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100 Blocks Blog Tour: Volume 3

This year Kimberly Jolly & Debbie Taylor submitted blocks to the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks Volume 3 and both were accepted! You all might have had the pleasure of speaking with one of them through e-mails or over the phones at the Fat Quarter Shop!

The Quiltmaker 100 Blocks magazine publishes 100 different blocks made by 100 of your favorite designers with full instructions on how to make each block. Think of how many quilts that could make!

All the designers received an adorable mug with all 100 Designer’s blocks on it! (The magazine makes the mugs only for the designers, and they are not available for sale.)

Then Kimberly saw this…

Literally, she almost fell over! This is the very first time she has ever had her name on the front cover of a publication…exciting? I think so! If I saw my name I might not have just almost fallen over- but also made a little EEKKK sound while moving hysterically with the biggest grin on my face.

Now, what is a blog tour without a giveaway? How does five copies of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol. 3 to five different winners sound? To win, leave a comment on this post telling me what you would do if your name was on the front cover of a magazine. The trick is you have to include the words “block” and “fuzzy.” Contest closes Sunday, May 8th at midnight CST.

Good luck!

Oh. PS, check out information on the rest of the blog tour at quiltmaker.com/100blocks. Visit there and see how you can also get in on a chance to win a jumbo prize!


  1. Hmmm, I would call everyone and then frame of pic of the page with my block. It would make all the time I spent cleaning the fuzzy stuff out of my machine well worth it. And it would give me a fuzzy feeling all over.

  2. I am sure my eyes would go fuzzy and I would block out everything around me while I jumped up and down and screamed and hollered.
    🙂 This blog tour is so much fun!

  3. I'd start singing "Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear…" and go running down the block 🙂

    But really, I'd be speechless. So cool!

  4. I don't know that I would remember what would happen – my memory might be a little fuzzy. I tend to block out overly-exciting moments. Thanks for the giveaway (and creative writing moment!)

  5. When looking at quilts and fabric blocks, I get an itchy, fuzzy feeling in my fingers when I find one I absolutely have to try.

  6. A wonderful giveaway and opportunity and thanks to all who made it possible. This fuzzy feeling just keeps growing with each new day of blogs with blocks. Judy C sure does want to win one of these books.

  7. If my name was on the front of a magazine, I would jump up and down repeatedly, run around the block several times and scream, "oh my goodness!" until my mind went fuzzy and I blacked out. And after coming to, I am sure I would do it all again!

    Congrats to you for having your name on the cover!!!

  8. I would be sure it was my fuzzy vision deceiving me that my name and block would be on the cover! thank you for the opportunity to win a copy of the magazine!

  9. Hi There! Congratulations to both Kimberly and Debbie for having your blocks in the magazine. You make me proud!!! What would I do if I saw my name on the front of the magazine…very simple…the world around me would get very 'fuzzy' and I would drop like 'block' of cement, LOL. Hopefully someone would throw cold water on my face to wake me up so that I would know I wasn't dreaming!!! Hugs…

  10. Oh my! I would probably get a fuzzy feeling in my tummy if my Block was ever in such an amazing magazine. I would then faint straight away!!

  11. Well, it is a little fuzzy.. but I had a dream once.. that my block made it into a publication.. and then I woke up.. and remembered I am just a beginner.. and so I keep on practicing and learning from those who have gone before me.. practice, practice, practice.. hey that is okay too.. it sure is fun!

  12. Pinch myself to see if I was dreaming then buy a few copies for my Mom and sisters and try to contain myself.

  13. I would kick off my fuzzy slippers so i could dance around the block! Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I would kick off my fuzzy pink slippers, put on my sneakers, and go running out the door to tell my friends!

  15. Aren't too many people that would get all fuzzy or enthused if my name and block were on the front page of the mag, but I would be ecstatic! No one in my family appreciates 'hand made', but there would be plenty of applause from my on line friends!

  16. How exciting! I am so eager for this publication. I have the previous two editions and they are so valuable for swaps and bees!
    If it was me, I'd cry! Probably buckets!

  17. If my name was on the cover, I would call anyone and everyone to tell them that I had been published. I wouldn't leave out that my name was on the cover. Then I would tell them about the about the block that I made for the publication.

  18. I'd hug my dog Fuzzy (her registered name) and show her my name on the cover. She is always at my feet waiting for a walk around the block. Of course, I would call everyone I know to share the excitement!

  19. I think I would be stopping people on the streets to show them!! Of course, with a total disregard for the embarrassment LOL

  20. I probably would not believe it and then be dazed from shock! LOL. Eventually, I'd tell everyone about it. 🙂

  21. If my quilt block was in the magazine, and my name on the cover, I would attach my latest quilt around my neck {like a superhero}, put on my best fuzzy slippers, and run around the neighborhood singing victory songs. Duh.

  22. If I saw my name on the cover of a magazine having created a block, I would not be fuzzy headed, I would pass out. All my blocks are plain.

  23. I may be getting older, but my memory is not yet fuzzy, and I know I would recognize my block on the cover. Off to the framers it would go. Kathie L in Allentown

  24. If I had a block in a magazine and my name on the cover, I would take a photo of the magazine to send to my far away sisters. But the photo would probably be all fuzzy because I would be shaking from excitement!

  25. My head would go fuzzy and my knees would be weak, I would run to he bathroom before I wet my pants, then all Mom and tell her my excitement of having a block in this magazine.

  26. If my name was on the front of a magazine and I had just found out my quilt block was chosen, my head would be spinning and I would have a fuzzy feeling all over that would be telling me – I must be fabulous. Congrats!!

  27. It would definitely give me a warm and fuzzy feeling to have a block I created get my name on the cover of a magazine. Until that happens, I'll just say congrats to all the people that have.

  28. I think I'd probably jump up and down speechless then send a photo to my family and friends. I would be ecstatic to say the least.

  29. If I had my block appear on the front of a magazine, I would wear my fuzzy flamingo slippers in quilt shops,and carry a copy of the magazine. When quilters asked why, I could show and tell. Inquiring minds do want to know why someone would do the fuzzy slippers in public!!

  30. If my name would appear on the front cover of a magazine, I would stand up and cheer, waving my arms wildly in the air. Which would catch my kids tower of blocks and knock it over. Then things would go a little fuzzy and I'd have to sit down again. This magazine looks awesome! CAn't wait to get a copy

  31. Congrats on making it to the cover. your blocks are lovely!

    If my name was on the front cover, My eyes would widen,my jaw would drop to the floor, my mind would become fuzzy and I would be jumping up and down making everyone around the block Laugh!

  32. I'd be overcome by the sight of it, and after I cleared the fuzzy feeling out of my head, I'd have to frame my block and the cover as well. Congratulations – I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!

  33. I think if I block I designed was on a magazine cover I would squeal and tell everyone I knew. I wouldn't mind a fuzzy quilt to curl up in right now, but the closest thing I have to a fuzzy quilt are the frayed edges along my scrapy pouch.

  34. Oh my gosh! I would go fuzzy in the head for a minute, that is for sure. Just to get a block in the book would be amazing enough, then to have your name on the cover! I wouldn't be able to stop telling everyone.

  35. My brain is going Fuzzy with all the Blocks on the Hop going through my head right now. The Blog hop is too fun to stop! If I had a Block on the Cover I'd have to remember to breathe! Id call my Quilt Buddy and scream!

  36. If my quilt block made a magazine cover … I'd jump for joy, do my Happy Dance and by then, I'd be all fuzzy-headed from the excitement!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Congratulations! I would be so excited I would squeal and email everyone I knew! I think its awesome that the designers get a mug but I know that there are a bunch of us that would buy one if given the opportunity :D.

  38. I would hop up and down, shriek "woo-hoo!" and post it on facebook to all my friends! Then I would run around town buying all the copies I could find to send to my relatives!

  39. Then I would hug my husband, cuddle up in a fuzzy blanket and start designing another block! (must remember to read instructions better in future!)

  40. It's been a dream of mine to have a pattern published in a magazine. I was thinking of a quilt, but a block would do just fine for me. If that actually happened AND my name was on the cover, well I'd probably pass out and then the memory of that moment would be fuzzy…

  41. what my block in a magazine .im feeling fuzzy just to think about it .wow that would be awsome and i would be very proud .thanks and congrets to you.

  42. If I had a block in the magazine and my name was on the cover, I would have to lint roll all the fuzzy stuff off my clothes and drive to the book store to buy every copy they have to give out to family and friends.

  43. I think my vision would go fuzzy and I would fall out of my chair with excitment. Of course, falling out of my chair would shock me and then I would start jumping up and down yelling "My block is on the cover, My block is on the cover" until the whole block knew how excited I was. Thank you. Take care and God bless, Cory

  44. Congratulations. I would probably phone all my friends up and tell them to go out and buy the magazine and see my name and block on the front cover, and I think my brain would be a little fuzzy after that!!

  45. I would freak out so much that I would rub my fuzzy wall and block out everything around me…just like in that movie "Get Him to the Greek." Congrats!

  46. If I saw my name on the front cover of a book, it would be the biggest warm fuzzy I ever received. I'd probably go around the block showing all of my friends!

    (PS-Congratulations to you both!)

  47. Making all 100 hundred blocks with a nice fuzzy flannel? There would have to be a special place for the block Kimberly and Debbie each made though. Possibly right in the center of the quilt.

  48. If my name were on the cover of a magazine, first, I'd make sure it was one I wanted to be in and not a WANTED list or something. LOL! I'd feel all warm and fuzzy, then run around the block telling people all about it. Congrats to Kimberly and Debbie!

  49. My mind would block everything but the fact I was on the magazine as I got a happy, fuzzy feeling inside.

  50. Not only would I feel warm and fuzzy on the inside, I'm thinking it would be the same on the outside if I saw my block on a magazine cover!

  51. I'd shriek. And then be speechless for awhile. And then probably start saying "oh my gosh" over and over again. christina112358 at gmail dot com

  52. If my name was on the front cover of a magazine, my eyesight would get fuzzy from the excitement of jumping around the room. My husband would have to block my way so that he could see why I was jumping like a kangaroo!! Congrats on making the front cover and for being selected as a designer for the magazine!!

  53. I would be so thrilled that I would get all fuzzy headed and pass out, then hit my head on the kitchen block and pass out again. Then I would wake up, dazed and smiling.

    Yeh, I am having one of those days, lol.


  54. If I saw my name on the cover of a magazine, a quilt magazine especially, I would get fuzzy in my tummy then fuzzy in my head and almost fall over, too!!
    Thanks to both of you for sharing your talent! Your blocks will be used in my sewing room.

  55. Seeing my name on the cover of a magazine would cause me to run down the block and order a fuzzy navel…or maybe just a coca cola.

  56. How exciting to see your name in print!!! Very nice to know the store I shop at has such talented employees!! Love the blocks and love shopping at Fat Quarter.

  57. I would block out everything around me while I indulged in a warm, fuzzy feeling from seeing my name on the cover!

  58. It depends which magazine my name is on the cover of, and why…..

    If I'm on the cover of Newsweek as one of the Ten Most Wanted….I'm sure I'd claim a fuzzy memory and demand to see my lawyer before being taken to my block…

    If I'm on the cover of something as cool as a creative magazine hailing me as one of the top 100 in my field….well….lock, block and barrel, I'd be tickled right down to my pink fuzzy bunny slippers!

  59. If my name appeared on the cover of a magazine because of a quilt BLOCK I designed, my eyesight would go FUZZY from staring at it all the time since I'd be carrying it around with me everywhere. Congratulations.

  60. If I saw my name on the cover of a magazine because my BLOCK had been chosen for publication, I'm sure my thinking would get FUZZY and I wouldn't know what to do next for a second or two. Then, I would be too happy to care.
    Compliments to Kimberly and Debbie on both of their blocks which I like very much.

  61. If I saw my block on the cover of a magazine I would smile then grin. Then I would shake the fuzzy thought from my head cause I would have been dreaming. Then I would tell everybody about my dream and I would have to block out the hysterical laughter. Poor Eeyore nobody thinks she can design a block so she just shakes her fuzzy tail and saunters off to the woods.

  62. If I saw my name on the cover of a magazine because my BLOCK had been chosen for publication, I'm sure my thinking would get FUZZY and I wouldn't know what to do next for a second or two. Then, I would be too happy to care.
    Compliments to Kimberly and Debbie on both of their blocks which I like very much.

  63. If my name was on the cover of a magazine for the cool quilt BLOCK I had designed I think the whole world would go FUZZY before I could wrap my head around the accomplishment.

  64. Congrats all around – how cool! And if my name appeared on a mag. cover I'd wonder first if the judges confused my block with someone elses, maybe being fuzzy from the judging party. Once confirmed, I'd walk 20 blocks over with a pitcher of fuzzy navels to share the good news with my guild!

  65. I think it would depend on which magazine my name was on the cover of….I'm hoping it wouldn't be anything scandalous! 🙂 I'd probably take a picture with my phone.

  66. If I saw my name on the cover of a magazine I would probably be so shocked I would have a mental block and be fuzzy brained!

  67. If saw my name on the cover of amagazine, I would be so proud.. I'd buy lots of copies of the magazine, and give them away!!

  68. If my name was on the front cover of a magazine I know how excited I would be. I would hope my husband would be just as excited too; not just oh yay, good for you honey excited BUT …….jumping up and down excited for me, his wife. If he wasn't jumping up and down at the sight of seeing my block on the cover along with my name I might have to smack his fuzzy head with said magazine. Yes, fuzzy head ~ the man is bald but shaves what isn't bald so it can be fuzzy later in the day. 😉

  69. If that magazine ever knew the FUZZY math I used to come up with that BLOCK, they would never have chosen it – but since they did whipeee!!!!!!!!

  70. If my name was on the front cover of a quilt magazine, I'd have to lie down for a bit because of the fuzzy feeling in my head. My name on the cover of a quilt magazine? Break out the wine and celebrate with a block party!!! Woo, hoo!

  71. I would definitely be all warm and fuzzy inside if I had a block chosen for the magazine! I would shout from the top of my lungs if my name or block were on the cover. Congrats to both you ladies for being selected!

  72. I would say, "What the fuzzy? Now that's blocked up!"

    And I would say it just like that, because I don't swear.

  73. I would have to share warm fuzzy hugs with everyone I spoke to at the time I saw my name and block on the front of a magazine …. and then everyone would be just as happy as I. 🙂

  74. Seeing my name on the front of a quilt magazine featuring my block would make me wonder if there was some fuzzy logic going on somewhere. Thanks for the giveaway!

  75. I think my brain might become "fuzzy" as I debated various designs for a "block" — and I, no doubt, would be really "fuzzy" if I saw my name and "block" on anything — cover of a magazine, quilt top, just a plain piece of paper.

  76. Using the words fuzzy and block in my comment might be a bit challenging….oops! Looks like I've already done it.

    Seriously though – heartiest congratulations to Kimberly.

    If it were me I'm sure I would wonder if they got the right person. I'd think the printing was fuzzy, or my eyes, and I'd think there must be a lot of other folks out there with the same name as myself, who quilt and submitted a block pattern to the contest. . Then I would giggle myself silly, call myself a block head and run to the phone to call my mom all the while doing the, "Oh My Gosh My Name Is On The Cover" dance.

  77. I would get a very fuzzy feeling in my head, and when it passed, I would run up and down the block, sharing the good news!!

  78. If my block was chosen, I would put my feet up in my fuzzy slippers and look through the magazine until I found my block. I would be so happy.

  79. If I saw my name on the cover of a magazine it would give me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over! Then I'd probably block out the rest of the day to just bask in my glory! Dana nelfamily at windjammercable dot net

  80. My eyes would get all "fuzzy" and I'd shout for JOY if my name and quilt block were on the cover of a magazine. I'd definitely Frame It!

  81. Before I put on my glasses in the morning, everything looks fuzzy. Did I really see my name on the cover of that magazine or was it my imagination? I find my glasses, put them on and look again. Yes!! It is my name there and my friend could hear my squealing from a block away!!

  82. Way to go! If I had my name or a block on the front of a magazine I would make sure all my family members knew. Then I'd show everyone at work. But I'd have to make sure one co-worker had his glasses on because it would just look like a fuzzy blur to him. (He's always misplacing his "cheaters" he uses to read up close).

  83. If my block was on the front page I would probably lose my fuzzy head in excitement. Then when I regained my wits I would go buy a copy for everyone I know!

  84. Hello? Yes, This is Sherry. WHAT? My name is on the cover of Quiltmaker's magazine? KLUNK…oh, I just dropped the phone. No, I'm okay…my head's a little fuzzy though. I gotta go. I'm heading down the block to the quilt shop to buy 100 copies of the magazine right now. Talk to you later…. KLUNK!

  85. Im sure my eyesight would go fuzzy with the adrenaline rush and I'd jump up and down and scream to see my block on the cover! Very neat to see yours too!

  86. I'm glad my eyesight is not yet fuzzy, so I could really enjoy seeing my name in print! every quilter who is in the Quiltmaker book has the right to feel "fuzzy in the brain" or to get "warm and fuzzy feelings", because it's a real honor to have designed a quilt block for such a good book.
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy, which I'd enjoy very much.

  87. After the warm and fuzzy feeling subsided from seeing my name on the cover, I would frame the cover because, not only is my name on the cover, but, also, my block!!! How cool is that!!! Dream on! oH, well – in my next life! HUGS… and stitches

  88. My brain is more than a little fuzzy at even the idea of seeing my name in big block letters on the cover of a magazine! I think I would have the time honored reaction of girls everywhere when something is very exciting – I would jump up and down and scream!

  89. What great blocks! If I had anything on the cover of anything, I'd probably start feeling fuzzy and pass out! When I recovered, I'd run down the block to tell my friends.

  90. As long as it wasn't some trashy tabloid type magazine I'd be thrilled and be sure to tell everyone! I'd probably fall out of my chair, too!

  91. My hubby would have to block the door to stop me from running outside in my fuzzy slippers screaming and jumping for Joy!!

  92. I would check the photo of the block with a magnifying glass to be sure there were no fuzzy strings or thread ends stuck to the block! (Shoulda done that BEFORE I submitted the block, but there you are!)

  93. Kimberly almost fell over? You should have seen me when the music from your blog started blasting on my laptop!!!! Whew. OK, breathe. Well, Id certainly feel all warm and fuzzy inside that my block was prominantly displayed along side my name. Id would also mean I quit my IT job and got into my dream job!

  94. I'd get that fuzzy stuff out of my eyes and take a second look. I've been known to be a block-head, mistaking things before !! LOL

  95. I am still fuzzy about what happened when my block made the mag. cover. As when I went running to show my DH the pic I ran straight into the edge of the door and knocked myself silly. Don't worry no stitches were needed. The doctors say my fuzzy memories will eventually return. Thank goodness for that I want to remember what a thrill it was!

  96. If my name was on the front cover of a magazine, I would buy a copy for everyone on my block, and frame a copy myself on my wall so I can look at it everyday and feel all warm and fuzzy inside =P

  97. If I found out my quilt BLOCK and name were on the cover of a magazine everything would get all FUZZY and I would pass out. But when I come to I would definitely be doing the happy dance!!

  98. If I saw my name on the cover of the magazine for my block, I'm sure my brain would go fuzzy and I would start screaming and shaking!

  99. I think the thrill would block normal instinct and I would stop breathing, at least until the world went fuzzy at the edges! 🙂

  100. fuzzy block
    I don't know if I'll ever see my name on the cover of a magazine, but if I do I hope it's a quilting magazine honoring my newest block! Hopefully the image of my block won't be fuzzy but will be nice and clear!

  101. I'm sure that I would have a huge mental block and that fuzzy brained feeling for quite a while, so I couldn't think straight for few days from excitement! What a great dream!

  102. If my name was on the cover for a block, I think my vision would go fuzzy and I would faint from shock!

  103. I'd cry! Big, fat, happy tears of disbelief, pride & joy. Then the yelling & dancing would start…… Congratulations girls! Great blocks. Tracee xx

  104. If I'd be on a cover, I would block out all the unwanted thinsg ion my life and think warm & fuzzy thoughts of fame!
    Thank you!

  105. My ol' brain is getting a little fuzzy these days, so if someone told me my block was on the front cover, I'd say, "block? what block?" Then when the fuzziness cleared away, I'd throw down my cane and run around the block shouting, "I did it!!" (the cane was a little joke but the shouting would be real!) 🙂

  106. I think I would call all my quilting friends and have a huge quilting party! Lots of humanitarian quilts to be made.

  107. I would get that warm fuzzy feeling all over. Then I would email everyone and tell them about my block.


    ginger c at gmail dot com

  108. Congratulations on getting published! I am so pleased that a friend has the gift of warm fuzzy feelings to go with the excitement of being published. It may be a block, but what a audience of Quiltmaker Magazine readers. Yahoo! This is certainly something to shout out from places higher than my keyboard!

  109. I would "block" out all non-quilt reality and party with my friends and family until my quilty brain was "fuzzy" with excitement and champagne!!

  110. I would be so excited to see my name that it would feel as if my "block had been knocked off" just like the game we had as kids. I would also have this warm fuzzy feeling inside that was just trying to get out. Thanks for the chance to win.

  111. Great block. What would I do if I found my name on the cover of a magazine? Probably run to my sewing machine and sew new blocks madly until the bobbin race was full of fuzzy lint. Then I would take a break and collapse.

  112. If my name was on the cover of a magazine, I would tell everyone I knew and buy a bajillion copies to give to my friends and family and all my neighbors who live on my block. I also like the idea of framing the magazine cover. And whenever I looked at it, I would get a warm, fuzzy feeling.

  113. If I saw my name on the cover I would probably jump up and down and then start calling all of my friends. Congratulations on being selected.

  114. I would make myself a margarita and get all fuzzy while proudly displaying my block to all who were willing to look and hear.

  115. IF my name and block was on the cover of a publication my whole world would become fuzzy and I would pass out from sheer excitement!! Someone would most definitely be picking me up from off the ground!! he he

  116. If my name was on the cover,
    of a world-famous magazine,
    I'd be surprised, amazed, and in awe
    that my name was being seen.

    And if it was my quilt block,
    that was also on page one,
    My Fuzzy Wuzzy Bear and me
    would suffer from major stun.

    Now, I know that this poem of mine,
    is really stretching this art form.
    But having to use 2 strange words
    means this is not the norm!

  117. I often read magazines just before bedtime, so if I found my name on the cover, I would probably run around the block hollering for joy in my bathrobe and fuzzy slippers!

  118. I would be standing at the corner of a city block waiting for the bus and I would think as I read my name on the magazine I just picked up at the news-stand that I'm a lucky gal. Sending warm fuzzies to everyone else who reads this post.

  119. If I had a quilt block on the front cover of a magazine I sure would be rubbing my eyes till the fuzzy ness went away. Not believing it was true.
    Thanks for a chance to win.
    Cindy W.

  120. I'd walk down the block to my favorite magazine store wearing a silly grin on my face and occasionally breaking into spontaneous giggles. Do you think grabbing unsuspecting strangers by the arm and pointing at my name while giggling would get me wrapped in a fuzzy straight jacket?

  121. ha! i'd think jump up and down until i fell over, and then i'd be very thankful that i landed on the fuzzy rug, and not anything sharp like lego blocks!

  122. I would assume I was fuzzy-headed, but when it became clear that I wasn't imagining it, I'd do a happy dance that I would later block from my memory.

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

  123. Should it ever be,
    that a block I had made,
    was on the cover or mug,
    Humbled I'd kneel
    on my fuzzy rug,
    and thank the Lord
    for his good gifts.

  124. I think my eyes would get fuzzy from my tears of joy and I would block out all the noise and just breathe and take it all in.

  125. I would scream in delight and give all my family big fuzzy hugs if my name were on the front cover.

  126. If my name were to EVER be on the front of a magazine, it would make me feel so warm and fuzzy. I think I would put the block and the magazine into the largest frame I could find and hang it on my wall.

  127. I'm sure it would be easy for me to block out all thoughts of anything but my newfound fame! I'd have to frame the magazine and every time I'd look at it my heart would get all warm and fuzzy! Thanks for the opportunity!

    Laurencrooks (at) hotmail (dot) com

  128. Greetings from Northern Saskatchewan CANADA! I am sooooo excited for you – you do deserve it! I love your website and blog. I hope I win your magazine so I can "fall of my chair" too! Well probably just shout with excitement!


  129. If I saw my name on the front of a magazine I would buy several copies of it. Then I would make a block to go with the magazine to give to my quilting friends. This would give us both warm and fuzzy feelings for each other.

  130. If my name and block were on the front of the magazine, I would feel so fuzzy inside, and I would tell everybody! 🙂

  131. I would buy lots of copies to send to family and friends then go to my local frame shop and have them frame a block plus the front cover for me. (I'd go to a local guy not a big box store). Then I'd bask in the glow of all the warm fuzzy comments that I'd receive from everyone!

  132. If I were to see my name on the cover of a magazine I'm pretty sure my eyesight would go fuzzy. I couldn't imagine doing a block that was good enough for the cover. Congratulations Kimberly!=)

  133. My name on the cover of a magazine….oh my, I might just faint! But then I would be over whelmed with a warm, fuzzy feeling of greatfullness for the women that inspired me to quilt; my grandmother whose wonderfully beautiful hand quiliting inspired me to try my own creativity and my mother, who patiently (did I say patiently) worked with me until I learned to piece blocks without losing my marbles. Then I would frame my "now famous" block and add the inscription "You are beautifully and wonderfully made" to the frame and give it to my daughter in hopes that one day, she might decide to pick up the quilting hobby too.

  134. I'd have the magazine cover with my block pictured on it framed. When I looked at it I'd get that warm and fuzzy feeling.

  135. If my block were chosen to be on the cover and I saw my name there, I may have to celebrate with a Fuzzy Navel. Congrats!
    Karen in Breezy Point

  136. If my name were to appear on the cover of a magazine I would have to credit my sweet mother who was an incredible, creative quilter. I would be so proud to be considered a chip off the old block! This is my first Mother's Day without her and I hope the memories of her never get fuzzy. Love you Mom and thanks for all the lessons you taught me!

  137. great blocks!!
    is by some miracle i saw my name on the front of a quilt magazine, i would see and feel fuzzy for a while. then i would get on the computer and YELL it to the world!!!
    i can't wait to get the magazine.

  138. If I made a block that had my name on the cover of a magazine I would buy copies for all of my friends and family with my name highlighted or circled so they could all share that warm fuzzy feeling with me.

  139. It's a good thing your blocks were close to each other on the MUG! Congratulations to you both for being a part of this special Quiltmaker Issue. Sandi


  141. I would definitely post a photo on my blog, which would be fuzzy and out of focus from shaking with excitement and possibly jumping up and down. I'm sure my friends would block my phone number because I would call every 5 minutes saying "guess what?" and "can you believe it??"

  142. Thank you for hosting this giveaway! How exciting for Kimberly & Debbie to have their blocks chosen!

    If my block was chosen and my name was on the front cover of a magazine, I would faint away! My family would have to revive me by fanning me with the magazine. I'm sure the world would be fuzzy for a few moments, but I would relish in the acknowledgment of my work and enjoy my 15 minutes of fame!

  143. If I didn't know my name would be on the cover and I saw it, I would literally jump up and down and scream and wear a smile for weeks!


  144. If I had my name on the front of a publication because of a block I made I would be jumping up and down and probably get a bit teary eyed so that my vision would be a wee bit fuzzy! :^)

  145. My name on the cover of a magazine!!! Why I would jump up and down so excited that I would block out any other thoughts! Then I would probably buy a lot of copies and hand them out to strangers on the street corner while saying "That's me!". I would be sure to wear my fuzzy red slippers so no one missed me!

  146. If my quilt block was on the magazine, I would enlarge the cover and frame it and hang it in a very special place! This would give me a warm and fuzzy feeling!

  147. If my name was on the front cover of a quilting magazine I would get fuzzy in the head & run around the block screaming!!!!!!!

  148. My hands would be shaking my so much I'd end up emailing a fuzzy photo of the magazine front cover with huge arrows pointing to my block!

  149. If I were to see my name on the cover of the 100 block issue of this magazine, I would have such a warm and fuzzy feeling. I know that my head would be in the clouds. Congratulations both of you.

  150. My "block" has been chosen!!! WooHoo, warm "fuzzy"s are creeping all along my arms as my left hand is speed-dialing my MF and the right is tweeting the universe. Mega "block-fuzzy"s to me =D And to you Kimberly! Congrats! Tho only you really can claim the cover 🙂

  151. I would love to win the new Quilt Block 100! If I was on the cover I would tear up and the whole world would become fuzzy!

  152. If my name would appear on the front of a magazine,due to a quilt block I had designed, it would definitely give me a warm fuzzy feeling all over.
    Congratulations to the both of you, Debbie and Kimberly!
    Beverly in WA state

  153. I'd have to celebrate having my name on the front cover of a magazine with a fuzzy navel while gazing lovingly at all the blocks. too fun!

  154. If I saw my name, first I'd be shocked and tell some fuzzy statement, then I'd celebrate it with sewing fancy block and drinking Martini ;).


  156. Fuzzy blocks? I personally like the crisp lines and patterns created when you join several blocks together. Love your site.