Sew Sampler Box May 2018 Sneak Peek!

Our May sneak peek is here and we are revealing the theme of the box! ‘Bee Creative’ is our challenge to you this month. We think you’re going to absolutely love this box that is packed with all our favorite things! Leave us a comment and tell us what you think we may have included in this month’s box.

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around May 20th!

Be sure to follow us for more box reveals and future sneak peeks on all social media outlets by using #SEWSAMPLER

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    1. I have already received three Sew sampler boxes and so excited to see whats in store for the Month of May and all the other Months to arrive at my door. Thanks Fatquartersshop for putting a awesome sew sampler Box together for us Thanks a bunch.

  1. I think there will bee(!) some buttons with bees on them and some fabric from Lori Holt and Bee in My Bonnet – yippee!

  2. Anything with “Lori Holt’s Line” of yummy items will bring on the “Happy Dance….I’m….so excited! TYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. I love my Sew Sampler Boxes! Every month they are packed full of wonderful surprises and useful treasures. If bee’s are the theme this month I know it’s going to be another great box. Anything by Lori Holt of Bee In my Bonnet is a winner! Love her, love everything she does and love all her produces! I have learned sew much that has improved my sewing and quilting skills by following Jolly Jabber/Fat Quarter Shop and Bee in My Bonnet. Sewww, whatever you have planned for this months box I know it will bee awesome!✨❤️🐝❤️✨

  4. Def Lori Holt Bee in my Bonnet item(s). Probably one of her Patterns like Bee Happy. I’m sure whatever it is it’ll be great!

  5. I hope it has something to do with hexagons and English paper piecing! I really want to learn to do that!

  6. I think it’s something to do with bee in my bonnet, since Lori Holt has a new Autumn Quilt coming. Who knows, I always love my sew sampler box!

  7. Definitely bee oriented and most likely with bee fabric. Took a year off of getting these boxes. Excited to be starting again. Loved everything I got before so I’m anticipating no regrets.

  8. I’m hoping for a Bee-themes line of fabric in yellow, black, and white for a cute lap quilt or throw!! Hopefully with coordinating thread for perfect free motion quilting designs!! I always get to excited to open my box. It’s like Christmas once a month!!

  9. I’m sure I’ll bee happy with whatever is in the box. Hopefully something from Lori Holt. Maybe a cute bee pattern.

  10. Something to do with bees. Fabric will be bee themed perhaps. I love bees. I’m sure it will be adorable.

  11. Personally hoping it is yellow and black fabric. I have a “semi-planned” quilt in those colours, but could always use more inspiration to BEE persuaded to start it.

  12. Something yellow and black. HA!
    I think I signed up properly. I had a $.99 charge but can you confirm I am on the list for May. It will be my first box and I am beyond excited.

  13. Apirl I received my first sew sampler and loved it! I’m so looking forward to see what will be buzzing around in our may sew sampler box!😊

  14. This is my first Sew Sampler box and I am excited! I didn’t know we would get sneak peak teasers! YAY! I love anything bee and bee hive – or even just be in the name. FUN!!

  15. A few more days till we get to see our box! I am so excited about this one, Lori Holt is one of my favorites. I cannot “bee”lieve I have to wait to Bee cre8tive.

  16. I am in love with this box for many reasons. I don’t want to spoil it since it came a little early for me. So thank you so much for this beautiful box and all my previous boxes!

  17. Absolutely LOVE my May box. The value is exceptional! I will be using everything that was included. Thank you FQS for such a great box. 👍

  18. I must be the only 1 not impressed by this box .my main dislike is the same as always.alway facbric in the (cottage) little girl fabric colors .sorry i like warm colors this might be my last box plus only fabric & 2 other things is the box worth it no not really

    1. Tina you are not the only one. The fabric colors are too depressing for me. And another ruler. I cancelled my subscription. I’ll still be a customer from the shop.

      1. No not the only one, think its awful how they put out a tease Bee Creative, most people know Lori Holt is Bee.. The Ruler and Thread are nice. fabric is nice but boring, and I dislike the pattern, I wish they would stop putting patterns in the box, give us a credit to pick something to our liking 2 years of getting patterns I have not made one, or liked most.. And they put that card in saying the value of the box, but No longer put the prices on that card, they used too.. What are they hiding from us.. Maybe 2 years is to long to have this type of box, because from the beginning to now they have changed a Lot, now it seems like they just throw stuff in it..

        1. I LOVE this fabric. So see, there are lots of people who are pleased and then those who can always find something not to their liking. The box is so worth every $$.

  19. My favorite box since I started in December. I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! I LOVE IT!! This was my stay or go box and I’m in for another month!!! THANK YOU FQS!!!!

  20. Received my box today and am in Love with all of it.
    Can’t wait to make the quilt, with the fabric from this months box.
    Thank You Fat Quarter Shop.

  21. This is my favorite box to date! Everything is totally useful to all quilters beginner to advanced! Really great quality!

  22. I loved everything! Please continue putting exclusive patterns in the box, along with fabric, threads, and rulers, regardless of what anybody says. Everything in this month’s box is useful to many quilters. Good job FQS!

  23. This is the best box EVER!! I love every single thing in this box. Thanks Kimberly for putting this box together. My sister will be envious when she sees what’s in this months box. Just amazing. THANK YOU!!! Worth every penny ($ – LOL).

  24. LOVE the May box!!! Thank you FQS for ALWAYS planning a wonderful surprise – I really look forward every month! Rulers are my favorite (especially the specialty rulers from Creative Grids)!

  25. Gotten this box for 9 months…. Not my favorite box, to be honest… With a Bee Creative theme, one would hope to actually have something that relates to said theme. The “beehive” pattern isn’t even close. And please please stop putting thread in the box, I can get that anywhere. I also wish they’d put the product values in the pamphlet again. Most likely unsubscribing.

  26. I agree with Norma J. This month is the first since the very beginning that I decided not to get the box however, I thought I would look at the comments. I too never used one of the patterns in the two years of getting sew sampler as they are not my taste. I believe they stopped putting prices on the info cards because people were saying that the price on the card was different than on the store website. Even though I will no longer be getting the box I would have had no problem getting thread or rulers.

    The thrill of the box is gone for me but you ladies enjoy. I’ll probably still peek in to see what’s going on. Have fun.

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