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Pineapple Day Quilt – FREE Pattern + Sew Along

Did you know that there’s a day specifically celebrating pineapples? Well, there is! June 27 is Pineapple Day and the timing couldn’t be better as we have Pineapple Quilt Block Foundation Paper and a free pattern to go with it!

The Pineapple Quilt Block Foundation Paper comes in 2 sizes: a 6″ finished block and a 12″ finished block. That makes them easy to combine, which is exactly what we did in our FREE Pineapple Day Quilt Pattern. This foundation paper is great for piecing together scraps and pieces from your stash as well as making the classic pineapple quilt block!

Pineapple Day Quilt

Click to get free pattern
Click on the image to download the FREE Pineapple Day Quilt Pattern.


About the Pattern

If you’re new to foundation paper piecing, you’re in for a treat! This technique is often used in blocks with bias seams or non-standard shapes to keep the fabric from stretching out of shape and to maintain accuracy. Foundation paper piecing requires sewing straight seams, a good light source, and an Add a Quarter Ruler is super helpful, but many quilters make do with index cards or any rigid paper that you can rotary cut against. Sewing up these blocks is probably different than what you’re used to, so we have a FREE video tutorial to show you how to use this very versatile and beginner-friendly pineapple quilt block foundation paper.

What’s super nice about the Fat Quarter Shop Pineapple Paper Pad is that you don’t have to cut, scale and print it yourself, it’s printed on a thin paper that is easy to sew on and tear off, and it’s sized so that you can trim down the final block to perfection.  And both 6″ and 12″ options are standard quilt block sizes that you can easily use with other quilt projects and patterns.


Besides the basics and a good iron, you’ll need:
FREE Pineapple Day Quilt Pattern
One 6″ Pineapple Paper Pad and One 12″ Pineapple Paper Pad by Fat Quarter Shop
Add a Quarter Ruler 
A light box, or a good light source, like a lamp or sunny window helps

Pineapple Quilt Block Foundation Paper

Pineapple Day Quilt Sew Along

We will also be hosting a sew along! We would like to invite all of you to participate in the 3-week sew along to make the Pineapple Day Quilt and showcase your completed quilts or projects made with pineapple quilt blocks on our Pineapple Quilt Celebration Day, June 27! Here are all the details:

  • Week 1 – Get your supplies together
  • Week 2 – Sew your 6″ blocks
  • Week 3 – Sew your 12″ blocks
  • June 27 – Show off your finished quilt top (or any project with pineapple quilt blocks)


Share with #PineappleDayQuilt

The Pineapple Day Quilt is sure to be the eye catcher of all of your quilts! Be sure to share your projects using #PineappleDayQuilt and tag us (@fatquartershop) so we can see and share your work!

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Happy Quilting!


    1. I’m working on a star quilt now and can’t wait to try the pineapple squares soon!

  1. I am working on quilting my flag quilt that I am doing for the craft department in my store.

  2. I’m working on the cream and sugar quilt but I’ll need to take a break today to sew 2 storage bags for a generator and a lounge chair before we go camping!
    I love the pineapple foundation paper piecing and Lily’s fabric choice! Can’t wait to start that too! Thanks FQS!

  3. I’m working on the second block of Pat Sloan’s summer sew-a-long. I’m using a fat quarter bundle that has been sitting around for awhile. I’m excited about the colors as they are not my usual picks!


  4. When choosing charm packs and jelly roll for the pineapple quilt along should we choose a print charm pack and a solid jelly roll or what as I have to order these so I can be in the sew along. Please help me with this issue.

    1. Yes, I would choose prints for the charm pack and jelly roll. We specified yardage for the background, which would be white (or it could be a different color, too). Background – 4 ½ yards
      If you don’t want to subcut the solid background yardage, I would get 1-2 solid color jelly rolls and that will do it.