch, I only hope others feel the love that I have as I quilt. Thanks.

  101. I love anything scrappy . I really am liking Mary's modern spin on her quill designs. Love her magazine Quilty

  102. I make and love quilts because I am a tactile person and LOVE the textures of fabrics and thread. To cuddle is to love and to cuddle with a quilt is the best feeling. I love quilts!!!

  103. Because I need to craft, I need to make something by hand (or machine!) and quilting/sewing seems to meet that need the best.