Sew Sampler Box January 2018 Sneak Peek!


Maybe you want to learn how to quilt, or build your skills and become better at your craft…if so, we are here to jump-start your New Year’s resolutions and provide you with an amazing assortment of fun, unique and inspiring goodies found in our Sew Sampler subscription boxes. To learn more about them, click here.

Let’s jump right in this month and reveal a tiny sneak peek of what’s to come!

If you are not yet subscribed, and want to join in on the fun, be sure to do so quickly because boxes ship out around January 20th!

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  1. It looks like a deformed upside down bird with a heart. What it could possibly be used for, I have no idea. Pencil eraser, maybe?

    1. Thats what I thought. Upside down deformed bird!! Ha. Now I cant wait to see what it is! Maybe some Love You bu Sandy Gravis?? Hope so!

  2. But seriously, it looks like the birdie thing is on cross stitch fabric. So maybe a cross stitch theme to the box? Or bake sale 2 fabrics since it is new this month and has cross stitch in it? I’m really curious

  3. I have no idea but it looks DARLING!!!! I have loved ALL of my Sew Sampler surprises! Y’all knock it out of the park every time!

  4. I cross stitch and always use Just Another Button Co. buttons which are usually noted on the project. Their pins are also fabulous …used a lot of them in various shapes on the standup Santas that I made several years ago which are constructed with various types of thread. Love switching out the pins on the various seasonal projects…snowmen…Valentine’s easels and boxes, etc.

    Fun to see how the quilting and needlework hobbies are intersecting in creative designs.

    Can’t wait for your January box to see your next project, probably spring themed with newly released sewing notions. Note: My husband misses the little FQS 2017 desktop calendar from the Nov. 2016 box. Wished you offered it for 2018.

    1. I miss the calendar too! I am with your husband Betty! It’s not to late to send one FQS, I’d be happy for one for February.

      1. Maybe FQS will offer one! Send it out in the February box fora 2 year span. My husband read my post and said that it was so easy to read etc. and to schedule our week. It was useful as opposed to the big calendars and planners.

  5. If you turn the picture sideways it looks like a cat would be on the front then the bird on the back . Something to do with Valentines Day theme? Excited In ordered a subscription fire daughter too! As she is just learning too Quilt ! Loving 2018 already ♥️♥️

  6. A cute little bird needle minder, maybe!? Looks like it is on linen or embroidery cloth, sewww maybe we will be getting a cute embroidery project to do!! I’m excited to see what goodies will accompany that cute little bird!!!

  7. $15 for a set of buttons to embellish my pin cushion? Hmm. This might be my last box. I’ve been a subscriber since day one and the first year was AWESOME! They had really useful items with a great variety and I felt like they were such a great value. I still routinely use the notions and other items from those boxes. The last 6 months or so have been “meh” except for the fabrics and patterns. Not sure they’re worth the money to me anymore. Things like these buttons and the previous clothespins just aren’t floating my boat. They’re cute, but totally useless for me. 🙁

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. My very first box had those toy clothes pins and a greeting card. I contacted the company and complained. I don’t want toys and things that have nothing to do with sewing. No knic knacks please. The fabric is great. The little cute stuff not so much. I would be happy with a single rotary blade or an extra spool of thread.

      1. This was my first box as well. I’ve been less than impressed so far. I was so excited to start receiving boxes and so disappointed when it came. This might be my last box…

      2. I totally agree! I’ve been really disappointed the last 6 months. I’ll probably cancel neit month. So disappointing!

    2. I totally agree! I’ve been really disappointed the last 6 months. I’ll probably cancel neit month. So disappointing!

    1. Lauren i agree the boxes from 2016 were great that’s why I signed up.lots of useful quilting supplys in those boxes.but some of the things they put in now are very cheap& cheaply made.I did enjoy lasts months box.I would like to see more rulers,& things like that no more cheap little siccors.& By now we all have pins, we all want things to do with quilting.well see I think if they get a way from the Lori Holt somethings would be better,her stuff is always on the childish side to me.these pins in this month’s box would be something that she would use

    2. I’m with you. I have no desire to embellish my pin cushion. That seems like a waste to me,I don’t spend money on anything that isn’t useful to me. I am going to be miffedand will have to opt out after being with these boxes since the beginning. But I have been on the verge for a little bit. The last couple couple of boxes got…better.. but I guess if it’s back to trinkets and stuff and less fabric, templates or patterns then there are other subscriptions out there.

  8. Not a fan of these pins especially the price point that will take such a big chunk of the monetary value of the sampler box for something only a select few will like.

    1. I think the planner is useless also. I was confused as to why it was there but now I see they must do a calendar every year. Waste of money.

  9. I am hoping to see more useful items and fabric this year. I love getting my sew sampler box, but little things like these that cost so much..ehhh..give me a cool new ruler, square up rulers, triangles on a roll, a rotary blade, more fabric. I signed up for notions I can use and fabric … but getting less and less impressed as the months go by. Still love FQS and my sampler box, just wishing for things i can USE. 😊

  10. if it is pins as someone suggested for my pincushion. Bring it on. Love the little awkward bird. Really don’t use my pincushion since I received my magnetic bowl but always have one on display in my sewing room.

  11. Wow! I think its so cute! I’m not seeing a upside down bird I’m seeing a sweet bird with a heart button or pin I’m happy. I have love everything I’ve gotten some more than others but that all in the surprise right!

  12. Looks like a deformed bird of some kind. Interested to see what it is.
    I agree with previous posters. I am new to sewing/quilting. I would like useful things. Not crap that just fills up a box. Love getting fabric, useful tools and storage.

    1. What you call “crap” others may enjoy. While these items may not be useful to you, others may have different tastes or interests. Let’s all try to remember that when we post here.

      1. Thank you Wendy. I certainly get tired of all the negativity. If you think it’s crap, then unsubscribe and quit whining. There are many of us who enjoy the surprises.

        1. I will unsub. I did use the word crap. Which to me is just cheap stuff they use to fill the box, and yes I do think the bird is ugly. But, from reading many of the other comments I am obviously not alone.


    2. Vicki….I completely agree! I get so excited when I get a box that has fabric and useful notions in it. I know one woman’s trash is another woman’s stash, but lately, the notions are just taking up space and the fabric is sometimes juvenile.

      I also think that everyone is allowed to leave their respectful comments, be them negative or positive. The comments are there for that reason, and it is why this section of the blog is referred to as “Comments” and not “Praise and Good Stuff Only.” I know when I leave a comment, negative or positive, I am hoping the FQS Sew Sampler peoples are reviewing them, along with the surveys they give us, to try and make us all as happy as they can. How will they know what we like or do not like if we do not share our opinions, good or bad?

      1. Of course everyone is allowed to leave their respectful comments. But to declare definitively that an item is “crap” is DISrespectful. Imagine if someone absolutely loves that pin, and then someone else declares that the item to be crap or junk. That person who loves that pin is essentially being told that they have poor, inferior taste. This is not Facebook–this is a blog being offered by the company selling these boxes and items. Let’s try to put ourselves in other people’s shoes instead of insulting or lambasting the company or other people’s opinions. You know, The Golden Rule!

    3. I have so many useless items that I’ve been sent this past year from the sew sampler boxes. It’s very disappointing! I’d rather have rulers, rotary blades and fabric.

    1. To each is own. One person may be offended by the word crap, others may not. You may be offended by the word, others may not. I thought the fabric in the last box was fabulous, others called it crap, boring, horrible, etc. That does not diminish my love of the fabric. Nor, do I think that others think my taste is poor or inferior because I like something and they do not like it or think it is crap. We all have differences in what we like, and we are all allowed to express this here.

      But…..if you notice, your comment is the first comment on this blog post where one person personally commented on and attacked another person and his/her opinion and not the subject of the blog….the January sampler box. That is disrespectful in my opinion. So, let us all remember the Golden Rule and keep our opinions and comments, negative or positive, on the sampler box, and not on each other and our personal posts.

        1. Mandy–In no way was my comment an attack on a person. It was a request that we use language that respects others’ opinion. As a middle school teacher, I work very hard at providing guidance on how to offer constructive criticism–that is why I chose my words very, very carefully. The critique was categorically about the use of the words, not of the person. If a friend came over and commented that an item on our sewing table was crap, I hazard to guess that most of us would find that offensive. If you don’t, that’s great. I think most of us would appreciate for a more civil and polite tone. And there have been numerous comments on this and other monthly blogs that echo my comment.

          And I completely agree that we should use this blog to talk about the boxes and what we are making with them. In fact, if one were to go to last month’s blog, they would see I made that exact plea. I shared that I am making a delightful baby quilt with the Tula Pink, Farmer’s Daughter and Blueberry Park fabric from previous boxes, using the Awesome Ocean pattern. I haven’t seen any subsequent posts on how people are using the fabric (or other items) in the boxes. Would anyone else like to share?

    1. I don’t. That would make me very sad. I’m extremely allergic to wool and no one else I know does sewing, quilting, or crafting. Which would mean, for me, that a big chunk of the box would be a complete waste 😢

  13. Just looked up the pins, not super excited. The bird is the only cute thing in the pack especially for that price. Really hope I’m not disappointed in the entire box though. Sew for now still looking forward to receiving it as I’m a beginner and want to increase my notions and fabric supply.

  14. Super excited just joined and don’t know what to expect. I want to learn and decided a surprise gift to myself would a great way to start .

  15. If it is pins I will be super happy! I recently saw a picture where someone used an old candle stick and put polyfill on the top and covered the poly with a crocheted cotton doily. I have wanted to make one for my sister-in-law since I saw it. Any one of those pin sets will make a nice touch! Cant wait!

  16. This may be my last Box .. very disappointed in the last several boxes!
    I guess January’s Box will be the deciding factor.

  17. If the bird is a pin, I’ll be ok with that. I hope this months subscription has useful items in it…..otherwise I think I will be pulling the pin! haha. Oh dear!

  18. I would have preferred the 3 pins for $4.48 which includes a heart pin. Seems to me they’re sending something that isn’t selling.

  19. Disappointed in the pins and the possible pincushion. Too much of a chunk of the box value as well as useless for actual quilting-they look more like decorations. Not even cute decorations either. Would have rather got a bunch of pins with numbers or letters on them. Saw the previous years boxes and loved them as well as the price point. I wanted to ditch my quiltybox for this but not at this rate. 🙁

  20. Check out the blog Pretty by Hand and search pincushions and then go to the Etsy site PinksandNeedles. I have been following Pretty by Hand for years and it all started because I saw her cute pincushions with pins made by PinksandNeedles. Now those are beautiful pins (I have purchased quite a few) unlike this little bird. Pincushions don’t always have to be useful, they can just be pretty to look at on a shelf. They can bring joy. I love mine and they are only for display. They are a little bit of happiness like the Sew Sampler boxes of the first year.

    I personally have not enjoyed most of the boxes this year but I keep plugging along although that might change. It used to be so exciting every month knowing the blue box was coming, a little present to myself. That feeling left months ago. I had hoped the boxes would get better but for me they’re not. As I stated in previous posts I would love to receive items like thread, rulers, needles, low volume or background fabrics, applique, stitchery. I would prefer not to receive items I can buy at Ikea and Hobby Lobby like the sewing kit, pop up thing, and so many others. For $240 so far this year I want items I’m going to use not stuff to donate or give away. Selfish? Maybe.

    I agree these pins look like little erasers and they are half the price of the whole box…that’s sad.

  21. Can’t wait for my box! I just finished the mini quilt that came in the December box. Took it to my guild for show and tell last night and everyone loved it! Several wanted to know where they could buy the pattern – I love that the patterns we get are exclusive. A few of the guild members are now going to sign up for the sew sampler box.
    This was my third box and I have been pleased with everything so far. One month’s fabric was not totally my style but it gives me a chance to experiment with fabrics I wouldn’t buy for myself. Who knows, I may fall in love with it while piecing the project!
    And, for what it is worth, I think the little bird is darling!

    1. I made that same thing and don’t you feel a sense of accomplishment when someone asks for the patterns? I wasn’t thrilled with the fabric but it was just what this quilt needed. Thanks for your comments Linda more positive comments I would like to see.

  22. I have made the decision to stop my subscription. I have been doing it for over a year and in the beginning, the boxes were filled with wonderful, useful items. I am leaving, due to the fact that when a holiday is approaching, I would like to see items that we can use for that holiday….but you don’t get those and if you do, it is too late to use them. I work, so quilting and sewing is my relaxation, it would have been nice to see holiday things in the month prior too the holiday, so you could make something and enjoy it, before the holiday…..

  23. I agree with Raleysmom , quilting supplies that can be used that’s really getting your money’s wrote …rulers fabrics rotary blades needles thread numbered pins and sew Much more….I’m a little sad we were receiving 7 to 8 items and now down to 5… I rather receive items I all ways use items I run out of fast daily supplies Decembers box was OK …I’ve realized a year of box’s you’ll get 4 you really like and 4 that will have one item in each box that you’ll used and 4 box’s that make you wanna give up!! I think , but $24.94 you can’t go wrong , for now we’ll see up a head…..good for everyone to leave comments …good or bad.! Freedom of speech..

  24. Great suggestions Cindy agree a few useful items like thread rulers, pins etc. would be great to added. I see the boxes as a means to explore different patterns , fabric being away from quilting for a few years been fun seeing and trying new things so I have enjoyed the boxes

  25. I’m into the block on the recipe card and I’m really excited about how it will go together in the long run and anything else in the box is just icing on the cake for me. I’m a quilter and I enjoy all the boxes and have used many things I have gotten in them and use the fabric in fun things and have built up my stash of fabric too. I believe that these boxes are supposed to be surprises and things you generally don’t spend money on but get to try them out. Can’t wait every month for mine. The key is to be happy with what you get. Enjoy.

  26. This comment is for Wendy the middle school teacher. There is nothing worse than some sanctimonious lecture from someone stating that they are a teacher. You have clogged this comments field with your opinion, so now it’s my turn. The use of the word CRAP has been nowhere near as disrespectful as your sermons. Obviously there is a multi person concensus that many of the past filler items have been CRAP. So if you don’t like that word, YOU are welcome to opt out of this forum, instead of trying to impose your idea of what a forum should be.

    1. Wow, who knew that a polite request to use kinder, more collegial language would result in such a nasty post? But I do hope you enjoy the box when you receive it.

  27. We all have a right to our own opinion. This is supposed to be feedback on our boxes. I don’t mind the word crap if someone chooses to use it nor do I mind Wendy’s words. I do however believe in manners which have been pushed to the wayside in this day and age. We can give our feedback without being rude…can’t we? I would miss the conversations if they cut it due to the bickering, wouldn’t you?

  28. I am going to speak for myself. I happen to love, love these boxes. It’s not a hardship on me right now. My crazy husband loves them too. It’s just the excitement of opening the box to see what is being sent, we know its a gamble but it is truly a blast for use and many other people who subscribe. My fear is this…I fear that all of this complaining may wear on Fat Quarter Shop the way it does on those of us who are extremely happy with the items, even if we don’t need the items. So for those of you who do complain please understand that everyone cannot be pleased, that you have the option of graciously cancelling your subscription and keep in mind this box brings joy to many, many addresses! ~Thanks!

  29. I’m always happy to get my Sew Sampler box each month. I will admit that there are some I’ve loved and then some not so much, but that I think is true with all of us. This is something to be expected with any subscription box. I’ve researched and watched other quilt box reveals but Sew Sampler is still the best value compared to the others where you only get some random fat quarters, a pattern and maybe something else for $15-$20 more a box.

  30. I hope Fat Quarter Shop is actually reading all the comments. Sounds like the satisfaction level of long time subscribers of Sew Sampler is going down, especially after many disappointing boxes passed the first year. I was about to get a December box for a friend but I was a bit late ordering, and I was sure glad I was late when I received the Dec box. It was boring, compared to the Dec 2016 box . Will stop if the next couple of boxes doesn’t improve to my liking.

  31. I can’t wait to get my box every month! It reminds me of being a little girl waiting for Christmas. Can you remember those days? I’m so glad to be a part of this group of fine ladies we all share a common interest, we love to sew/quilt. I hope everyone gets a smile from the January box☺️☃️

  32. I am happy for those of you who love every item but sympathize with those who are frustrated. I’ve been a subscriber since day one and I think that is what makes the last year a little bit disappointing. Perhaps my understanding of what the boxes were going to contain when signing up is wrong or has changed over time. I love to quilt, LOVE the Fat Quarter Shop, and appreciate all the time/love/sweat that goes into designing these boxes for us. Although some of the (for lack of better word) filler items are cute – they are just that… filler (example: thank you card, planner that has more pages for meal planning than projects, etc). Many of us have been begging for more things like thread, fabric, rulers, etc. Things for quilting or sewing. And if it means 3 items instead of 10, who cares. Thank you FQS shop for allowing us many different avenues for expressing our opinion and taking the time to read them!

  33. When I first joined I was pretty excited because I received some things I could really use and looked forward to future boxes. Now I’m not so sure anymore. There are only so many “table runners” a person can use or make. Sometimes the fabrics I receive are cut so that I cannot make any mistakes and we all make them. I would love to receive a bit more of a generous cut incase there is a mistake. How about placemats, hot pads, bags or totes? I actually threw away the “Thank you” card, and the planner is sitting there because its more of a calendar you can throw in your bag and not really “sewing” related. Rulers, pins, clips, thread, the little sewing kit etc. I did love the little trash can, my grandson loved it so much he uses by his bed lol.

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